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poorly hidden, poorly coordinated agenda in Russia. Who is behind it?


Tony Cartalucci

1. Wall Street-London’s Defense Team for Jailed Russian Oligarch Khodorkovsky

The background of jailed Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his “Open Russian Foundation” fashioned after George Soros’ Open Society Institute and chaired by both Jacob Rothschild and Henry Kissinger, can be found in William Engdahl’s, “The Real Crime of M. Khodorkovsky,” as well as in the London Telegraph’s humorously titled, “This man is now the people’s billionaire,” reflecting the paid-for rhetoric of Khodorkovsky’s Wall Street-London-appointed lawyer Robert Amsterdam.

In the latest round of attempted destabilization in Russia, it may be instructive to look at the “Khodorkovsky & Lebedev Communications Center,” a website developed in part by Robert Amsterdam and what is called an “international legal team.” Coincidentally, it fully embraces the narrative peddled by the West and its corporate media that the Russian elections were “rigged.” However, this accusation tenuously hinges on the work of US-funded NGOs including Golos – fully funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Just as Robert Amsterdam is doing in Thailand, where he is using his “defense” of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as a point of leverage to in fact induce regime change in the Southeast Asian country, his defense of Khodorkovsky also aims not at defending his client legally, but at using his case to undermine and ultimately overturn the leadership of Russia. It is done in a concerted effort with the US State Department, the corporate media, and a vast network of US and European subsidized NGOs sowing sedition within Russia itself.

2. Neo-Conservatives Attempting to Encircle Russia with NATO

The Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy Initiative, whose membership has helped engineer and promote every war in at least the last 30 years of American history, clearly enumerates what it believes the next steps the US should take toward Russia should be. These include continuing the encirclement of Russia with NATO and its controversial “missile defense” efforts, continuing to build up the Republic of Georgia as a menacing proxy-threat lying on Russia’s borders, and “supporting human rights” focusing on the “Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2011″ which seeks yet again to sanction members of the Russian government based on disingenuous “human rights” concerns, just as the FPI and its collaborators did in Libya
Foreign Policy Initiative’s Board of Directors FPI Analysis: Moving Beyond the U.S.-Russian “Reset”

3. The Henry Jackson Foundation, NED, Alexey Navalny, & Ilya Yashin

We’ll keep hearing the name Alexey Navalny until the fact that he is fully subsidized by the US State Department through the National Endowment of Democracy is widely exposed, and like Egypt’s Mohamed ElBaradei, cast aside as extra-baggage.

The first clue comes to us from the London, Telegraph who afforded column space to a Mr. Michael Weiss of the Henry Jackson Society, providing a very robust defense for Navalny and his efforts to expose “corruption” during Russia’s election. And while Weiss does his best to fend off accusations that Navalny is indeed a foreign agent, calling such accusations “adorably old-fashioned,” he fails to point out that, again, the NGOs and poll monitors accusing Russia of rigging the elections, and whom “activists” like Navalny continuously cite as evidence, are all funded by the very US and European governments conducting the NATO military encirclement of Russia.

The background of Weiss’ Henry Jackson Foundation should surprise no one. It’s corporate-sponsors include (page 18) Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, IBM, General Dynamics, State Farm, and Xerox, while “signatories” of its “statement of principles” include current and former members of the British Government, members of the corporate-financier sponsored Chatham House, and professors throughout British academia.

International patrons include Neo-Con Max Boot – Michael Chertoff – Carl Gershman president of NED – Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold – FPI, Brookings Institution, and PNAC signatory Robert Kagan – Max Kampelman, also a PNAC signatory – Neo-Con William Kristol of the above mentioned FPI and also a PNAC signatory – Clifford May of the Neo-Con Foundations for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) – Neo-Con Richard Perle – former-NATO commander General Jack Sheehan – and Neo-Con warmonger James Woolsey, formally of the CIA and a leading proponent for war with Iran.

One must be forgiven for doubting the genuine resolve of the Henry Jackson Foundation’s commitment toward human rights and democracy, since those they associate with have single-handledly done more to exterminate such ideals from our collective human conscience than any other group of villains combined. Their association with Carl Gershman, president of NED who is on record funding NGOs like Golos in Russia, not only write off any legitimacy they portray themselves as having, but also begin to cast serious suspicion on Alexey Navalny whom they are so vigorously defending.

