“October Surprise,” As Obama Plays the Saudi Card

Obama_with_the_flag1 source

“Trump believes Obama has secret deal with Saudis on oil prices‬.”  If Obama does ask the Saudis for this pre-election favor, then it will compound the debt that he already owes the royal family for taking the lead in the Arab Spring psyop and for fronting the anti-Iran operation.  Look for gas prices to go through the roof after the election. 

But this is Obama’s way, his “method of operation” (M.O.).  Just as he has convinced the Saudis to take the lead in “Persian Gulf III.” he has also convinced Germany to take the lead in Central Asia, as it helps to build an anti-Russian coalition in places where the Americans may already be wearing-out their welcome–Northern Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and perhaps in Turkmenistan. (Berdymukhamedov remains reluctant to allow the major US oil and gas giants access to the Caspian source of his wealth, but he is nevertheless, leading the diplomatic/economic effort to tap the Caspian wealth via Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Georgia is already on board for any pro-American pipeline project).

The danger of empowering the Saudis even further comes from their enormous financial resources, but more urgently, from the threat represented in their brand of radical Wahabbi Islam.  By pouring their resources into spreading this virulent form of false Islam and empowering the jihadi armies which it inspires, the Saudis have real potential to set the world aflame.  This is the real “al-Qaeda,” represented by the armies of Wahabbism who serve the world Empire.  If the United States can continue to harbor that “Islamist” flame, while profiting from the fires it creates, as well as from the forces marshaled to defend against them, then Obama may accomplish the Empire’s original mission—to take control of Central Asian gas going to both Europe and to China. 

Through the careful application of diplomatic “soft” power, American interests have have gained a foothold in Central Asia, the Middle East and the oil-producing regions of Northern and Central Africa, from which American hard power can dominate all oil and gas assets in this half of the world.  This is the greatest gamble that the world has witnessed since the days of Adolf Hitler.  All the players in this puzzle plan to share in the profits to be taken over the Silk Road and from under the Caspian Sea.  All of them should be given their own shares of their national penal systems whenever the pipeline projects fail to materialize and all that remains is the criminal conspiracy behind them.