Bomb Investigation In Tartarstan Uncovers Radical Underground “Islamist” Cult

 Fayzrahman Sattarov 

[Investigations into the recent bombing of Mufti Fayzov in Kazan, Tartarstan uncovered this extremist Sunni Muslim cult led by a crazy old geezer, calling himself the “Messenger of Allah.”  (SEE:  Terrorist Attacks Upon Two Major Critics of Wahabbi Penetration of Tartarstan, Russia–One Dead (updated 7-21)).  Living deep underground with seventy followers, the old guy spent the last ten years writing “amendments to the Koran.“]

Islamist Sect Found Living Underground Without Heat, Sunlight

The group, which included 20 or so children, is believed to have lived in the bunker for more than a decade.


Some rather bizarre news courtesy of Russian-state media: Roughly 70 members of an Islamist sect have been found living in an eight-story underground bunker, where they are believed to have resided for the past decade without artificial heat or natural sunlight.

Reports of the exact number of children who were among the group vary from 19 to 27, at least some of which appear to have been born in the bunker and had never left until they were found by authorities earlier this month. Reuters reports that the sect’s leaders will likely face charges in the wake of the discovery.

BBC News explains that the sect’s leader, Fayzarahman Sattarov, is a former deputy to a Sunni Islam cleric, and declared himself a Muslim prophet in the late 1960s after interpreting sparks from a trolley cable as a message from God.

Some 70 people lived in the catacomb-like bunker, comprised of eight stories of cramped cells and built under a decrepit brick house in the Tatarstan. Sattarov could spend up to six months in prison for violating local building laws with the illegal structure. He faces a charge of “arbitrariness,” which refers to his implementation of rules that contradicted Russian law.

After the bunker was discovered on August 1, authorities placed the children either in care or in the hospital. According to Bloomberg, it has not yet been decided whether they will return to their parents or be put in foster care. Satarov and three others are being investigated for cruelty against children.

Police discovered the sect as part of an investigation of recent attacks against Muslim leaders in the region. The Fayzarahmanists, named for their 83-year-old leader, are divorced from traditional Islam, which is dominant in this region of Russia.

Quetta’s Hazara Community Living in Fear

Quetta’s Hazara Community Living in Fear


Monitoring Desk

QUETTA, 7 February 2012 (IRIN) – Widespread fear of harassment, discrimination and killings has prompted some Hazara community members living in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan Province in southwestern Pakistan, to consider leaving the country, even by illegal means.

“Over 600 Hazaras have been killed since 2000,” Abdul Qayuum Changezi, head of the Hazara Jarga, a group representing Hazaras, told IRIN. Media reports speak of dozens recently killed in attacks on the community in Quetta and in other parts of the province.

The Hazaras constitute a distinct ethnic group, with some accounts tracing their history to central Asia. Almost all belong to the Shia Muslim sect, speak a dialect of Farsi, and are concentrated in central Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan. There are some 6,000 to 7,000 Hazaras in the country, according to a Hazara chief, Sardar Saadat Ali.

In Quetta, many of them live in Alamdar Road. Close by, Ali Hassan, 55, and his two sons, both in their 20s, were engrossed in a fierce argument in their small house – when IRIN visited – about leaving the country, even if illegally.

According to the two, there is too much discrimination against the Hazaras for them to have a future. “It is simply too dangerous to live here. Besides, Hazaras get no opportunities in education or for jobs, because of the bias that exists,” said Ibrar Ali, 21, the younger of Hassan’s sons.

However, their parents were terrified of allowing them to try and leave, mainly because of an incident in December last year in which at least 55 Hazaras from Quetta were killed when a boat carrying some 90 illegal immigrants to Australia capsized off the coast of Indonesia.

“The boat was overloaded with over 250 people, including children and women,” said Nasir Ali, whose brother was on the ill-fated boat, but survived.


Following the incident, the autonomous Human Rights Commission of Pakistan demanded a government inquiry. In a statement, HRCP chairperson Zohra Yusuf said the fact that “Hazara young men chose to leave Pakistan by taking such grave risks is a measure of the persecution the Hazara community has long faced in Balochistan.”