And while Alexey Navalny is renowned for “exposing corruption,” at least when profitable, those researching his background begin unraveling his own insidious, compromised agenda. Alexey Navalny was a Yale World Fellow, and in his profile it states:

“Navalny spearheads legal challenges on behalf of minority shareholders in large Russian companies, including Gazprom, Bank VTB, Sberbank, Rosneft, Transneft, and Surgutneftegaz, through the Union of Minority Shareholders. He has successfully forced companies to disclose more information to their shareholders and has sued individual managers at several major corporations for allegedly corrupt practices. Navalny is also co-founder of the Democratic Alternative movement and was vice-chairman of the Moscow branch of the political party YABLOKO. In 2010, he launched RosPil, a public project funded by unprecedented fundraising in Russia. In 2011, Navalny started RosYama, which combats fraud in the road construction sector.”

The Democratic Alternative, also written DA!, is indeed a National Endowment for Democracy fund recipient, meaning that Alexey Navalny is an agent of US-funded sedition and willfully hiding it from his followers. The US State Department itself reveals thisas they list “youth movements” operating in Russia:

“DA!: Mariya Gaydar, daughter of former Prime Minister Yegor Gaydar, leads DA! (Democratic Alternative). She is ardent in her promotion of democracy, but realistic about the obstacles she faces. Gaydar said that DA! is focused on non-partisan activities designed to raise political awareness. She has received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy, a fact she does not publicize for fear of appearing compromised by an American connection.”

Alexey was involved directly in founding a movement funded by the US government and to this day has the very people who funded DA! defending him throughout Western media. The mention of co-founder Mariya Gaydar is also revealing, as she has long collaborated, and occasionally has been arrested with, Ilya Yashin, yet another leader of a NED-funded Russian “activist” opposition group.
Photo: Alexei Navalny, Yale World Fellow and co-founder of US National Endowment for Democracy Da! or “Democratic Alternative/Yes in Russian.” It is yet another Otpor-esqueorganization courtesy of the United States government and willful traitors to their motherland.

Ilya Yashin leads the Moscow branch of the People’s Freedom Party and is a leading member of the “Strategy 31″ campaign, which claims to be fighting for the freedom of assembly. Unfortunately, Strategy 31′s ranks are filled with activists trained and coordinated by US NED-funded NGOs. From the official NED.org websitewe find:

“Moscow Group of Assistance in the Implementation of the Helsinki Accords $50,000 To draw greater attention to the issue of freedom of assembly in Russia and to the “Strategy 31” movement, which seeks to protect this fundamental right. The organization will train a network of regional activists and coordinate their activities through mini-seminars and field visits, and conduct an information campaign through press conferences, posters, and educational handouts pertaining to freedom of assembly, to be distributed to the general public by regional partners.”

This is also confirmed in NED’s “Democracy Digest” where the “Moscow Helsinki Group” is explicitly stated as leading Strategy 31 marches and that the group is a “long-time grantee of the National Endowment of Democracy.”

Worst yet, Yashin’s People’s Freedom Party is lined not with aspiring youth seeking “freedom” for the Russian people, but rather lined with career politicians and businessmen collaborating with foreign-interests. Among them is Vladimir Ryzhkov, a member of the NED-funded, Washington-based World Movement for Democracy. There is also Boris Nemtsov whose adviser, Vladimir Kara-Murza (of Solidarnost) recently took part in a September 14, 2011 NED-sponsored event titled, “Elections in Russia: Polling and Perspectives” where they used a NED-funded polling organization, the “Levada Center,” to project “winners” in upcoming elections and study the Manezh riots of 2010 – for now obvious reasons as the US attempts to fan the flames of unrest across Russia.

4. Freedom House

Rounding off the list is Freedom House, a US government-funded subsidiary of the National Endowment for Democracy. President of Freedom House, David Kramer, a minion under the Bush administration, recently wrote “Now Hear This, Moscow.”

In his piece he notes that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “unambiguously stood with those who protested against Vladimir Putin and his party of power, United Russia, both in the voting booth and on the streets of Moscow on Monday and Tuesday.” Between Kramer’s Freedom House, NED who clearly has funded and supported, if not entirely created the current Russian opposition, and indeed Clinton’s “unambiguous” stand with the mobs in the streets, it is very easy to see why Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused the US of interfering in Russia’s sovereign internal affairs.

Kramer would go on by citing the Organization for Security and Cooperation OSCE poll monitors – funded by various nations, UN funds, and strangely enough Soros’ Open Society, Statoil, and USAID (page 125) – and his “concerns” over the alleged harassment of US NED-funded Golos. As usual, faux-human rights crusaders like Kramer who intentionally destabilize nations and foment unrest, then claim any measure taken by the targeted nation to defend itself is an abuse of “human rights” and “freedom,” an all too familiar narrative that has played out from Tunisia to Thailand, from Syria to Myanmar.

