Turkmenistan–Berdymukhamedov Is A Puppy-Hater

[Who could hate this little guy?]

Puppy Turkmen Alabai

Turkmenistan: Canine Genocide in the Age of Happiness

– Fergana 

Natalie Shabunts (Ashkhabad)


In Turkmenistan, poison dog, tossing stuffed with sausage poison or glass in the trash. Dogs – and home, and the homeless – are dying in horrible agony, screaming and howling in pain for over an hour. Ashgabat to kill stray animals cruelly and mechanistically, scattering poison in the city or tossing it under the door of apartment blocks. And yet – throwing the dogs under the press in the pit on the outskirts of the capital: the president before the dog hates that falls into a rage if he sees any dog on the street.