The statement also urged the government to act against those illegally ferrying people out of the country in exchange for large sums of money, and demanded it “take urgent steps to find a way to put an end to the persecution of the long-suffering Hazara community”.

The New York based monitoring body Human Rights Watch (HRW) has also condemned thesectarian killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, and has noted: “Research indicates that at least 275 Shias, mostly of Hazara ethnicity, have been killed in sectarian attacks in the southwestern province of Balochistan alone since 2008.” HRW Asia director Brad Adams says a start can be made to ending such killings “by arresting extremist group members responsible for past attacks”.

Anger within the Hazara community runs deep, and has been growing.

“The news of the killings and the desperation of the community is terrible. I weep often when I read of what is happening. I want to return to Quetta, because I love my home town; I want to be close to my parents and live there with my own family. But my fiancé and I ask if it will be sensible to raise our children in a climate of death,” Mina Ali, a medical student from the Hazara community currently based in Karachi, told IRIN.

Her fiancé, also a Hazara, is keen to try and flee the country, whether “legally or illegally”, Mina said.


Statements to the media from top government officials, including the chief minister of Balochistan, have also been perceived as insensitive in their failure to strongly condemn killings that some commentators have described as a “genocide”. Others in Pakistan are demanding that the International Court of Justice look into the matter.

Hazara chief Sardar Saadat Ali, a former provincial minister, told IRIN most Hazaras in the country were based in Quetta but there were “also some in Hyderabad [in Sindh Province] and other Baloch districts”.

Ali, who has lost close relatives including his brother in targeted killings of Hazaras, said: “We can expect nothing from the government; so we act for ourselves. I personally went to Indonesia to bring back the bodies of the young Hazara men who had died in the boat tragedy. They were fleeing because of the security situation and in search of a chance to gain an education.”

Hazaras, he added, were being targeted on “both ethnic and sectarian grounds” by extremist groups – mainly the sectarian Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba, which have origins in the Punjab.  He was also concerned about further persecution if the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan.

“I don’t understand much about politics, but I worry constantly for my grown children, and their children,” said Zareen Bibi, 60, a Hazara resident of Quetta. “Too many Hazaras have died, for no reason – and this inhumanity has to end. We all deserve dignity and the right to life.”(Courtesy: IRIN)

The War In Quetta Is A Carbon Copy of the War In Syria

[Quetta has really been under siege lately, or, more accurately, the Hazara (Shia) of Quetta are marked for death and anyone who is near them becomes a target, as well.  The panoramic photo below is what remains of the house of Dr Azam Mengal, located in the Faizabad area of Quetta, after 80 and 100 kg of explosives detonated on his doorstep.  According to the Baloch Hal report below, “Dr Azam Mengal was currently in Dubai, and had rented the house to some people belonging to Noshki.”  Noshki has been the focal point for much of the target killings of Balochistan.

This reported attack is just the latest in a series of bombings directed at the Shia community in Quetta.  Now the Army claims to have foiled an even worse attack on some unspecified target, with the seizure of 12,000 kilos of explosives, 15 suicide vests, RPGs and detonators (SEE: Major terrorist plot foiled by security forces in Quetta).  These attacks are undoubtedly the handiwork of “America’s Islamists” (although they could also be called “Saudi Islamists,” or “Pakistan’s Islamists”), since the Sunni terrorist armies they have trained are the single force that is striving to ignite “Holy War” against the Shiites in the Greater Middle East.  America’s partners in this venture remain the same ones today, who have been killing Shias and other “infidels” in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.]   

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Quetta Blast Kills Five, Injures 11

The Baloch Hal Monitoring Desk 

QUETTA: Five people, including two women and two children, were killed and 11 others were injured on Sunday after an 80kg explosive being driven around by a suspected militant accidentally went off before he could reach his intended target. “We have found a severed head, believed to be of a militant who was killed in the blast,” police officer Mukhtar Ahmed told reporters following the incident that ripped apart a house in the Faizabad area of the provincial capital. “The target was not clear. We have launched an investigation to identify the militant. Police are also interrogating the owner of the house,” he added.