Another Freedom House statement, provided on their own website, again calls for the “Sergei Magnitsky Act” are made to leverage their false claims of human rights abuses to sanction and begin bringing down Russia’s leadership. The statement is signed off not by noted humanitarians, but by notorious Neo-Cons Eric Edelman, Jamie Fly, Robert Kagan, Kramer himself, and Stephen Rademaker, a corporate lobbyist at the notorious Podesta Group and a “foreign policy adviser” for Mitt Romney.


It is quite clear that the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, the Foreign Policy Initiative, and even the US State Department whose new foreign affairs advisory board is full of think-tanks representing overt corporate-financier interests, are not interested in “democracy,” “human rights,” or “freedom” in Russia, but rather removing the Kremlin out of the way, and reestablishing the parasitic feeding on the Russian people and its economy they enjoyed after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Kremlin is definitely fighting fire with fire, however they are doing so on their own sovereign soil against foreign-interests disingenuously masquerading behind the ideals of Western civilization. The mobs polluting the streets of Russia, while consisting of well intentioned folks are being led by willful liars who are on record covering up their foreign-funding knowing full well their “legitimacy” will be compromised should it be made public. After what Wall Street and London have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and in nation after nation as it expands its vast empire, why should any organization taking funds from these people to destabilize and overthrow their own country retain any semblance of legitimacy?

And while NED and other corporate-funded foundations execute this policy of meddling in Russia’s affairs, it is Wall Street and London, the largest banking, oil, defense contracting, and industrial interests on earth that are producing the policy. They do so via a network of think-tanks they themselves fund. It is essential that we understand who these corporations areboycott them out of business, and begin replacing them entirely as a society. If they can meddle and cause chaos in the streets of a large, nuclear armed super power, what threat do they pose to average people, their families, and communities?

Maldives: ‘Pro-Israel President booted out’

[SEE:  Maldives ex-president demands election, warns of protests]

Maldives: ‘Pro-Israel President booted out’

On Monday, Republic of Maldives’ President Mohamed Nasheed was forced to resign by the anti-regime mass protests in the capital city of Male. Under Constitution, the vice-president Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik took over country’s Presidency. Waheed called for calm and promised to appoint a unity government. India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh was the first head of state to recognize the regime change. US State Department’s Jewish spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters yesterday that Washington considers the new government ‘legitimate’. US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake who is expected to arrive in Maldives tomorrow – was assured on phone by the new President that he will do everything possible to protect Nasheed.

Mohamed Nasheed, a secularist politician in a 100% Sunni Muslim population (400,000), is a darling of the West. In order to get the support of western anti-Muslim Zionists’ – Nasheed now claims that he was dumped on gunpoint by the pro-Islamist security forces for ordering the arrest of Chief Justice of Criminal Court, Abdullah Mohamed. Nasheed claims that Abdullah Mohamed had released one of Nasheed’s critics, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmad. Dr. Jameel Ahmad was arrested for accusing Nasheed’s government being cahoot with the Zionist regime and that Israel tourists were corrupting country’s Islamic culture.

The military denied that it forced Nasheed to resign at gunpoint. “There is no officer in the military that would point a gun towards the president,” said Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Didi. “The military did not call for his resignation, he resigned voluntarily,” Didi said, adding that the military is trying to bring peace to troubled areas quickly.

Police official Abdul Mannan Yousuf promised investigations into complaints of excessive use of force by police.

The diplomatic relations between Maldives and the Zionist entity were established in 1965 – but severed by the president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in 1980 who after deposing Sultan Mohamed Farid I, declared the Island nation as a republic. The links were re-established on September 25, 2009 by the new president Mohamed Nasheed. Israeli military officials were reinvited to train Maldives’ security agencies. In 2010, Islamic group protested against the arrival of Israeli surgeons to work at the government run Indhra Gandhi hospital. They claimed Israeli doctors are notorious in organ harvesting for Israel.

Nasheed who initially headed a colliation government, later turned into a civilian dictator. He awarded millions of dollars of contracts to his family members and close friends and wealthy supporters. Nasheed’s family has fleed the Island and country’s highest court has issued warrant for his arrest.

Nasheed’s problem with the Criminal Court goes back to 1965 when then Chief Justice Mohamed Jameel Didi had advised Sultan Mohamed Farid I not to receive the Israeli ambassador. The Sultan did not accept Chief Justice’s advise. The Sultan fired him and subsequently the old office of the chief cleric which combined judicial and Shariah functions was disbanded and replaced by western-style judiciary.

