Syria: The terror operation of Jeffrey Feltman

Formally, the U.S. regime has agreed on an UN observer mission of up to 300 UN observers in Syria, which use is initially limited to 90 days, which also means that the United States agreed that the UN Observers monitor the ceasefire from all sides and the UN Security Council Resolutions 2042 and 2043rd for a peaceful political process of the situation in Syria.

With the adoption of the UN resolutions on Syria, the Zionist-Wahhabi U.S. plan has failed. The plan included to force a “regime change” in Libya and Syria, implemented  through propaganda, terror, sanctions, and an ultimately genocidal-bombing of the resistance. These steps should prepare the long-planned military regime change in Iran.

The terrorist gangs, which are subordinated to the Zionist U.S. Secretary of State Jeffrey D. Feltman, and which terrorize the Syrian population in fancy names like “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), “Al Qaeda”, or “Farouk Brigade” by bombings and death squads, have in the ongoing democratic process in Syria, despite the massive support of Zionist propaganda and Wahhabi networks, no chance to come to power in Syria, because they are all rejected by the overwhelming majority of the Syrian population.

But behind the scenes, the Zionists and the U.S. government continue to work hard to destabilize Syria, together with the loose combination of the “enemies of the Syrian people” (“Friends of Syria”), in order to fomenting terrorism and the armed violence, because they want to undermine the so-called UN peace plan for Syria.

The recent talks by Jeffrey Feltman with his fascist-Wahhabi friends from the “March 14″ in Lebanon (Beirut) reveal the calculus behind it.
The U.S. reign of terror thinks that it would be useful to further destabilize Syria, at least, until next year (by terrorism), in order to also weaken Iran, at least, temporarily. And by the weakening of Syria, they have also a better chance to reach a “regime change” in Lebanon – at the latest in the Lebanese parliamentary elections in 2013, but a “regime change” in Lebanon is still also possible before this date.

Ultimately, the NATO Allies, who are dominated by Zionists, want the Zionist apartheid regime over Palestine and the Anglo-American dictatorships of Wahhabi-Arabia and Qatar, with the strategy of continuously terrorism in Iran and Syria – of course, also in order to weaken the Lebanese resistance-force, Hezbollah.

Disturbing for these goals is the UN peace plan. The NATO countries agreed on the UN peace plan under the pressure by unmasked propaganda lies in April.

Also disturbing for these goals are the UN observers, who mean a danger for them, because contrary to the strong Zionist and Wahhabi propaganda, it could become more and more clear that the Zionist apartheid regime, the states of the North Atlantic Terror Organization (NATO), under U.S. leadership, as well as the feudal extreme dictatorships, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, were behind the murderous terror in Syria in the past 15 months. Thousands of Syrian people are the victims of organized terrorism (under the false flag of democracy and peace).

To end the fragile peace in Syria officially and thus to get rid of those pesky UN Observers, Feltman`s gang implemented a complex terror and propaganda operation in Syria, consisting of at least two operative parts, just on time for the visit by Kofi Annan to Damascus.

The scheduled plan of the “Feltman operation” is assumed to include the following operation steps:

The main part of the “Feltman operation” was to make sure that about 100 heavily armed Feltman bandits enter the village “Hula” (Houla) near the Syrian city of Homs. (al Houleh, allegedly a name of a Syrian region with three villages near Homs). This armed gang had the order to force chaos and bloodshed in this village. They wildly shoot around, put houses on fire and attack a building of the Syrian security forces. These armed “Feltman rebels” also conquered the hospital of the area.

The Feltman-bandits should entrench themselves in the hospital then. During the attack, the UN observers would be alarmed by the news that the Syrian security forces carry out a massacre on opposition supporters and the civil society with heavy weapons in this area near Homs.

The UN observers should come to Hula (Houlah/al-Houleh), thus that they confirm that the Syrian security forces used (contrary to their obligations under the six-point peace plan by Kofi Annan) heavy weapons in the city. The UN Observers should also monitor the withdrawal of the Feltman-terrorists, who should pretend to be Syrian civilians and that they have defended the hospital against the violent Government forces.

This process would then be used to blame the Syrian government, at least, “semi-officially” confirmed by observers from the UN, with a serious breach of UN resolutions, in the commitment to the ceasefire.

The second part of the Feltman-operation was that some terrorists, with a short run-up to the major surgery, go to the nearby villages, such as al-Shumariyeh, and carry out simple massacre of innocent families to push this horrible violence in the shoes of the Syrian government.

The armed charge of this part of the Feltman operation should murder defenseless people, or especially children and women, the more senseless and cruel the better.

Afterwards, the Feltman-terrorists should take videos and pictures with the murdered victims, which were killed by them. The armed gang should pretend that they are neighbors, who just found the victims by accident.

Then they should explain that the victims were members of friendly families of them and also opponents of the Syrian governments, who were just killed by Syrian security forces. These armed people should also strongly indicate that the Syrian security forces are very close to them, namely in Hula, i.e. where the main operation of the complex Feltman-operation takes place, and currently carry out a massacre there, thus that UN observers are urgent and quickly needed in this area.