Abdul Razzaq, in-charge of the bomb-disposal squad in Quetta, told reporters that the car was carrying between 80 and 100 kg (180-220 pounds) of explosives. According to police details, the explosion occurred outside the house of Dr Azam Mengal, located on Killi Faizabad, Sariab Road. Following the explosion, flames engulfed and eventually gutted the entire house. Three cars and two other houses in the vicinity were also badly damaged. The 11 victims were shifted to the Civil Hospital and Bolan Medical Complex (BMC) by Edhi ambulances and were identified as Hassan Nasir, Zahid, Bibi Samina, Bibi Abida, Laraib, Zehra, Nadra, Yasin and Shafiullah. According to hospital sources, their condition is said to be critical.

Following the explosion, police and the FC personnel reached the scene and cordoned off the area. DIG Operations Wazir Khan Nassar told reporters that an 80kg explosive in the car had caused the explosion and massive destruction. He added that Dr Azam Mengal was currently in Dubai, and had rented the house to some people belonging to Noshki.

Upon receiving news of the incident, President Asif Ali Zardari strongly condemned the blast and said that such dastardly acts of terrorism would not deter the people’s determination to root out terrorism from the country. The president expressed sorrow over the loss of lives and directed that the best medical care be provided to the casualties.Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira and Minister of State for Information Syed Samsam Bukhari also condemned the Quetta bomb blast.

Muhammad Ejaz Khan adds: The powerful bomb blast, which killed at least five persons, including children, on Sunday went off at around 11:50am. The thud of the explosion was heard several kilometres away in the provincial capital. Panic gripped the area soon after the blast, and frightened people could be seen running around after the powerful explosion.

Confirming the number of deaths, official sources said that five persons were killed in the powerful bomb explosion. The condition of some of the injured is stated to be precarious, hospital sources said.

Eyewitnesses told The News that the billowing smoke could be seen following the loud bang of the explosion. Due to the explosion, a portion of the house caved in as well. “I saw nothing but darkness. When I opened my eyes in the hospital, I was being treated,” said one of the injured while talking to reporters.

DIG Police Wazir Khan Nasar confirmed that the explosion had taken place inside a vehicle near the house, and added that police had launched an investigation into the incident. The names of the other deceased are yet to be confirmed because the deceased recently shifted to the house, said police officials. (CourtesyThe News International)

Pediatrician Waterboards Eleven-Year Old Daughter To Make Her A Better Person, By Simulating “Near Death Experience”

[Obviously this guy thinks that we would all benefit from a good waterboarding or other near death experience.  I believe that we get a glimpse of the real “out there” Dr. Morse in his YouTube video of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” posted below.]

I want to devise strategies for treating PTSS using the lessons of the NDE.  I want to be able to use them to treat people who don’t believe in a ‘god’.  I want to use them in treatment facilities which reject the concept of a ‘god’.”

He found that having a NDE [near death experience] is good for you, resulting in a love for living.  One girl summed up the transformation as learning that “life is for living and the light is for later.

Adults who had NDEs gave more money to charity than control subjects, volunteered in the community, were in helping professions, did not suffer from drug abuse, use many over-the-counter medications, and ate more fresh fruit and vegetables than control populations.”–


Child endangerment charges tell of ‘waterboarding’

Georgetown pediatrician, wife arrested after 11-year-old daughter recounts incidents

Dr. Melvin Morse

Dr. Melvin Morse

Written by

Terri Sanginiti, Esteban Parra

and James Fisher

Pauline Morse

Pauline Morse
A Georgetown pediatrician and his wife are facing felony charges after their 11-year-old daughter told police her father had repeatedly subjected her to “waterboarding” while her mother stood by.

Dr. Melvin L. Morse, 58, and his 40-year-old wife Pauline, of the 20000 block of Lewes-Georgetown Highway, were each charged with four felony counts of first-degree reckless endangering, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and felony conspiracy, said state police spokesman Master Cpl. Gary Fournier.

Their children, girls ages 5 and 11, are in the care of the state Division of Family Services, state police said.

The investigation started July 12 when state troopers received a 911 call from a neighbor about a domestic dispute at the couple’s home.

