The Three Rogue Nations–Producing Order Out Of Chaos

[The researchers of the following article make some interesting points about the “modus operandi” of the global Shadow Government and their world destabilization plans.  NWO manipulators and trouble-makers share common occult beliefs in simple axioms, such as “Order out of Chaos,” or “As above, so below,” which apply to all of their sinister machinations. 

We know that their plans for a New World Order faithfully rely upon these beliefs to bring “order out of the chaos” which they create.  We know that they are acting upon those beliefs, when they try in so many ways to bend the people of the world, to recondition their minds into conformity to the masters’ wills.  We know that one of their primary beliefs is that “thoughts create reality,” so we also know that the world of chaos which they are shaping around us is but a reflection of the sick, demented fantasy worlds which exists inside their own big heads.  Is it possible to dream a new reality and then watch it take shape?  Can the conscious mind really be redirected by tampering with the sub-conscious?

How is it that “order” is brought out of “chaos”?  Can we believe our own eyes, or our own minds, when trying to counter disruptive forces that are constantly directed at us?  No, we cannot believe our own thoughts, when we live in a world run by men who have developed elementary mind-sciences.  We cannot believe our own perceptions, because those perceptions are not our own, not of our own making.  The new order slowly rising-up around us is based on managed perceptions that are drip-fed into our belief systems thanks to the wonders of television. 

In response to the theme of the following report, about three separate destabilization centers (Colombia, Israel and Pakistan), the “wars” we are fighting there are not real wars, just as the perceptions we share about the chaos radiating outward from those trouble-making regions are not real perceptions.  The wars and our perceptions about them are manufactured for us, implanted within our minds without our knowledge or awareness.

The Chaos, just like the wars and the false perceptions are not real, because they are all managed forms of conflict.  The chaos is not chaos, because there is always a secret current of control, leading back to the Shadow Government.  What we have is the perception of anarchy and chaos, when the truth is, the violent storms we see brewing across the face of the earth are not as chaotic as they appear to be.   A limited war is not actually a state of “war,” but more closely resembles a show, a managed stage production, replete with sets, players and scripts, to carry the central plot forward, right into our sheep-like fuzzy heads. 

They control us by controlling what we think.  I think that it will be a New Day for all of mankind when we learn to look behind the seeming chaos and see the real “Devil in the details.”  At that time, it will be true that those who have placed themselves above us all will be brought down low, justlike the rest of us.]

The Three Rogue Nations: Producing Order Out Of Chaos

When Corrupt Governments Are Formed and Maintained To Oversee State-sponsored Criminal Enterprises

Israel, Colombia and Pakistan share something in common which can only be properly explained when looking at the world geo-political chessboard through the lens of the New World Order (NWO) leadership. Each of these nations plays a pivotal role in their respective regions of the planet. Their roles are decidedly different from what you might expect of a sovereign nation, especially since they are engaged around the clock in so much illicit and clandestine behavior.

Of course, we all know that Israel was artificially created to drive a HUGE wedge into the oil-producing and political power structure of the Middle East. All the Arab and Muslim nations in that region are ‘perfectly’ controlled by this one tiny country possessing undeclared nuclear weaponry. Only through British and American coercion could such a theft of land from the Palestinians have been blessed by the United Nations in 1948, the year that the modern State of Israel was made official.

Likewise, the British artificially created Pakistan to perform the same chaos-producing function throughout south-central Asia. Only in the wake of Indian independence could such a Muslim nation have been formed through the granting of statehood to Pakistan by India in 1947. It has been in the middle of every regional conflict ever since by design of the World Shadow Government. The significant role that Pakistan plays vis-a-vis India, China, Afghanistan, Iran and other nations throughout the region is indisputable. That they possess nuclear weapons is again no accident.

Columbia was created as the drug capital of Western Hemisphere to perform a similar function throughout Central and South America. Even though it came into its own more recently than the other two during the sixties and seventies, it was being prepared by the world powers shortly after the end of WWII. Columbia has enjoyed remarkable success as an NWO bully for as long as drug running has been conducted. From its strategically located launchpad at the junction point between Central and South America, Columbia has controlled the drug trade throughout the entire continent – to the North and the South – until now.  

