Uzbekistan: In prison, died from torture another prisoner on religious grounds

Uzbekistan: In prison, died from torture another prisoner on religious grounds


In the Penal Colony 64/46, located in the city of Navoi Navoi region, died from torture 41-year-old Abdurahman Sagdiyev, according to the group Human Rights Defenders of Uzbekistan (IGNPU).

The body of the deceased with numerous bruises and other signs of damage were delivered to relatives in Tashkent on 29 February.

According to the Initiative Group, Sagdiyev, was arrested May 25, 1999 on suspicion of membership in the party “Hizb ut-Tahrir.” August 11 of that year the Tashkent Province Criminal Court sentenced him to 16.5 years in prison, found guilty under article 159 (“Attempts to Constitutional Order of Uzbekistan”), 244-1 (“The manufacture or distribution of materials containing threat to public security and public order “), 244-2 (” The creation, management, participation in religious extremist, separatist, fundamentalist or other banned organizations “) of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan. In prison Sagdiyev was severely tortured.

At the conclusion of forensic, issued by the relatives of the prisoner administration KIN 64/46, the cause of death Abdurakhmon Sagdiyev become “internal injuries and bruises.” Employees of the Anti-terrorism police department Almazarskogo Tashkent, arriving at the house of the deceased, his family persuaded that Sagdiyev inmates died after being beaten, though they were not witnessing a fight.

But relatives say that the death Abdurakhmon guilty officers of the colony: they are cruel to prisoners on religious grounds.According to the relatives of the deceased, for thirteen years in prison Sagdiyev repeatedly tortured. March 1 was buried in one of Tashkent’s cemeteries.

Previously, “Fergana” reported the death from torture in Navoi prison 55 years Ravshan Atabaev and a citizen of TajikistanSherali Azizov . In this IGNPU in 2010 in Uzbek prisons and penal colonies as a result of severe torture died 39 religious prisoners, relatives of their bodies were given in secret, forbidding to report the incident to journalists and human rights activists.

The international news agency “Fergana”

Russia: Federal Drug Control Service proposes to combat drug trafficking by large investments in Central Asia

Russia: Federal Drug Control Service proposes to combat drug trafficking by large investments in Central Asia


ead of Russian Federal Service for Drug Control (FDCS) Viktor Ivanov proposed the creation of the Russian Corporation of cooperation with the countries of Central Asia (PKC CA) – as part of the strategy of the state anti-drug policy before 2020, said March 7 Kommersant .

According to the head of Federal Drug Control Service, the future will allow the corporation in Central Asia, “a flexible multi-vector policy” – in support of government agencies and private Russian capital. Russia’s budget will cost the corporation in the initial stages of 2 billion rubles.

The first project of the corporation Ivanov proposes to make to gain control over Kambarata ( Kyrgyzstan ) and Rogun (Tajikistan ). It is also proposed to restore the Soviet system of energy supply in the region, adding to it new – the Central Asian nuclear power plants and water supply Southern Siberia, the Fergana Valley of the Tobol.

The second project – “Protein security of the region”: the organization of modern poultry farming in Central Asia, because “it is well known that the only way to avoid protein deficiency in poor countries – is the development of production of chicken meat and eggs.”

The project “Modern Industry” is proposed to challenge China and Central Asian using cheap labor (wages “in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in a three to four times lower than in China, In seven to ten times lower than in Malaysia and Turkey ! “- stated in the package of documents with the proposals of Victor Ivanov), a region in the” cutting-edge industrial zone “instead of importing this cheap labor in Russia.

The fourth project – the creation of PKC CA University of Central Asia with the plan of training 50,000 students a year.

The package of documents on PKC CA did Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has on 25 January, he invited the head of government ministers to look at it February 7th, instructed to respond to the initiative of Ivanov by April 10.

The international news agency “Fergana”

Islam Karimov’s regime in Uzbekistan is a kleptocracy which exists solely to plunder the country’s resources

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“Uzbekistan is the biggest family business in the world”

Scott Horton appears at the Hearings in Berlin on 1st March 2012
Islam Karimov’s regime in Uzbekistan is a kleptocracy which exists solely to plunder the country’s resources, says Scott Horton, editor of the influential American journalHarper’s.

Participants at the High-level Hearings on Uzbekistan, which took place on 1st March in Berlin, did not pull any punches in their excoriating assessments of the system of power functioning in Uzbekistan.

Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, described the country where President Islam Karimov has held power since 1989 as a “totalitarian regime”.

Director of Human Rights Watch in Europe, Jan Egeland, said Uzbekistan is one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world of a type that, fortunately, is fast disappearing.

The former UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Theo van Boven, who published a report in 2003 on Uzbekistan in which it was claimed that torture in the country was ‘systematic and widespread’ in nature, used the word “criminal” to describe both the Uzbek regime and President Karimov.