The call came after the Morses’ daughter went to the neighbor after Melvin Morse reportedly grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her across a gravel driveway, Fournier said. Melvin Morse then took her inside their home and spanked her, he said.

Following the investigation, Melvin Morse — who is co-author of a book about the near-death experiences of children and was employed at a private pediatric practice in Milton — was charged July 16 with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and third-degree assault.

On Monday, the 11-year-old was interviewed by detectives and social workers. According to court documents, she told them that between May 2009 and May 2011 her father had disciplined her by what he called “waterboarding” — holding the daugther’s face under running water, causing the water to fill her nostrils and over her face.

She told police it had happened at least four times — using the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and bathtub faucet, according to court records.

The daughter told police she “could never understand what she did to be punished” and felt scared, court documents reported. Once, she said, her father told her he “was going to wrap her in a blanket and do it so that she could not move.” In another instance, she said Melvin Morse told her that “she could go five minutes without brain damage.”

“Melvin would sometimes look away while he did it and (redacted) would become afraid that he would lose track of time and she would die,” police wrote in court documents.

Lawrence J. Korb, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress who served as an assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration, said the process described in the court documents was the same technique decried as torture when CIA operatives and proxies used it during the global war on terrorism.

“That’s essentially what it is,” Korb said. “There, of course, you want people then to confess because you pull them up then you put them back down if they don’t do that.”

Korb said the practice can kill a person if too much water gets in his or her lungs. “But the purpose of it is you will do anything to stop it because it’s so horrible,” he said about the sensation.

It is entirely inappropriate to use on a child, he said.

“Oh yeah, for an 11-year-old that would terrify them because you can’t breathe, you don’t understand what’s going on, you don’t know what comes next,” Korb said. “Psychologically, it could have lasting damage on this poor kid.”

After her father did these things, the girl said she would “go outside and cry,” prompting Melvin Morse to come outside and then “hold her nose and mouth with his hand,” police said in court records.

“He would tell her she was lucky he did not use duct tape,” police said in the documents. “He would not let go until she lost feeling and collapsed to the ground.”

The girl’s younger sister was also interviewed and told social workers she saw this happen to her sister, but that “it has never been done to her because she is too young for it.”

The state Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday filed a motion for the emergency suspension of Morse’s medical license.

“The physician or his attorney have 24 hours to respond, and their response, along with the motion, will go to Delaware’s secretary of state and the president of the Medical Licensure and Discipline Board for review,” said Christopher Portante, spokesman for the state Division of Professional Regulation, adding that the case is being expedited.

According to the DFS, child abuse is defined as unjustified force, including actions that interfere with breathing, or “any other act that is likely to cause or does cause physical injury, disfigurement, mental distress, unnecessary degradation or substantial risk of serious physical injury or death.”

Denise Enger, coordinator of parent education services at Child Inc., a Wilmington-based group that counsels and supports abused children, said anything that humiliates or harms a child emotionally or physically is not appropriate.

Ideally, Enger said, parents should discipline, not punish children. Punishment is an external behavior, such as a spanking, aimed at stopping the behavior, she said, but it does not teach. Discipline is a guiding behavior, aimed at helping a child learn right from wrong.

Enger did not want to comment on the Morse case. But when asked if the actions described were an appropriate punishment, she said they were not.

“I cannot imagine an circumstance where they would be appropriate,” she said. “Child Inc. advocates a number of more effective parenting tools that are less harmful to children.”

Melvin Morse is being held in the Sussex Correctional Institution after failing to post a $14,500 secured bail. He was ordered to have no contact with either his wife or children.

Pauline Morse was released on a $14,500 unsecured bail and ordered to have no contact with either her husband or children. She answered the door Wednesday at the family’s home, located between Lewes and Georgetown, but declined to comment.

Melvin Morse had been working one day a week for the past 2½ years at the pediatrics practice of Dr. Lowell Scott in Milton, according Jeff Austin, a Wilmington attorney representing Scott. However, he said Morse had not been employed at the practice since May, when he asked to take the summer off to spend more time with his mother.

“Dr. Scott has no first-hand knowledge of the allegation against Dr. Morse,” Austin said, declining to comment further.

