Chinese survey team attacked in Gwadar, one killed


Chinese survey team attacked in Gwadar, one killed

Occupied Balochistan: A spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), Mr Doda Baloch, has said that fighters from his Organisation have attacked a Chinese survey team few days back, as a result one person was killed and another has been wounded.

While speaking to NNI on Sunday Mr Doda Baloch has accepted the responsibility for the attack on Chinese team. Doda Baloch warned that “no investors, be them national or International, will be allowed to invest in Balochistan without the consent of Baloch Nation.”

The BLF spokesperson further said that the Baloch resistance organisation (we) have made it clear through their pamphlets and press releases that Baloch are struggling for their national liberation and national preservation, therefore no capitalist should invest on Baloch land and the common labourers should refrain working for the investors [to avoid any harm].

Courtesy: Daily Tawar


Afghan-Uzbeks Under Gen. Dostum Are Sabotaging Afghan Development Projects

[Dostum has always looked after “Number One,” even when he was doing George Bush’s dirty work.  It is no surprise that now he acts as an agent of a foreign power, not as an Afghan govt. official.]

Uzbekistan attempt to stop oil project in Amu River


According to Afghan security officials, Uzbekistan is interfering to prevent implementation of oil extraction project in northern Amu River oil basins.

This comes as the first oil extraction project was officially launched in northern Sar-e-Pul province of Afghanistan yesterday.

An Afghan security official speaking on the condition of anonymity said they have achieved reliable documents and evidences which reflect interference of neighboring Uzbekistan intelligence to prevent oil extraction in Amu River.

The extraction of oil deposits in northern Afghanistan was awarded to China’s National Petroleum Corporation last December.

According to reports Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, leader of the National Movement Party of Afghanistan and a member of the national coalition party, the main anti-government opposition also created barriers to prevent operations in northern oil fields.

Ministry of Mines of Afghanistan also expressed concerns regarding regional interference to create problems in major natural resources of Afghanistan.

A spokesman Jawid Omer said regional intelligence agencies have created barriers towards natural resources extraction projects in the country.

However it is yet not clear whether allegations against Gen. Dostum have any connection with the recent reports suggesting interference by Uzbekistan to stop oil extraction in Amu River.

In the meantime an Afghan security official speaking on the condition of anonymity said a number of Gen. Dostum’s commander’s have been paid by Uzbekistan to create barriers for Amu River oil extraction project.

CIA Sado-Macochism, or Just Plain Old Torture?

PHOTO: In this Dec. 16, 2005 file photo a watch tower overlooks the area near the Polish intelligence school just outside of Stare Kiejkuty, Poland.
Czarek Sokolowski/AP Photo
Dec. 16, 2005 file photo 


A Polish official says that prosecutors have a construction order that proves the CIA wanted a cage for terror suspects built at a secret ‘black site’ prison inside Poland.

Senator Jozef Pinior claims Krakow prosecutors have a document that shows a local contractor was asked to build a cage at Stare Kiekuty, a Polish army based used as a CIA prison for al Qaeda terror suspects in 2002 and 2003.

“In a state with rights,” Pinior told the Polish paper Gazeta Wyborcza, “people in prison are not kept in cages.” He said a cage was “non-standard equipment” for a prison, but standard “if torture was used there.”

Asked if he was sure the cage was for humans, he said, “What was it for? Exotic birds?” He said he has not seen the construction order, but that the Krakow prosecutor’s office, which is investigating the prison, has a copy of it.

This week Gazeta Wyborcza reported that the prosecutor’s office also allegedly has a signed order from Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, the then-head of Polish intelligence, authorizing the creation of the black site. A source told the paper that the agreement has a space intended for an American signature, but that the Americans did not sign the document “because they do not want to sign documents inconsistent with their own Constitution and international law.”

Inside a CIA Secret Prison Watch Video
Siemiatkowski did not confirm or deny the existence of the agreement, but said he could not discuss anything he might have signed because it would be classified.

Gazeta Wyborcza reported in March that Siemiatkowski had been charged with permitting the corporal punishment of prisoners of war. Siematkowski has acknowledged publicly that he is under investigation.

Alexander Kwasniewski and Leszek Miller, who were president and prime minister at the time it was allegedly used as a CIA prison, have denied the existence of the Stare Kiekuty black site.  Sen. Pinior said he presented his evidence “with regret, because I always valued [Kwasniewski’s] presidency.”

Several terror suspects, including Abu Zubaydah, have said they were tortured at the Polish site prior to their relocation to Guantanamo. One suspect claims a gun and a power drill were pointed at his head during his interrogation.

After Poland launched its official investigation of the Stare Kiekuty site, President Bronislaw Komorowski said the probe was needed because “the reputation of Poland is at stake.”

ABC News previously revealed the location of another CIA prison at a former riding academy outside Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2006, President Bush acknowledged that the U.S. had used “black site” prisons in foreign countries, and said many of the suspects who had been detained there were then moved to Guantanamo Bay. While denying that the U.S. employed torture, he said that the U.S. had used an “alternative set of procedures” to interrogate prisoners.

The CIA declined to comment to ABC News on the reported black site in Poland or on Senator Pinior’s allegations about a cage.