Russian Military Helicopter Downed In Dagestan Hot Zone–Sept. 8

[The site of this helicopter downing is within thirty miles of the suicide-bombing murder of leading Dagestani spiritual leader, Sheikh Said Afandi, on Aug. 28 (SEE:  Militant Destabilization Attacks In Dagestan–Aug. 28, 2012).  This site is also around 100 miles from Special Forces base where armory was taken over on that same day.]

In Dagestan, crashed into a mountain military helicopter Mi-35

In Dagestan crashed Mi-35. Killing three crew

Helicopter escorting military convoy, not on the phone at 16.02 MSK in the village of Andi Botlikh district of Dagestan. The weather conditions were difficult, the Internet media, with reference to the press service of the Defense Ministry.

It later emerged that the helicopter in poor visibility conditions faced with a mountain while flying through the pass.

The Russian Defense Ministry has suspended flights of Mi-35 suspended until final determination of the causes of the crash. According to preliminary data, the helicopter from the ground is not fired. give the approximate location of an armed group.