Washington Post Lets Ahmadinejad Call the Zionist Bluff Over the Real “Nuclear Threat” To Peace

[Never thought that I would live to see this, but the Biggest Establishment Insider Newspaper, the Washington Post, is totally rebuking the “Israel Lobby” with this one, plainly stating that we are only talking about the non-issue of alleged Iranian weapons because the Israel Lobby demands it.  What Obama himself recently labeled “noise,” concerning Iranian nukes and Israeli “red lines,” is simply a campaign hot-button issue in the US, but in Tel Aviv, it is the only real “existential threat.”  The only real threat to the existence of that shitty little police state in the Middle East is that Washington will stop pandering to them, thus drying-up all those juicy Jewish lobbyist dollars which power the American political system and keep theirs alive.] 

Iran accuses Israel of ‘threatening’ U.S. with allegations of Iranian nuclear weapon

U.N. General Assembly: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is taking aim at the United States and Israel at a high-level United Nations meeting, accusing Washington of shielding what he calls a nuclear-armed “fake regime.”

 By Anne Gearan
Israel is bullying the United States over the alleged threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon, using the prospect of an Israeli military attack on Iran to force the hand of its much larger ally, Iran’s president said Monday.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed the idea that Israel might well attack on its own, over the objections of the United States, and said Israel itself was an inconsequential interloper with no rightful place in the Middle East.