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“Uzbekistan is the biggest family business in t…, posted with vodpod

For Scott Horton, editor of the American journal Harper’s,

Kleptocracy is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population… This type of government corruption is often achieved by the embezzlement of state funds.”

Uzbekistan is nothing other than a kelptocratic state, whose rulers’ only concern is to profit personally from plundering the country’s resources.

“Uzbekistan is the biggest family business in the world,” Horton said in his presentation to the Hearings, in which he talked specifically about President Islam Karimov’s family.

In 2002, Horton claimed, he had cause to witness the divorce proceedings between Karimov’s elder daughter Gulnara and her then husband Mansur Maksud.

Without divulging details of the divorce case, Horton said Gulnara Karmiova’s personal wealth was estimated at the time to total several hundred million dollars.

Today she is said to be worth more than one billion dollars and even as much as three billion, he said. Gulnara could not have amassed such a fortune, Horton claims, without the support of her father, the president of Uzbekistan.

More recently, Horton continued, Islam Karimov’s family has been preoccupied with taking money out of Uzbekistan and dispersing the family’s huge fortune across several countries in case they are ever forced out of Uzbekistan.

Horton also claims that the Karimovs hold huge sums of money in offshore bank accounts, and that the family has been buying up real estate in several different countries including Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

The Karimovs are keen to put their money in countries which they believe are safe havens for their capital, including Spain and the UAE in this category.

Asked how are the Karimovs are making their money, Horton replied that for anyone wanting to learn how a kleptocratic government operates, then the Karimov regime would be a prime example to study.

“President Islam Karimov’s family have converted to their private use that which I would call state opportunities,” said Horton. “In other words, through granting licences, the privatisation of state assets, controlling foreign exchange, banks, business concessions, the export of natural resources.”

Gulnara Karimova in the Palace of Forums in Tashkent, which cost Uzbekistan one billion Euros to build

The business empire of Gulnara Karimova includes telecoms companies, taxi firms, banks, cement factories, travel agencies, her jewellery company, medical equipment suppliers, gas export contracts with Gazprom, and other business, on a “staggering scale”, as Horton described it.

Horton also claims that Gulnara has no compunction about sponsoring even the most criminal methods of extorting money, through corporate raiding, blackmail, hostage-taking and contract killings.

Horton’s presentations in Berlin constantly employed the phrase ‘as we all know,’ indicating the enormous wealth of the Karimov family and the massive scale of the ‘family business’.

The Karimovs have made their money during the 20-plus year rule of Islam Karimov, Horton says, but warns that the family could stand to lose this fortune again even so.

He cited the case of the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, whose wealth was held in banks outside Egypt, and whose assets were then frozen as soon as his regime came under threat at the beginning of 2011.

According to Horton, Mubarak could count some the most powerful countries in the world among his friends but had greater influence in world politics than Karimov enjoys.

“As soon as the Karimovs’ position begins to crumble, they will be deposed, there accounts will be frozen immediately,” Horton is convinced.

Scott Horton’s full interview with the editor in chief of Galima Bukharbaeva is on YouTube.

Indo-Israeli secret alliance

Sajjad Shaukat
In the first week of February, this year, Israeli secret agency, Mossad’s Chief Tamir Pardo visited India with a three member delegation. Pardo’s detailed talks with the Chief of Indian spy agency, RAW, Sanjeev Tripathi was part of Indo-Israeli secret alliance. The major aim of this meeting was to accelerate joint initiatives through their secret agencies so as to manipulate the strategic developments in South and Central Asia including Middle East. The purposes behind latest liaison of the top spymasters were also to intensify covert activities particularly to destabilise Pakistan and Iran, and to disrupt their cordial relationship besides exploiting US hardlining approach against China.

Another major aim of Mossad’s head with his counterpart was to prepare a clandestine plan to obtain the secret designs of India and Israel in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops from that country. Both are also disappointed by the new peace initiative by Pakistan and Afghanistan which does not favour their collective interests. So they intend to create misunderstanding between Kabul and Islamabad by sabotaging their new cooperation including their peace deals with the Afghan militants. Although Indo-Israeli secret alliance has full tactical support of the US regarding China, Iran and Pakistan, yet it is also working against America where similarities of interests are more important in case of New Delhi and Tel Aviv. In these terms, the two countries also seek to thwart the peace talks, being held in Qatar between the US and Taliban militants. Some reliable sources suggest that with the help of their affiliated militant groups, Mossad and RAW which have established their tentacles in Afghanistan have decided to intensify subversive acts on the US-led NATO installations in order to create obstacles in the withdrawal schedule of foreign forces, and to implicate both Afghan militants and Pakistan in this respect.

