Cutting Cables, Lighting Fuses–Rerun

[We learn today that Lebanon has had no Internet service for the past three days, due to a rupture or cut in an undersea cable (SEE:  Internet in Lebanon Back After Cable Ruptures, Knocks Nation Offline).

“The cable, which lies about 30 miles off the Egyptian coast, broke on Wednesday. The cable is part of the India-Middle East-Western Europe system, an 8,100-foot [sic]-long fibre-optic link between eight countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.”

This is eerily similar to the last undersea cable-cutting problem in the Middle East in 2008, where one of three cables was cut approximately “5 miles off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt.  Another was cut “34.8 miles off the coast of Dubai.”  Since my article on that subject from 2008 is pertinent to today’s news, I have rerun it below, from its original source from my earlier blog at WakeUpFromYourSlumber.”]

Cutting Cables, Lighting Fuses

Published: WakeUpFromYourSlumber

By: Peter Chamberlin

third undersea cable has been cut, effectively eliminating the Internet in the Middle East, But according to CNN that cable outage does not extend to Israel, Lebanon and Iraq.

Is it a coincidence that these three countries, who represent the next phase of the war on terrorism, were spared in the communications blackout that is affecting the rest of the Middle East? With the reemergence of the shadowy Fatah Al Islam organization, which has been linked to Saudi Prince Bandar, Saad Al-Hariri, the Mossad and neocon Elliot Abrams, it becomes clear that the pre-invasion of Lebanon scenario from last summer has nearly been reset. Bush laid claim to Lebanon with his recent executive order criminalizing criticism of US/Israeli actions in Lebanon, just as he did with the previous one on Iraq. These two orders claimed that the entire war of terror hinged on these sideshows, declaring that failure in either represents “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of theUnited States.”

It is obvious to the casual observer that things are really starting to heat-up in Lebanon, with the recent attack upon a US Embassy vehicle, the car-bombing of the Hariri investigator, even another fake Osama bin Laden video about Lebanon. The assassination of Lebanese investigator Capt. Wissam Eid, who reportedly suspected Israeli involvement in recent assassinations blamed onSyria, such as Rafik Hariri, is very likely another Mossad false flag attack, carried-out to entertain the gullible sheep of theUnited States.

The news of the multiple acts of cable sabotage are clear proof that a hostile force is doing its best to isolate the greater Middle East region (all the way to India) from the rest of the world. With the Internet down, it will be impossible for anyone to transmit video evidence out of the visually-embargoed zone, except for those who have satellite uplinks, like the major news networks, who are already under Zionist control. The depth of these cables means that they can only be reached by submarine or deep submersibles, meaning that it could not have been done by “al Qaida” the “toilet,” which doesn’t have a navy, or a submarine.  The cable cutting had to have been the work of state terrorists.

This sabotage Friday followed on the heels of another attack on two other submarine cables, which took place Wednesday, 5 miles off the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria, Egypt. The cable cut at 05:59 GMT Friday, 34.8 miles off the coast of Dubai, belonged to the same British FLAG network (FALCON), whose main line connecting Europe to Asia was severed Wednesday along with SEA-ME-WE 4, a competitor’s cable which served as systems back-up. Both went through the Suez Canal on their way to India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, as well as across Egypt (land segment), where it cut across North Africa to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The FALCON circuit that was taken down Friday, circled around the Persian Gulf, picking-up the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the other Gulf States. Here is an interactive map from the FLAG home site, detailing the route of the FALCON line.  Below is the map provided by the 16 nation SEA-ME-WE 4 consortium.

Saudi Arabia claims to have had another separate cut, which it says it has already repaired, using a submarine, accounting for Internet rumors of a fourth cut cable and the otherwise unexplainable restoration of their service and no one else, except for their Gulf State buddies.The Saudi newspaper article is obvious disinformation. Once again the Saudis are trying to distance themselves from the results of their collusion with the Israeli and US designs upon their Muslim brothers. The FLAG site explains that the Saudi service was restored by FLAG, using terrestrial routes.

FLAG has arranged part of the Restoration capacity via terrestrial route between the landing stations in Al Khobar and Jeddah inSaudi Arabia. This was executed with excellent cooperation by Integrated Telecom Company which is the Landing Party of FALCON system inSaudi Arabia.  Some of the circuits of Qatar Telecom (Q-Tel), Ministry of CommunicationsKuwaitand Du, UAE that were severely affected have been restored.

SinceIsraelstill has Internet, wouldn’t the editors of the major newspapers there normally do their best to get such a news scoop? Neither the Jerusalem Post nor Haaretz has anything at all to say about the sabotaged cables on their sites. A search for undersea cables on both sites reveals nothing. Something very bad is in the air. Normally the Israeli press is the favored medium for taunting the Arabs’ misfortune. Both papers, which were used to disseminate the disinformation about the recent air attack uponSyria, are eerily silent about what is now going down.

In addition to the escalating psyops operation that is being directed at Lebanonand Syria, Israeli leaders have stepped-up their unending war of words being directed at Iran. PM Olmert used the celebration of “Holocaust Day” to announce to the world (in an off-hand manner) that Israel was ready to act against Iran on its own (forcing the US to honor Bush’s commitments to defend Israel, no matter what).
“Israel could not afford to stand by while other nations called for its annihilation… the Jewish state must defend itself against calls premised on zealous, murderous ideology, a tyrannical terror-supporting regime that recklessly aspires for regional hegemony, and a malicious program for developing weapons of mass destruction.”

According to a Washington Post interview with Defense Minister Barak, Iran has already “gone beyond the Manhattan Project,”
“We suspect they are probably already working on warheads for ground-to-ground missiles,”

As if Barak’s charges (that Iranis attempting to fit existing nuclear warheads to its long-range missiles) weren’t sufficient grounds for a pre-emptive strike, if they were proven to be true, Israelhas recently opened another line of attempted justification for its coming aggression, announcing that they have evidence that Iranian rockets have been launched fromGaza intoIsrael.

The campaign to pump-up war fever on the home front started building to a crescendo in the Jerusalem Post, on Jan 29, when they ran this article, “IDF beefs up forces to thwart terror cells which left Gaza.” The article brought into the cold light of day the ancient Zionist plan to violently colonize all of “Greater Israel”, intending to justify an assault into the Sinai, where, it is claimed:
“as many as 20 cells may be trying to organize in the Sinai to use it as what one officer in the security services described as a platform to launch significant attacks on targets in Israel…In recent days the IDF has reinforced its troops along the Egyptian border. Last Thursday, Route 10, which runs along the border from Ovda to Kerem Shalom, was closed to civilian traffic and Israelis were warned to return immediately from resorts in theSinai Peninsula. One day later the IDF decided to temporarily close tourist areas near the border.”

This article was an offhand admission that Israel has an immediate intention is to finish Gaza, under the continuing ruse of “fighting terrorism,” setting the stage for another messianic rabbi to speak-out, showing the world the only acceptable “final solution” to Israel’s “Palestinian problem.”
“Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger has been quoted as calling for Gazans to be transferred to the Sinai Peninsula, to a Palestinian state which he said could be constructed for them in the desert.”

The final solution – here we go again.


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