USS Enterprise Violates Pakistani Territorial Waters, Sets-Up 75 Miles from Gawadar Port

US violates int’l laws; moves USS Enterprise into Pakistani water near Balochistan


The News Tribe

Karachi: After failing to strike a deal on Nato supply with Pakistan, violating international laws the US has moved its USS Enterprise, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, into Pakistani territorial waters near Gawadar city of Balochistan province.

“After the deployment of the aircraft in Pakistani sea the country’s security agencies are now investing into the matter. The movement apparently shows the increasing interest of the US in Balochistan province of Pakistan,” sources said.

“The US has moved its biggest aircraft carrier 65 to 70 nautical miles away from Gawadar in the second week of June,” a well informed source told The News Tribe correspondent.

The USS Enterprise, which holds a crew of over 4,000, had taken part in several wars.


2 thoughts on “USS Enterprise Violates Pakistani Territorial Waters, Sets-Up 75 Miles from Gawadar Port

  1. Who will take on USA? will the Chinese interfere? Many questions, I have no answers. I can only hope for some miracle to happen and take out the military machine and economic base of USA. Otherwise , senseless US policies will keep on destroying the world

  2. The question is, will there be a war between Pakistan and US within next 18 months? If yes, the consequences I think, will lead to a huge anti US uprising in Pakistan.–[I think it highly likely that your timetable is correct. The Pakistani people should know and really understand the truth of the matter. If you don’t focus your anger and rise-up against it together, you will find yourselves in a very tight spot, with the odds against you, to say the least. The longer it takes the majority of Pakistanis to become aware that a terrible storm cloud is bearing down upon them, the less chance Pakistan has of surviving the flood. At the end of the game, either Pakistan or the United States will not come out of the other side intact. US game-players have bet everything on a plan that requires either Pakistan’s complete submission or its destruction. CIA planners use states like India and Pakistan to eliminate state boundaries for them. A reunified India, watching over Imperial interests in this segment of the world is the plan. If Indian leaders dare to follow Pakistan’s ways, and stray from the plan, they will not survive either.–[Peter]

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