In fact, since 9/11 tragedy, India and Israel have left no stone unturned by manipulating the world phenomena of terrorism to achieve their common goals by convincing the US-led European states clandestinely that Pakistan is sponsoring cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan and Kashmir. And Iran and Syria are doing the same act in Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. In this context, equation of the ‘war of liberation’ in Kashmir and Palestine with terrorism and use of delaying tactics in the solution of these controlled territories have become the main purpose of New Delhi and Tel Aviv which also intend to divert the attention of the west from their own atrocities, being perpetrated on the innocent Kashmiris and Palestinians. Besides, Pakistan, having close ties with Beijing, is immediate target of the Indo-Israeli secret nexus. So, with the support of US, India and Israel are in collusion to weaken Pakistan for their common strategic interests.

It is mentionable that India and Israel are collectively exploiting the double standards of the west in relation to terrorism and human rights vis-à-vis Pakistan, China and Iran. If New Delhi considers both Islamabad and Beijing as its arch enemies, Tel Aviv takes Tehran in the same sense especially due to its nuclear programme which is also opposed by the US-led EU. Israel is also against Pakistan as it is the only nuclear Islamic country. However, these similarities of interest have brought the two countries to conclude a secret alliance.

It is noteworthy that with the assistance of American CIA, both RAW and Mossad have been sending heavy weapons and well-trained militants from Afghanistan into Pakistan, who not only attack the checkposts of security forces, but also commit target-killings, suicide attacks, abductions etc. in the country. These secret agencies are especially supervising saboteurs to conduct subversive acts in Karachi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan where they also support separatist elements, especially Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). Besides, kidnapping and killing a number of Chinese nationals through their related-insurgents, these external secret agencies are also assisting Jundullah (God’s soldiers), a Sunni militant group which has so far killed several Shias in Pakistan, while committing acts of sabotage in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan. Iranian leaders directly blamed Israel and CIA for those terror-attacks. While taking cognisance of the Indo-Israeli secret alliance against Islamabad and Tehran, Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had said that the suicide attacks in Iran’s Sistan were a conspiracy against brotherly relations between Pakistan and Iran. He further added, “It is obvious that the same forces that are working in Pakistani Balochistan are also working in Iranian Sistan.” In the recent past, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei indicated, “The bloody actions being committed in Iraq, Pakistan and Iran are aimed at creating a division between the Shias and Sunnis… those who carry out these terrorist actions are directly or indirectly foreign agents.”

It is worth-mentioning that both Tel Aviv and New Delhi have successfully manipulating the presumed threat of China in Asia in order to involve America. In that backdrop, US which signed a nuclear deal with India in 2008, intends to make India a great power of Asia to counterbalance China. In this context, during his visit to India, on November 6, 2011, President Barrack Obama who announced $10 billion in trade deals, supported Indian demand for membership of four key global nuclear nonproliferation regimes.

It is of particular attention that Jewish-Hindu lobbies are collectively working in America and are well-penetrated in the US Administration. These lobbies are exploiting the war against terrorism and presumed threats of Iran, China and Pakistan so as to protect the Indo-Israeli covert designs. With the help of some American law-makers and media, these entities have introduced dangerous socio-religious dimension in the world by equating the “war on terror” with “war on Islam” and acts of Al Qaeda with all the Muslims. It is due to these lobbies that President Obama who had earlier shown enthusiasm to resolve the dispute of Kashmir and Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while strongly opposing the new Jewish settlements have become helpless. Moreover, it is because of Indo-Israeli lobbies that Dana Rohrabacher introduced a House Concurrent Resolution in the US House of Representatives on February 17, 2012, calling upon Pakistan to “recognise the right of self-determination for Balochistan.”

Besides, a number of recent developments such as US war-mongering diplomacy against Iran, Israel’s threat to attack Iran, Obama’s new defencestrategy, which calls for greater US military presence in Asia—maintenance of six permanent bases in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops, unprovoked firing on two Pakistan Army border posts, killing 24 troops in wake of US-backed intermittent infiltration of militants from Afghanistan and new wave of drone attacks clearly prove that President Obama has become powerless before the Indo-Israeli secret alliance which is also working against American interests in order to obtain their collective goals. New Delhi and Tel Avis has also ignored US cost of war against terrorism which is more than seven trillion dollars including debt-crisis and other related problems which Americans have been facing.