Pauline Morse’s father, Gerald DeYoung, of Sun City, Ariz., said he was pleased to hear of the arrests. “I’m just plain angry about it,” he said. “I want to make sure my granddaughters are OK.”

DeYoung said Pauline Morse has five children, three of whom are grown. The 11-year-old, he said, is Melvin Morse’s stepdaughter. DeYoung said he’s been estranged from his daughter and has never met the two youngest children.

Pauline and Melvin Morse moved to Delaware from Seattle in 2006. He is the author of “Closer to the Light” and “Transformed by the Light” that explore near-death experiences of children. He also authored “Parting Visions” that documents spiritual visions associated with death and dying.

According to a biography posted online, he has appeared in a number of television and radio shows, including “20/20” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to talk about his research.

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Maj. Nidal Hasan To Be “Forcibly Shaved” for Failure To Submit To Military Court Demands

“Hasan would be forcibly shaved.”

Fort Hood suspect fined again for beard

By Angela K. Brown, Associated Press

FORT HOOD, Texas – A military judge on Friday once again held the Fort Hood shooting suspect in contempt of court for showing up to a pretrial hearing with a beard he had been ordered to shave.

Maj. Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, was fined $1,000 for a second time. The judge, Col. Gregory Gross, then sent Hasan to a nearby trailer to watch the rest of the hearing on closed-circuit television, as he has done since showing up with a beard at a June hearing.

Beards are a violation of Army regulations. Hasan’s attorneys say he keeps declining to shave because he believes that doing so would violate his Muslim faith.

Last week, the judge held Hasan in contempt and fined him $1,000. Gross said Hasan would be forcibly shaved at some point before his Aug. 20 trial if he doesn’t shave the beard himself. He said he wants Hasan in the courtroom during the court-martial to prevent a possible appeal on the issue if he is convicted.

Hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the November 2009 attack on the Texas Army post. Hasan, 41, faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole if convicted.

Civil War Within AIPAC?

[The National Jewish Democratic Council turned on its fellow Jews for daring to jump ship in favor of Romney.  Adelson’s liable suit blows the fight right into the national limelight, revealing the internal split within AIPAC (SEE:  Stop AIPAC!  ;  Romney Waxes Whimsical Over Jewish Economic “Vitality” Compared To “Stark Difference” of Palestinians).]

“The National Jewish Democratic Council is calling on Mitt Romney and other 2012 Republican candidates to stop accepting donations from billionaire Sheldon Adelson in the wake of reports that the GOP mega donor personally approved of prostitution at his Macau resorts.

The group, which aims to build Jewish support for Democrats at the federal and state levels of government, issued its charge in response to a seven-page allegation that Adelson allowed prostitution at his Macau casinos and was also aware of other illicit activity.”–NJDC Calls on Romney to Stop Accepting Adelson Donations

Adelson Sues National Jewish Democratic Council For Libel

By David Glovin and Bob Van Voris

By David Glovin and Bob Van Voris

Sheldon Adelson, chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS), sued the National Jewish Democratic Council and its top officers for libel, saying the organization falsely claimed he approved of prostitution in his Macau casinos.

Adelson, a billionaire and top fundraiser for Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, filed his $10 million suit today in Manhattan federal court. He claims the NJDC, its president,David Harris, and its chairman, Marc Stanley, “crossed the threshold from constitutionally protected speech to defamation of a public figure.”

The suit is over an article that Adelson says was authored by Harris and posted on the NJDC website claiming Adelson approved of prostitution in his Macau casinos and urging Romney to cease accepting his donations. The article cites allegations made in a separate lawsuit by an employee of Sands China Ltd. (1928), Adelson says. Adelson denies the claims.

“We will not be bullied into submission,” the NJDC said in an e-mailed statement. “Referencing mainstream press accounts examining the conduct of a public figure and his business ventures — as we did — is wholly appropriate.”

On its website, the group says its goal is to win “Jewish support for Democrats at the federal and state levels of government.”

The suit is Adelson v. Harris, 12-cv-6052, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

To contact the reporters on this story: David Glovin in New York at; Bob Van Voris in New York at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Michael Hytha at