The Grand Psyop Is Taking-On A German Flavor

[This is an update on yesterday’s story of a German Intelligence Cell Busted In Peshawar.  As usual, the Pakistani news sources have all garbled the Western names (just like Americans garble most foreign-sounding names), only The News came close to getting the names right.   They named one as Colonel Christine Wild, the rest of the media reported it as “Curtain Wild.”   The News reported the other two “Germans” as  Lawrence and Ralph Smith, while the others called them “Lauren and Rhodwolf Smith,” making Mr. Lawrence Smith sound like a woman.  It is doubtful that the man’s name was Christine and it is also unlikely that the “Smith” boys were really named Smith. 

As far as I can tell, no one has as yet tied this disruption of a German intelligence cell in KP to an alleged “Taliban abduction” two days before in Multan, of a German and Italian pair, who worked for a German NGO–Welthungerhilfe.  From trying to track-down the truth about this one, it seems as though the abduction may have taken place in an office building run by a French NGO called ACTED  in Dera Ghazi Khan, on the outskirts of Multan.  (View ACTED Base map in a larger map )

It is no coincidence that the Pak authorities then busted German spies working under cover of perhaps the same NGO, two days later in Peshawar (ACTED has an office in Peshawar).  If a connection on information sharing can be made between the two incidents–one involving alleged “Taliban,” the other involving Pak. authorities, then it will go far in finally proving the solid link between govt. forces and so-called “Taliban,” who run abduction rings.  The last time this military/militant nexus came close to being revealed, it was in the Gen. Alavi murder plot.  The Pakistani psyop is taking on a new face, as it has multiple times in the past (SEE:  Putting-Off the Moment of Truth in Pakistan).  Whatever the CIA and the ISI have cooked-up for us next, we are beginning to see the elements being lined-out for us now. 

Whatever it is, it will have a German flavor.  

The News report links the sudden appearance of Germans in the equation to Pakistan’s stance since the Salala attack, which led them to boycott the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan.  Pakistan spoiled Hillary’s party in Bonn, where the Empire was going to get all its little ducks in a row and institute new marching orders to the co-conspirators.   Since Americans were rapidly becoming a taboo in Pakistan, it was only logical that an Imperial ally like Germany would begin to fill in the gaps, that were left after Pakistan’s attempted eviction of the CIA. 

If this Pakistani crackdown on Imperial NGOs spreads, it will eventually insulate Pakistan from the subversive Western NGOs, the primary weapon of Imperial subversion, as other countries have begun to do.  Some nations, like Turkmenistan have remained friends with the West as they accomplished that goal in a more subtle manner, by limiting NGO licensing to only those based in-country.  It remains to be seen what new conditions Pakistan will set down to further insulate Pakistan from the West, before returning the  transit privileges which have been suspended. 

What a stinking mess!]

3 Germans held, freed after interrogation

PESHAWAR: Three Germans including a serving colonel of the army were arrested for illegally staying in the provincial capital and indulging in suspicious activities during a raid in the University Town here on Saturday, officials said.

The three foreigners were later handed over to the German embassy in Islamabad after brief interrogation.

A police party headed by superintendent of police (SP-cantonment) along with officials of the intelligence agencies raided a building in the University Town and arrested the three Germans.

They claimed to be part of the diplomatic staff of the German embassy running a liaison office of the diplomatic mission in Peshawar.

The foreigners, however, failed to produce the no objection certificate (NOC), which all foreigners need for staying in Peshawar due to the uncertain law and order situation in the city and province.

“The office was also being run without any authorisation by the Pakistani authorities,” a source said.

A police official, on the condition of anonymity, told this scribe that there were confirmed reports that the office was involved in suspicious activities and had also played a key role in damaging Pakistan’s image before and after the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan.

Pakistan had boycotted the conference in protest against a Nato attack on its security post in Salala in Mohmand Agency on November 26 last year in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed.

One of the detained men was stated to be a serving colonel of the German Army. He was identified as Colonel Christine Wild. The two other German nationals held from the building were Lawrence and Ralph Smith.

A number of diplomatic missions and international organisations have their offices in the University Town. Some offices of the foreign organizations are also located in Hayatabad and Cantonment areas.

There are reports that some of these offices are involved in suspicious activities.

It may be recalled that many foreign nationals, mostly Americans, were detained in recent months and sent back to Islamabad.

Authorities have directed the foreigners coming to Peshawar to obtain an NOC from the concerned authorities so that they could be provided security.

The Home and Tribal Affairs Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recently asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad to shift all the diplomatic missions and offices of international organisations to a single place in Peshawar for security reasons. Four locals were also detained from the building that was raided who are being questioned.