As regards, Indo-Israeli alliance, it has solid proof which could be assessed from the interview of Israel’s ambassador to India, Mark Sofer published in the Indian weekly Outlook on February 18, 2008. Regarding India’s defence arrangements with Israel, Sofer had surprisingly disclosed “We do have a defence relationship with India, which is no secret. On the other hand, what is secret is the defence relationship”. And “with all due respect, the secret part will remain a secret.”Indo-Israeli nexus remained under wraps till 2003, when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited India to officially reveal it. In this regard, Indian ‘The Tribune’ wrote on September 10, 2003, “India and Israel took giant leaps forward in bolstering the existing strategic ties and forging new ones” and Tel Aviv has “agreed to share its expertise with India in various fields as anti-fidayeen operations, surveillance satellites, intelligence sharing and space exploration.” Nevertheless, from anti-missile systems to hi-tech radars, from sky drones to night-vision equipment, Indo-Israeli defense cooperation has known no bounds in recent times. The matter is not confined to purchasing of military equipments only, Indo-Israeli overt and covert links are part of a dangerous strategic game in Asia. In this connection, the then Israeli premier, Benjamin Netanyahu had already made it clear in July 1997 saying, “Our ties with India don’t have any limitations—as long as India and Israel are friendly, it is a strategic gain.”

In this respect, we should remember that the major cause of the World War 1 was the secret alliance among Austria-Hungary and Germany—then Italy joined the Austro-German alliance, initiated by German leader Bismark. On the other side, France and Britain concluded counter alliance—ultimately all that resulted into militarisation of Europe and the World War 1. So, if not checked in time by the international community, Indo-Israeli secret alliance could culminate into third world war in case of particularly Israeli prospective attack on Iran or use of America for this purpose.

Mossad, CIA and Blackwater operate in Syria – report

Mossad, CIA and Blackwater operate in Syria – report

RT News

Members of the Free Syrian Army patrol an area in Qusayr, 15 kms (nine miles) from Homs. (AFP Photo / STR)  Ahmed Jadallah)

Members of the Free Syrian Army patrol an area in Qusayr, 15 kms (nine miles) from Homs. (AFP Photo / STR) Ahmed Jadallah)

A security operation in Homs reveals Mossad, CIA and Blackwater are involved in the military violence in this part of Syria, as over 700 Arab and Western gunmen and Israeli, American and European-made weapons were detained in Baba Amr district.

Syrian security forces got yet further proof of Western powers’ military involvement in Syria’s internal conflict, reports Al-Manar, a news agency, affiliated with Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based militant group and political party.

Around 700 gunmen were recently arrested in the former rebel stronghold of Babar Amr.

“The captured gunmen held Arab nationalities, including Gulf, Iraqi, and Lebanese. Among them were also Qatari intelligence agents and non-Arab fighters from Afghanistan, Turkey, and some European countries like France,” the agency quotes Syrian expert in strategic affairs Salim Harba as saying.

Harba also confirmed to the agency that “a coordination office was established in Qatar under American-Gulf sponsorship. The office includes American, French, and Gulf – specifically from Qatar and Saudi Arabia – intelligence agents, as well as CIA, Mossad, and Blackwater agents and members of the Syrian Transitional Council.”

The Syrian expert also added the security forces have also seized Israeli-, European- and American-made weapons.

“The Syrian army also uncovered tunnels and equipments there,” he told to the agency, “advanced Israeli, European, and American arms that have not yet been tested in the countries of manufacture, in addition to Israeli grenades, night binoculars, and communication systems were confiscated by the security forces.” 

Salim Harba however said the Syrian authorities are not planning to reveal all the obtained information now, but assured all the evidence is of high value.

“The Syrian security forces have documents and confessions that could harm everyone who conspired against Syria, and could make a security and political change, not just on the internal Syrian level, but also on the regional level,” he said.

The recent Stratfor leak and hacked email of the company’s director of analysis also suggest undercover NATO troops are already on the ground in Syria.

There have been previous allegations of a Western presence on the side of the rebels as 13 French officers were reportedly captured by the loyalist forces earlier in March.

President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly claimed his regime is fighting not with peaceful protesters as claimed by the West, but with the military gangs supported by the West.

Western powers however have categorically denied any military involvement in Syrian internal conflict.

Police Arrest Indian National for Israeli Bombing

Indian police arrest man over Israel car bombing

Indian police forensics experts investigate the scene after an explosion tore through a car belonging to the Israel Embassy in New Delhi, India. — Photo by AP

NEW DELHI: New Delhi police said on Wednesday that they had arrested a man in connection with last month’s bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat’s car, which Israel blamed on Iran.

Police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said the man was 50-years-old gave no details as to the charges he faced related to the February 13 attack.

Police sources identified the suspect as Syed Mohammed Kazmi and said he was an Indian national who claimed to be a journalist working for an Iranian publication.

A 42-year-old Israeli diplomat, the wife of the defence attaché at the embassy, was badly wounded in the attack when a motorcyclist attached a bomb to the back of her vehicle in central New Delhi.

Israel accused Iran of carrying out the car bombing which came on the same day as another attempted attack on an Israeli embassy car in Georgia.

A day later, Thai police arrested two Iranian men in Bangkok who are suspected of planning an attack on Israeli diplomats.

Tehran has denied any involvement in the alleged plots.