Viscious Pigs Who Dumped 49 Headless Corpses On Mexican Highway Post Video On YouTube–Los Zetas Banners Deny Responsibility

[SEE: Police find 49 bodies on a highway in northern Mexico ]

Mexican Killers Post Video On YouTube

Of course YouTube pulls it because of content.  Liveleak has it, but my Vodpod account no longer works because of a corporate takeover.  Screenshots from the video are below.  Notice the one with the sick bastard using a garden rake to move a corpse onto the banner left at the scene–The banner read–

“esto va para todos los golfos, chapos, marinos, huachos y gobiernos nadie nos va poder hacer nada se la van a pelar
Atte:  loco, z40 y comandante lazcano,”  “this goes for all the gulfs, chapos, marine, and government outcasts no one is going to do anything it will peel
Attn: crazy, Z40 and commander Lazcano>”


“this video was originally posted on YouTube under a title “Zetas tirando cadaveres Cadereyta Nuevo Leon” (Zetas pulling corpses Cadereyta Nuevo Leon) by a person who claimed to be a Zeta himself. Since the video was clearly filmed by a person who was there when bodies were dumped, self proclaiming himself a Zeta would mean it was Los Zetas who killed those people.”

Los Zetas promptly hung banners over several overpasses, denying responsibility.

Full text of narcobanners signed by Los Zetas

As reported previously, the group placed the Zetas several narcobanners in San Luis Potosi, confirming that also appeared in Zacatecas. In narcomensaje point out that the authorities of Nuevo Leon are wrong, and disclaim the slaughter of Cadereyta.

The Zetas asked the authorities in Nuevo Leon get to work and to investigate it, especialmene Javier del Real, Jorge Domene and Adrian de la Garza, officials.

In the narcobanners also ask the Federal Government to investigate either the finding of 49 chests in the town of Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon.

Following is the full text of the narcobanners:

O jo Javier del Real, Jorge Domene, Adrian de la Garza Zetas Group disclaims all 49 quartered in Nuevo Leon and ask them before chequen blame us well INVESTIGATE. Do your job as it should. Not just because they go and pull a truck with a message body Zetas, are not going to continue doing their job. And to make things easy to press conferences are taking place. And so are removed and your responsibility to investigate. Gentlemen are not fools who did that want to take responsibility for that. For example, when we put blankets say “The Sluts” and they get “Gulf”. Gentlemen do not be silly not to analyze things and to do their job easier.And to remove the package that and also please think about us if we’d miss it costs us tirárselos in Reynosa? They threw them in Nuevo Leon because it is ground from us. Srs are silly, or they follow the current. Investigate disclaim those 49 dead. Only the 9 Jalisco and Nuevo Laredo hanged if we accept our responsibility and in the blanket of Nuevo Laredo pay attention and says chequen Sluts and all that we have and say Sluts. We invite you to do their job and do not solve without research work already asshole just to take his responsibility. For that you solved the problem were the Zetas. Or how many detainees have to say they are the Zetas. What say you killed them. They have neither the will nor, for that we were not we ask FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO INVESTIGATE THINGS “.