Pentagon Calls for Free Balochistan–Challenges Pakistani Sovereignty with Baloch Symposium

[With the USS Enterprise anchored off Gawadar and the Baloch insurgency being gathered together in Washington, the United States is coming out of the closet in favor of the dissection of Pakistan.  Nothing could be more clear–all of the “conspiracy theories” about US/India meddling in Balochistan are true.  Pakistan is on a countdown to invasion.]

Pentagon calls symposium on Balochistan

The Nation Newspaper Pakistan

LAHORE – The US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a subsidiary of the Pentagon, is all set to convene a controversial symposium on Balochistan issue at Washington DC next week, it was reliably learnt on Friday.

Well-informed sources said that a two-day conference titled ‘Pakistan Symposium: 2014 and Beyond Draft Agenda’ is being organised on 19th and 20th of this month at Washington DC under the auspices of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) on Balochistan issue.

It will be the first time that a US Governmental organisation will be involved in projecting the point of view of dissident elements of Balochistan. Reportedly, the speakers also include Malik Siraj Akbar, Tareq Fatah and Waheed Baloch.

Pakistan had raised serious objections to hearing on ‘Balochistan’ by Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the United States House of Representative Committee on Foreign Affairs chaired by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on February 8 and subsequent tabling of bill in US Congress. However the matter was somehow censored by timely diplomatic interventions.

The impending event reflects on growing American interest in Balochistan. It will raise serious concerns in Pakistan and is likely to be construed as interference by Americans in the internal affairs of the country.

According to independent observers, the event can seriously undermine the sinking negotiations process between Pakistan and US and will widen the distrust between the two countries.

This so-called symposium will definitely lead to the deferment of normalcy of relations to the disadvantage of both the countries, otherwise ally in the war on terror.

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