Unusual Report from the Zionist Press May Be True

[This report, if true, would indicate that the Saudis may have made a U-turn in their Iran/Israel strategy.  If the Saudis have made this U-turn, then it is being done at America’s direction.  The recent  call by the Saudi king for an emergency meeting on Syria, which is bringing Ahmadinejad to Mecca, would also tend to confirm this change in direction.  The plan has always been to separate Iran from its assets (Hezbollah) and its allies (Syria).  Look for the Saudis, who represent the Americans, to offer the Iranians some grand bargain to create order in Syria.  If the Saudis really have threatened to shoot-down IDF fighters headed for Iran, then it would also fit-in with other reports about an ongoing cyber-assault against Lebanon which is also infecting Israel.  If Washington wants to restrain Israel, then perhaps it wants surveillance upon Israel as well (SEE: Virus plunges Lebanon into cyber war).  For eleven months,  eight sophisticated digital virus strands of the Gauss virus have spread from the Lebanese banking sector all over the country and deep into Israel.  Gauss represents an extreme risk that the Lebanese banking system may be overwhelmed by global players, causing it to collapse, possibly as a precursor to a military assault upon Hezbollah.  Obama is going after Hezbollah now (or shortly after the election), instead of Syria, or Iran, and the Pentagon needs eyes on Israel to ensure that Netanyahu plays along.  The virus’ penetration of Israel could be explained by a recent news report that the CIA considers Israel to be the greatest “spy threat” to American interests.   

One other element of the following Israeli report which makes it seem unusual is the addition of the F-35 photo, which is labelled “F-35 stealth fighter IDF.”  To my knowledge, the IDF is not supposed to have any of the advanced American jets in their inventory yet.  The Jew-rusalem Post had this to say about the F-35s:

“Israel placed an order for its first squadron of F- 35s in October 2010 for $2.75 billion. Under the deal, Israel was supposed to receive 20 aircraft but the number could drop due to the rising cost per plane. The aircraft are expected to begin arriving in Israel sometime in 2017.”]

Report: Saudis Threaten to Shoot Down Iran-Bound Israeli Planes

The Saudis said they would shoot down any Israeli planes that fly over its airspace on their way to or from Iran

By David Lev

F-35 stealth fighter

F-35 stealth fighter

Saudi Arabia has informed Israel in recent weeks that it will shoot down any Israeli planes that fly over its airspace on their way to or from Iran. A report in Yediot Achronot Thursday said that the Saudis have made it known that they will not allow their airspace to be used for any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by Israel, the U.S., or any other country.

According to the report, the Saudis transferred the message to Israel viasenior officials in the administration of U.S. President Barack H. Obama. The officials had just recently returned from talks in Israel with senior members of the government.

IDF intelligence, the report said, had identified four air routes that could be used to attack Iran – one of them over Saudi Arabia. The Saudi route would have Israeli fighter jets flying south, turning into Saudi territory for a short time, and then exiting into the Persian Gulf and Iran.

As a result of the warning, the report said, Israeli officials are now concerned that they will have to figure out a way to avoid a battle with the Saudi air force if the southern route is chosen. Although Saudi pilots are not known for their skills, the country has a wide array of sophisticated defensive and offensive systems and weapons, thanks to massive American arms sales.

However, some Israeli officials were doubtful that the message had been the idea of the Saudis’ alone, saying that message was part of the ongoing pressures by American officials to prevent Israel from attacking Iran without Washington’s permission.