Growing tensions in the Caucasus as the West tries to apply the “Libyan Model” to Syria and Iran

[The Rise of Russia is a very unique blog that offers insightful analysis of the volatile situation that has been manufactured in the Caucasus region. The author presents an unabashed promotion of Russia and Vladimir Putin as the God-sent antidote to Western/Zionist globalism, as he organizes Eurasian leaders into the last line of defense against a Fascist conquest of the world.  A-plus, in my book.]

Growing tensions in the Caucasus as the West tries to apply the “Libyan Model” to Syria and Iran

TheRiseOfRussia– April, 2012

Reptilians in various Western capitols are trying very hard to apply the “Libyan model” to Syria and Iran. Under the guise of bringing “freedom & democracy” to Syria and Iran, they are trying to turn these embattled nations into the world’s newest failed states. In fact, if they could, they would seek the application of the same model to any nation that is not willingly submitting to their rule. As you read horrific accounts of a chaotic post-Qaddafi Libya and see what they are currently trying to do in Syria, simply realize that Western officials are currently seeding Armenia’s political landscape for similar types of unrest as well. As usual, senior level official in the West are counting on Armenia’s Western-led “rights” activists, “independent” journalists and “opozitsia” type politicians to carry out their dirty work under the guise of promoting “freedom & democracy” in Armenia.Fighting “corruption” and fighting for “democracy” in Armenia are dangerous diversions that are currently diverting our people’s attention from more urgent geopolitical matters. Armenia’s most pressing problems today are geopolitical and geographic. Yet, the political West would much rather have Armenia’s politically illiterate and problematic peasantry to continue hopelessly chasing their tails in pursuit of the ever elusive fantasy known as “democracy”… and in doing so weaken the foundations of the Armenian state so that they can impose their geopolitical formulations upon the region.Fooling our politically illiterate sheeple into rising up and fighting against “corruption” in Armenia is a strategic part and parcel of the West’s “Great Game” in the region. That is what they are placing their bests on.International levers

This does not mean that sociopolitical problems do not exist in Armenia. All nations on God’s earth have pressing issues, some more than others. We must recognize that despite our best efforts, a tiny, landlocked, embattled, poor and a remote Caucasus nation coming out of a thousand years of Turkic/Islamic/Bolshevik occupation, Armenia is bound to have severe growing up pains.

Having effectively co-opted international levers during the past several decades, the political West is making the pursuit of sociopolitical matters in a country like Armenia very dangerous. Since they control virtually every single international organization in existence; since they control the world’s leading news organizations; since they control much of the world’s economy and finance; since they have effectively weaponized the notions of freedom and democracy; since they have imposed their language (and thus their mindset/culture) upon much of the world, they today have overwhelming amount of power over humanity.

In fact, the level of power they have over mankind due to the levers they control today is unprecedented in human history. At no time in history had a single political entity wielded so much power and influence.

Therefore, by making responsible Armenians exceedingly cautious about forcefully seeking genuine change in the fledgling country, fearing that such efforts can be hijacked by Western interests and turned against the republic, the change we want for Armenia is coming about very slowly. Thus, in the big picture, Armenia is in stagnation precisely due to Western politics. The only way the political climate in the Caucasus region will simmer down and begin its long road to recovery is through Pax Russicana!And in order for Pax Russicana to finally come into effect in the Caucasus, the West and its regional Turkic, Georgian and Islamist lackeys have to be defeated. I also predict that as soon as problems with Georgia are solved, Yerevan will be joining the Eurasian Union. Knowing that the Eurasian Union is still unrealistic for Armenia due to the situation in Georgia, Yerevan is playing it safe with Washington by publicly announcing that is not not interested in a membership.

Failed states are easier to control

Senior officials in Washington in conjunction with the Western alliance’s propaganda organs have been actively propagating military intervention against Syria and Iran. Zionist leaders and Jewish-American pundits, supported by legions of their Shabaz goyin America, have been fervently beating the war drums. Some examples of their blatant warmongering are posted at the bottom of this commentary. Make no mistake about it, there is a massive and well-coordinated information war being carried-out against Damascus and Tehran. Despite Tehran’s and Damascus’ surprising resilience and the steadfast support they have been receiving from Russia and China, their enemies are out for blood and they are not showing signs of backing down. This situation is a clear indicator that the multi-national – American/European/Jewish/Turkic/Sunni – agenda against Damascus and Tehran are indeed very serious and that they are in this for thelong-term. Since Iran is a much tougher opponent, they are going after Syria first.

Similar to what occurred in Libya, having smelt blood, Western predators have begun to go after Damascus. The West and its regional allies realize that Syria is one of the strategic gates that can potentially lead to Iran. Military planners in the West know that Damascus’ fall will ultimately weaken and isolate Tehran. Similar to what they did in Iraq and Libya, their aim is now to simply topple the Assad regime and turn Syria into a failed state, thereby taking them out of the game. They are attempting to bring Western style democracy to Syria and Iran because they realize that failed states are much easier to deal with than independent ones that don’t want to cooperate.

A weaponized news media

Virtually all of their political rhetoric, all of their news reports, all of their press conferences and all of their newspaper Op-Ed pieces are more-or-less calling for a military strike against Syria. At the front line of this vicious propaganda assault against Damascus are Western journalists and various subversive groups operating under the guise of “human rights”. We are thus seeing in Syria various propaganda organs of the Western alliance meticulously attempting to hook the Western public onto yet another destructive war. Again, I want to reiterate that the news press in the United States has longed ceased reporting actual news; they are now busy creating news. In my opinion, it would be fully justified if Western journalists are categorized as combatants. Please watch the following by RT reports:

Mainscream Media: Iran hysteria stirring up in US:

‘Media – West proxy to fuel Syria conflict’:

Explosive Words: US media first to bomb Iran:

CIA & Western media’s total fiasco in Syria:

As pointed out in a previous blog commentary, in addition to the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance’s larger-than-life presence in the historically embattled Middle East, France, Turkey and several pivotal Arab Gulf monarchies are also gradually making their presence felt by taking advantage of the new geopolitical fluidity of the region. Thus, we are seeing in Syria a strange but not new convergence of Western-Zionist, neo-Ottoman and Sunni-Islamic interests. Geopolitics makes strange bedfellows. The following RT reports addresses the growing influence of Turks and Arab monarchies:

CrossTalk: Turkish Hegemon?

US-backed Sunnis push Arab Spring to rule Muslim world:

It must also be reiterated that the so-called “Al-Qaeda” is again seen fighting alongside Western forces. After bloody operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Russia, Serbia, Libya and Iran, Al-Qaeda can now add Syria to its impressive resume. No surprises here. What may be surprising, however, is that the mysterious terror group in question has essentially served as the military wing of Western/Israeli, Pakistani and Saudi Arabian intelligence agencies. Almost everything the terror group known as “Al-Qaeda” has done during the past twenty-five years or so has more-or-less served Western interests – including the 9/11 attacks in the United States. Once the sheeple of the world begins to understands this simple yet troubling fact, everything else will make much more sense for them. RT has been one of the few news organizations that has covered this topic:

Al-Qaeda agents worm into Syrian rebel army:

US backs Al-Qaeda to mutually destroy Syria:

Free Syrian Arms: US gives guns to Al-Qaeda protege:

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