German Spy Ship Passing Intelligence On Syrian Troop Movements To FSA

[Germany running its premiere spy ship up and down the Syrian coast, gathering intelligence on Syrian troop movements, to relay to the Free Syria Army is a clear “act of war” against Syria.  It is only a matter of time before this ship comes under attack, in the manner of the Turkish aircraft, recently shot-down.  Everybody is playing with fire.]

German spy ship crosses in front of Syria


Assad army under observation: German spy ship crosses in front of Syria

A boat service fleet of German Navy

ByMartin S. and Lambeck KAYHAN ÖZGENC

Germany plays in the conflict in Syria a much larger role than previously known. A spy ship of the German Navy crosses in front of the Syrian coast. This so-called “fleet service vessel” has the latest spy technology to the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) board. This can be seen troop movements up to 600 kilometers deep into Syria.

The findings, some on military operations of the army-Assad, to be passed on to American and British intelligence services.From there, the information gets to the Syrian army of liberation.

BND agents are also stationed in the Turkish NATO base in Adana.From there, they listen to telephone calls and radio traffic from Syria. In addition, the informal contacts with sources in the immediate vicinity of the Assad regime is maintained. “No Western intelligence sources in Syria has as good as the BND,” said a U.S. intelligence official.

Within the BND and the federal government’s role in international cooperation of the service is perceived as a great honor. “We can be proud of the important contribution we make to the overthrow of the Assad regime,” says a BND agent.