Maldives opposition party, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), has always criticized Nasheed’s ruling MDP for its relation with the Zionist entity. The leader of DRP’s religious wing asserts that it is “expressly forbidden” to give any assistance to Israel as “they forced Palestinians out of their homes and brutalised them only because they say ‘We are Muslims’.”

Maldives is a chain of 1,200 islands extending over 502 miles. Only 202 islands are populated. Islam has dominated Maldives since 1163 when its king converted to Islam. Muslim Arab historian Ibn Batuta visited Maldives in 1343. In 1346 he was appointed the Qadi (Chief Justice) of Maldives. The Portugueses occupied Maldives from 1558 to 1573. they’re eventually driven out by Muhammad Thakurufar Al-Azam and a Sultanate was established. It was abolished on November 11, 1968.

The Maldives people have roots in Southern India, Sri Lanka and traders from Arab countries. Today, Maldivian ethnic conscioussness is a strong blend of these cultures, reinforced by religion (Islam) and language (Dhiveli).

The Zionist regime has issued travel warning to Jewish tourists against visiting Maldives which is turning into a battle-ground for the US-China domination of the Indian Ocean.

“Syria’s Free Army” Has Claimed the Responsibility for Aleppo Bombings

[I have tried every possible way to post the video of this car bomb attack by Western-backed Free Syrian Army terrorists, but I am prevented.  Here is the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXJdYzB8sm8&feature=youtu.be]

Aleppo terrorized by “Free Army”

Voice of Russia

© Photo: AFP/SANA

Recently, a series of explosions have shaken the Syrian city of Aleppo.

A terrorist organization called “Syria’s Free Army” has claimed the responsibility.

Militants from this so-called “army” have also attacked the headquarters of military intelligence and a barrack of government troops in Aleppo.

In total, at least 25 people were killed and 175 injured in these terrorist acts, most of them during the attack on the barrack.

Aleppo is situated in 340 kms to the north of Syria’s capital Damascus.



Russia will block any UN call for Assad to leave: diplomat

Russia will block any UN call for Assad to leave: diplomat

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian security forces gather in front a damaged building at a security compound which was attacked by an explosion, in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria, on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. (SANA) In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian rescue workers remove wreckage from a destroyed building at a security compound which was attacked by an explosion, in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria, on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. (SANA)
In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian security forces gather in front a damaged building at a security compound which was attacked by an explosion, in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria, on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. (SANA)

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian security forces gather in front a damaged building at a security compound which was attacked by an explosion, in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria, on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. (SANA)

The Associated Press

MOSCOW — A senior Russian diplomat signalled Friday that Moscow will again use its veto power at the United Nations to block any resolution aimed at ousting Syrian President Bashar Assad from power.

Last weekend, Russia and China used their veto at the UN Security Council for a second time in four months to block a resolution urging Assad to step down over his crackdown on a 11-month old uprising. The move came even as the Syrian government forces intensified their crackdown and drew strong international condemnation.

Russia has vowed not to allow a replay of Libyan strategy, where foreign military airstrikes backed by a UN resolution helped bring to an end the regime of the longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi. Moscow had abstained from a UN vote that cleared the way for the NATO action in Libya but has since warned that it would block any UN resolution on Syria that leaves open a possibility of foreign military intervention.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Moscow would thwart any attempts by the West and major Arab powers to oust Assad using the United Nations.

“If our foreign partners don’t understand that, we will have to use strong means again and again to call them back to reality,” he was quoted as saying by the ITAR-Tass news agency.

Russian lawmakers on Friday voiced strong support for shielding Assad’s regime from international sanctions.

Lawmakers in the lower house of parliament debated a statement on the situation in Syria that warned against foreign military intervention and accused the West and the Arab nations of trying to change the regime in Syria.

Alexei Pushkov, the head of the State Duma’s foreign affairs committee, said Russia strongly opposes another “operation to promote democracy.”

“We are against using humanitarian reasons to change the regime,” Pushkov said before the session.

“We must not allow a regime change there initiated by other countries,” said Maxim Rokhmistrov, a senior member of the ultranationalist Liberal-Democratic Party. “Russia must preserver its presence and influence in the Middle East.”

Russia has continued to ship weapons to Syria, its last remaining ally in the region, even as Assad unleashed his crackdown on protesters that has killed thousands of people since the uprising began in March. Moscow has maintained close ties with Damascus since the Cold War, when it was led by the current leader’s father, Hafez Assad.

