US Amb. Krol Reassures Central Asian Leaders That US Will Use Diplomacy To Solve the Iran Problem

Washington is consulting with Uzbekistan on the settlement of the Iranian problem

U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan , George Krol in the Uzbek media interview, said Washington is consulting with Uzbekistan to settle the Iranian nuclear problem, the correspondent of IA REGNUM .

“We need to engage in dialogue with our colleagues from Uzbekistan, explaining to them the position of the U.S. to resolve this difficult situation between our two countries, and to show what role can play Uzbekistan in Iran. Uzbekistan has a geographical and geopolitical weight in the region and influence. Given this, we want our Uzbek colleagues – diplomats, experts, competent people in these matters – also talked about it and advised us how to solve this global problem. I want to emphasize that the State Department special value are the opinions of local experts “- said Krol.

According to him, the U.S. plans to solve the Iranian problem through consultations through diplomatic channels.

“It was always for the Iranians and the door to negotiations is always open. Our diplomats are working around the clock on this issue. Our main aim – to prevent armed conflict. Who needs this war? It’s a disaster. We all understand that. The Iranian issue should be handled and the international the community. Therefore, we do not only consult with Uzbekistan, but also working with Russia, NATO , etc. I think that if the Iranian political leadership understands the stalemate, it should not prevent the creation of nuclear weapons. Who needs it? United States does not object If Iran is to introduce research into the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. If they want to seriously address the problem not only U.S. but also neighbors, we are ready for such talks, “- concluded the diplomat.