American Predator-B Video-Taped Over Kazakh Air Space?

[From the comparison below between the screen-shot of the actual UAV, on the left, and the photo on the right of an American Predator-type-B, it seems pretty obvious that it was an American drone.  The actual video is enclosed below.]

In the west border of Kazakhstan noticed an unmanned aerial vehicle

Screenshot of KTK video showing alleged Uzbekistani drone incursion into Kazakhstan
Jaroslav Krasienko

Dash to the west of Kazakhstan. On the eve of the men of the detachment of the boundary, which is stationed near the village of Beineu in Mangistau region, noticed an unmanned aerial vehicle.About Mr. intruded into the airspace of the Republic from Uzbekistan.

UAV crossed the border of our country and went deep into the territory of Kazakhstan. The incident was reported CTC correspondents informed sources in the power structures. The aircraft was located in the Kazakh air space of about fifteen minutes. And it went unnoticed because of the means of defense is too low altitude. Drone, presumably belonging to Uzbekistan, flew near the two border posts, turned around and headed back toward the border and escaped to a neighboring state. In a situation is dealt with by representatives of the Air Defense Forces and the intelligence units of the Ministry of Defense. Will the Uzbek authorities sent a protest note, is still unknown.