When the Baluchis are being Persecuted for last 65, Years through Operation starting since 1947, When Pashtun were Fighting and Liberating Kashmir on Orders of Quaid I Azam through , Trained Armies of Khans of Dir ,  Ambh Hazara and Wali Swat and many FATA tribesmen who were under command of GHQ Army men like Asghar Khan and His Fauji Brothers who were commanders in NLI, ( Northern Light Infantry of Gilgit) .

The Rest of Pakistan Army was busy surrounding another Khan, the Khan of Kalat in Pashtun Areas of Baluchistan. This was being Done on Orders of Same Quaid I Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan who were Promised by Nawab Akbar Bhugti in 1947 to Join Pakistan Although he had no Mandate in Baluchistan controlled by Khan of Kalat .

In Beginning in 1947, when it was the Pashtun who did not want to join Pakistan and later in 1970,s too when Pushtunistan issue was Stamped Falsely on NAP Government and was raised artificially, through Baluch Nawab Akbar Bhugti who in Partnership with Punjabi Dominated GHQ , Bureaucracy and PPP,s CM Punjab Mustafa Khar , used the Baluchis Especially the Nawab to Crush the Pashtuns .

Their elected representatives of National Awami Party of Wali and Ghaffar Khan Led Government in Baluchistan and NWFP  Including Murree and Mengals Baluchis , Minus Nawab Akbar Bhugti was Dissolved by Force and They were Charged with Treason in Hyderabad Conspiracy case. While Nawab was Given Governor and chief Minister ship of Baluchistan.

Now Powers who were Supreme then and now want to Reverse the Tide of History and now want to use the Pashtun against the Baluchis to solve their Problems with Baluchis and especially when their Only Ally Nawab Bhugti was Killed by Army Action by General Musharaf.

Now a Pashtun General Obaid Ullah Khattak is made as IGFC Baluchistan and it is being used to launch Attacks against the , Feuding Baluchis to make them Abducted and Disappeared while Shifting the Blame on Pashtun General and his Recent Interview has raised many Eye Brows of Pashtuns in Pakistan who term this Negative and Below the belt Type Policy as Hateful.

Since in Corps Commanders there is not a Single Pashtun , who Makes the Policies of GHQ , just a Lone IGFC Baluchistan does not matter , But is follower of Orders , but drums are being beaten especially by Media that  as if it is Policy of Pashtun  General Obaid Khattak.

Is this Policy of Causing further Blood shed of Pashtun’s through Pitting Pashtuns towards Baluchis to save Lives of Punjabis is both Bitter and Inhuman.

Since in Baluchistan the Population of Pashtun and Baluchis are about 50-50%, Would further Bloodshed solve Problems in Baluchistan?

Thanking you in Anticipation  ,


Dr. Khurrum S yousafzai

Email : alijauk@gmail.com