With the help of the satellite uplinks, which are described as “non-lethal opposition assistance” by the NATO and GCC countries, which also have provided this, the videos, taken by the Feltman-terrorists, should be uploaded to the Internet, so that the videos can be massive disseminated with the help of the Zionist-Wahhabi propaganda apparatus.

Subsequently, the part of the second Feltman operation should flee and also make the prosecution of them more difficult by e.g. arson.

The main task of the second part of the Feltman-operation was to ensure, that the gruesome pictures and videos of the operation in Hula (Houla/el-Houleh) quickly spreads over the whole world and gets disseminated in all media, so that UN observers quickly come to Hula in order that the desired propaganda effect of the local operation works; and e.g. will not fail because of lower coverage.

After the successful completion of the whole operation should the emerging branch of the Feltman-terrorists, called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), make a public statement that it is no more possible for them to comply with the ceasefire of the UN resolution(s).

The co-operating regimes of states of NATO and the GCC should then condemn the Syrian government and declare their solidarity with the Feltman-terrorists. Afterwards, the governments should declare in a new UN Security meeting that they drop the previously UN Resolutions and stop the observer mission.

Of course, this should also include that they declare in public to supply the Feltman-terrorists in Syria with weapons and that they threaten Syria again, like it happened at the previous UN resolutions, with an aggressive war on humanitarian reasons.

The ceasefire agreement would thus officially ended, the UN observer mission to monitor the ceasefire would be over and the progress of the disturbing campaign of the UN observers in Syria, which were counterproductive for the terror plans, would also be no more problem, though perhaps not immediately, but no later than the end of the 90-day period.

Significant parts of the Feltman-operation succeeded as they were planned. The killing of innocent women and children in al-Shumariyeh was managed by the Feltman-terrorists, without getting caught by Syrian government forces in the horrible act. The massacres were also pushed by the Zionist-Wahhabi propaganda networks as planned; for example, the German news and published this as top news.

This news in the leading media of the NATO countries was also given the needed headlines, so that it was mentioned that forces of the Syrian government could have massacred civilians, women and children in Hula – “Massacres in Syrian Hula: Opposition complains about dozens of dead children” and “Activists speak of massacres – apparently 110 dead after attacks in Syria” and so on.

Notorious lackeys of the Zionist lobby, such as the German and French foreign ministers, also have immediately condemned the Syrian government in public and also very harshly, as it were scheduled.

But in some parts of the Feltman-operation, it did not work as planned.

Some numerous German media in the NATO state Germany have reported, while citing “exile groups”, that strangers went from house to house and that these “insurgents” have indiscriminately murdered people, including children.

This created a risk that contrary to the scheduled scenario to make the Syrian government responsible for the horrible crimes of the Feltman-terrorists, that a “third force” could appear again. But with the crimes of the terrorists, the Syrian government forces should be made responsible, that was the Feltman plan. While heavy weapons like tanks and artillery should be named as murder weapons, because that was the only way to accuse the Syrian government that they have broken the ceasefire.

But the pictures of the murdered children reveal, however, at least in some cases, that they were purposefully murdered by shots from close in or with the help of stabbing, cutting and slashing. Victims of artillery look different.

This mistake leads to new difficulties for the Feltman-terrorists. The attempt to establish the general opinion, that these franctireur (“insurgents”) belong to pro-government forces, which were backed by Syrian security forces, was threatening to fail. It threatened to reach the public, that it actually were the Feltman-terrorists who have committed the horrible crimes.

While numerous German media have subsequently removed the term “insurgents” (franctireur) from their coverage of the Feltman-massacre, some propaganda outlets had this term also in the headlines and all know that the Internet has a persistent memory.

The Feltman-terrorists have made also a mistake in the presentation of the children in their propaganda movies. It is, for example, very evident that the Feltman-terrorists, who have filmed themselves and also have pretended to be neighbors and friends of the dead children and people, handled the bodies of the children like a raw piece of meat and not like friends and neighbors would do it.

Unplanned was also that the Syrian authorities have discovered some victims of the second part of the Feltman-operation already before the start of the operational phase of the main part of this horrible false-flag operation, and therefore the timeline of the story of the Feltman-terrorists has some problems.

Also the UN observers have not reacted in the way as it was scheduled by the Feltman-terrorists. The UN observers did not rushed to help immediately as it was planned by the operation of the Feltman terrorists and despite the cruel policies of the second operation part, so that the withdrawal of the Feltman-terrorists did not work out as planned.

Instead to use the expected propaganda line of the Feltman-terrorist tune, the UN observers condemned the murderous violence without naming a specific party in the conflict as guilty. The UN Observers have condemned the violence in the strongest terms, without accusing one of the sides. They also came to the place when the safety was restored and not on time as it was scheduled by the Feltman-terrorists.

It remains unclear whether the Feltman-terrorists and their NATO-GCC supporters are able to succeed in the manipulating the investigation of the UN Observers. It remains also unclear of the barbaric terrorist operation by Jeffrey Feltman will have the scheduled results – a long-running civil war in Syria to weaken Iran and Hezbollah.

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