Throughout history we find a very powerful regional dynamic operating at the nexus of war and drugs. Israel, Columbia and Pakistan each illustrate the profound degree of control and chaos which can be generated by such a nexus. Israel actually functions as the international headquarters for the global drug trade. Things have not really changed since 1000 BC when Phoenicia (modern day Israel and Lebanon) was the major trading capital of the world. Well, it still is as it concerns the administration of worldwide drug running operations. There are very significant reasons why Israel appears to act with absolute impunity as it sits in the driver’s seat of the international drug cartel, as we shall soon see.


Afghanistan, Mexico and Lebanon

There is a dimension to this geo-political game which is often overlooked. These three rogue nations work in tandem with three other nations (often against their will) in their respective regions. In each case the tandem nation is used by the superpowers to sow seeds of great distraction and major confusion. Running interference in this manner permits the real culprits to get away with a lot more than they would otherwise be able to.

What better way to create order out of chaos than to marry drugs and war wherever there’s a convenient fit. What we find is a very well-planned intersection between war-making and drug running. If there’s not a real combat war going on, they simply create a War on Drugs or leftist guerilla war. Makes no difference who the new fabricated enemy is as long as enough pandemonium and mayhem is created to give cover for the drug running.

In Mexico it’s the drug cartels against the military and police. In Afghanistan we have NATO fighting the Taliban or anyone with a turban. And, in Lebanon we see the threat of war hanging over the head of its citizens every day, of every year for decades. See how each of these nations is really quite innocent of making mischief in their neighborhood; however, they are used by NWO controllers to fulfill a very important agenda.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how Israel and Lebanon, Columbia and Mexico, and Pakistan and Afghanistan relate to each other, especially where it concerns the global War on Drugs. Mexico has turned into a cauldron of drug wars unparalleled in modern history. Afghanistan has been invaded for its lucrative poppy seed production by the world powers over centuries. Where Israel is the world capital for both synthetic drug manufacturing and designer drug dissemination, Lebanon has been a major conduit for their movement and worldwide distribution.

Each of these tag teams demonstrate the NWO strategy of order out of chaos through war on civilian populations and the subsequent business of drug-running. The three rogue nations attempting to accomplish the same political, military and economic goals alone (for their masters, of course) could not even come close. This is one reason that Israel, Pakistan and Columbia have been the recipients of such an inordinate and disproportionate amount of financial assistance for decades. Billions of unaccountable dollars have been funneled to each of these countries ostensibly for defense in the form of military hardware and weaponry. There is virtually no way to track the use of the huge sums of money received by these rogue nations, so why else do they receive it year after year? Their military might is undoubtedly bolstered by additional transfers of military technology and weapons programs.

The mere threat of military aggression must be plausible if they’re to be effective at controlling their neighbors. See how Israel threatens Iran daily; Pakistan threatens India regularly and Columbia threatens Venezuela whenever the USA wants them to. Talk about henchman whose main purpose is to keep all the neighbors on on pins and needles.

Where Mexico has provided a lot of cover these past many years for Columbia, Afghanistan has done the same for Pakistan. Lebanon has played a much more murky role in Middle Eastern geo-politics as seen during the last war between Israel and Lebanon. Israels’s northern neighbor is a nation under constant threat because of its dangerous proximity to the locus of real political power and strategic military capability within the Middle East.

Incidentally, what was that last war between Israel and Lebanon really all about anyway? A alleged kidnapping of a single Israeli soldier by Hezbollah triggers a full scale war response. Lebanon responds with a complete lack of defense of its sovereign territory? The country takes virtually no initiative to protect its own citizenry?! Israel’s war posture looked like a purposeful and calculated over-reaction. And so it was … to fertilize the field of military aggression for much bigger things to come. As well as confuse the appearance of the actual relationship that exists between Israel and Lebanon concerning covert commercial interests and ongoing collaborations around sabotaging the Mideast peace process.

Israel, Pakistan and Columbia: Change is on the horizon for all three

What has just been written about these three historically rogue nations may soon be a thing of the past. How so?

Some major developments have recently taken place which speak to profound changes in the way these 3 nations have been administered by the World Shadow Government. Major recent events in Columbia, Pakistan and Israel, particularly in relation to the USA, are testimony to a huge shift in the relationship which has been cultivated for decades. Many headlines have recently appeared in the MSM that reflect an unprecedented turning point in the waning influence of US political and military muscle, which has been ‘dutifully’ exerted on behalf of the World Shadow Government[1].

Part II of this series will reveal and elaborate on those changes.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: May 28, 2012

[1] Excerpt from “New World Order as Global Financial Matrix Self Destructs” by T. Anthony Michael (The Market Oracle: November, 2008)

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