15,000 Elite Iranian Special-Ops To Face Unknown Number of British and Qatari Commandos In Syria?

British, Qatari troops already waging secret war in Syria?

15,000 elite Iranian special-ops ‘head’ to Syria

AFP Photo / Fars News / Str

AFP Photo / Fars News / Str

The regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria is expecting up to 15,000 Iranian troops to help maintain order in the country’s provinces, a Chinese newspaper reports.

According to the central Chinese daily Renmin Ribao, the Iranian special task troops are due to be deployed in Syria’s key provinces.

The Syrian opposition announced earlier that commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, Qassem Suleimani, advises the Syrian authorities on quashing the country’s opposition movement, the Telegraph newspaper reports.

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Quds Force includes 15,000 elite soldiers, who operated in Iraq and other wars on foreign soil. The Quds is reportedly in charge of training and funding Hezbollah.

The number of advisers and troops from the Quds in Syria could reach up to high hundreds or low thousands, the Telegraph reports. The newspaper said that they have set up at least one military base near the capital Damascus.

Israeli website debka.com announced earlier that the UK and Qatari forces are involved with the conflict in Syria, directing tactics of the opposition forces in the bloody battle for Homs. According to the website, the presence of the foreign troops topped the agenda of talks between Assad’s officials and Russian foreign intelligence chief Mikhail Fradkov which took place on Tuesday.

Syrian tanks and Assad’s troops reportedly massed outside Homs on Friday. Large offensive is expected to hit the city and its neighborhood in the nearest future.

Up to 110 people have reportedly been killed in Homs on Thursday. As of yet, it is impossible to verify the number of causalities.

US approves first nuclear plant in decades

US approves first nuclear plant in decades

Plant Vogtle Plant Vogtle (Southern Company)

WASHINGTON: The US approved its first new nuclear power reactors in decades on Thursday, despite objections from the country’s top regulator that safety issues raised by last year’s Fukushima meltdown were not fully addressed.

Commissioners of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted 4-1 to approve the construction of two 1,100 megawatt Westinghouse-Toshiba AP1000 at power generator Southern Co.’s existing nuclear facility in Vogtle, Georgia.

The dissenter was the NRC chairman, Gregory Jaczko, who argued for the need for “binding commitments” that the builders would implement design fixes to fully address risks exposed by the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant after the March 11 earthquake-tsunami disaster.

“I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima has never happened… In my view that is what we are doing,” he said.

But other commissioners said such a commitment was not necessary and that the safety concerns Jaczko had would be addressed.

The approval gave the go-ahead for the $14 billion project near Waynesboro, Georgia, seven years after Southern Co. first applied for permission.

Construction at the site is well under way, and Southern said the first reactor could be running by 2016 and the second a year later.

“Today is an historic day,” Southern Co.’s president Thomas Fanning said after the decision.

“These two new units will set the standard for safety and efficiency in the nuclear industry.”

The design of the Westinghouse reactor was approved in December after lengthy delays to address risks of terror attacks post September 11, 2001 and to address some concerns about meltdowns like those at Fukushima.

The design is supposed to be able to withstand the impact of a large aircraft being crashed into it.

It also is required to have passive shutdown capabilities in case of disaster. In Fukushima the reactors failed to shut down, and evacuated workers could not manually stop them, after a loss of external power prevented the reactors’ cooling system from working.

The result was the worst disaster in the nuclear industry since Chernobyl in 1986, with blasts, fires and reactor meltdowns sending radiation levels in the surrounding region to extremely dangerous levels.

It also raised safety concerns over nuclear energy around the world, causing countries like Germany to begin turning away from nuclear energy.

High costs and safety worries have stifled expansion of the US nuclear power industry since Chernobyl.

The last NRC construction approval for a plant was in 1978; the last reactor to start up was in 1996.

NRC commissioner Kristine Svinicki insisted that the lessons of Fukushima were not being ignored in the approval Thursday.

“There is no amnesia, individually or collectively,” she said.

The commitments Jaczko wanted “would not improve our systematic regulatory approach to these events… Nor would it make in our view any difference in the operational safety of the new reactors.”

Fanning said that the company would meet Jaczko’s concerns.

“The lessons of Fukushima are taken into account every day and will be taken into account for years to come,” he told reporters.

“Anything that we learn from Fukushima I assure you we will bring to bear on our operations here.”

He added that unlike in Fukushima the Vogtle plant was located far away from the coastline and not vulnerable to tsunamis.

“We are not in a seismically sensitive area,” he added.