Anti-American Autumn Follows the Arab Spring

Anti-American Autumn Follows the Arab Spring

Anti-American Autumn Follows the Arab Spring

The brutal assassination of the American Ambassador Chris Stevens and three US diplomats in Benghazi, the cradle of anti-Qaddafi uprising in Libya, suggests an extremely improvident foreign policy of the United States in recent years.

The commentators and experts are busy seeking a triggering motive of the thugs. Was the mediocre film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ a true cause of the uprising or just a pretext?

‪The more we listen to them the more distressing is the impression. The West has lost the conscience and does not even dare to recognize the fatal mistake committed to Colonel Gaddafi. A few days ago the US president speaking at the UN General Assembly repeated a terrific mantra:

We intervened in Libya alongside a broad coalition, and with the mandate of the UN Security Council, because we had the ability to stop the slaughter of innocents; and because we believed that the aspirations of the people were more powerful than a tyrant.

 And as we meet here, we again declare that the regime of Bashar al-Assad must come to an end so that the suffering of the Syrian people can stop, and a new dawn can begin.

First of all there was no UN Security Council mandate for intervention in Libya. If you essay a task reading the resolution 1973 (2011) on ‘no-fly zone in Libya’, you will find out that it does not contain a single word regarding possible intervention. The flexibility of that resolution was the only reason of its fatal approval by the Security Council.

Today Libya is being torn in parts by the rivaling tribes. During Gaddafi’s rule it was a confederation of tribes mostly loyal to central authority. Now they are not. Eastern tribes have already declared factual secession and ignored the parliamentary elections. They are trying to pocket the revenues of gas and oil fields exploration on their territories. One of the most economically prosperous countries of Maghreb is rapidly turning into Afghanistan or Somalia.

Every Libyan tribe now has its own armed militias with estimated total manpower exceeding 100,000. They permanently fight each other for lands, pastures, fresh water sources, but mainly – oil fields. For example a large scale war between Misratah and Benghazi clans for Sirte basin is looming nowadays. No one has a slightest intention to concede these assets to the central authorities in Tripoli.

Alexander Mezyaev from Strategic Culture Foundation describes the daily slaughterhouse routine in Libya:

‘On the whole, there are no signs that tensions are going down in Libya, where fighting flared up non-stop over the past 5-6 months. Serious clashes between the Toubou brigades and Arab groups began in Sabha, southern Libya, in June and took hundreds of lives. Later battles raged in Kufra, south-east Libya. The traditional inter-clan dispute over border control in the western part of Libya escalated into a three-day armed conflict between Zuwara city on the one side and the cities of al-Jumail and Reghladin on the other, with around 50 people being killed. Ten people died when Arabs and Tuaregs hammered each other in Ghadames, and around 1,600 Tuaregs were forced to flee to the nearby Derg later on. In June, the Zentan and Mashashia tribes locked horns in the Nafusa mountains, leaving over 70 people dead and some 150 – wounded. Government forces were deployed between Zentan and Shagiga to keep apart two local communities warring over land. The Barki council continued to pursue “federalist” policies in the east of Libya. Violence spilled even into the premier’s premises where a guard and a “rebel fighter” were killed in a shootout last May. Government facilities, international community representatives, and the security forces come under fire in east Libya with frightening regularity.’

The administration of Barack Obama not only supported ousting Colonel Gaddafi (just refresh in memory his delighted speech on October 20, 2011), but also facilitated raising Muslim Brotherhood to the power in Egypt. Today we witness anti-American demonstrations there as well (no victims yet by sheer luck). And they also support anti-Assad insurgents in Syria. What will happen to the feeding handin Damascus in case the guerrillas succeed we can’t even imagine.

Unfortunately the lessons of history are not learned in Washington. They have already paid a lot for distinguishing ‘good’ and ‘bad’ jihad (we are sorry to use this sacred word in ungodly militant meaning here). They consider the terror against geopolitical rivals as an admissible form of ‘national liberation’, while anti-American actions – as crimes against humanity. The price of such political schizophrenia for the US will be rising.

‪We shouldn’t relate these landmark events of the anti-American autumn exclusively to a movie parody released in America. The problem is much deeper. A villain global genie has already been let out of the bottle and is busy crushing the ancient mausoleum in Tripoli, demolishing Christian shrines in Kosovo, Indonesia, Nigeria, killing Egyptian Copts etc.

To understand the geopolitical solitaire on the Middle East properly we should name the winners and losers of the ‘Arab Spring’ gamble. The Gulf monarchies are certainly among the first. It is an open secret that the Gulf countries aspired to control Libyan gas for a long time. Qatar, having ambitious plans over the huge European liquefied gas market, was the main interested party in ousting the Libyan leader. As a bonus Qatar’s Emir Al-Thani has managed to get rid of his personal adversary (several harsh exchanges between them during some pan-Arab meetings were not left unnoticed) and a penultimate powerful secular leader of the Arabic world (the last one is Syria’s president Bashar Assad). Today the influence of pro-Salafi Islamists is seriously strengthened in Libya. The former military governor of Tripoli Abdelhakim Belhadj, theQatar protégé, is considered one the most influential figures there. Despite a miserable result in the recently held ‘democratic’ elections to the General National Congress, he still plays a decisive role in Libya.

The main loser is obviously Europe (to say nothing of the Libyan people who would live in a new Afghanistan). It hasn’t achieved any goal originally pursued. The attempt to show its political and military might has nearly turned fiasco and factual second Suez crisis. The idea to establish a liberal secular state in Libya has failed as well. Those taking Mahmoud Jibril for liberal are deeply mistaken: he has already called for restoration of polygamy and, according to him, would strictly act in line with Sharia principles.

Moreover the operation in Libya has created new problems for the European continent. They have lost a reliable gas supplier (no serious company would invest into what is now called Libya). They face multiplied illegal immigration from Africa. The threat of the emergence of a huge oil-rich terrorist hub on the other side of Mediterranean armed by sophisticated weapons including MANPADS is as tangible as never before. But maybe the most dangerous is the loss of the Third World leaders’ confidence. Now they know that flirtations and secessions to the West would not guarantee them against democratic bombings.

What should be the lessons of the tragedy in Benghazi? First of all the party of war in the UN Security Council should contain its ambitions to reshuffle the Middle East. Their irresponsible policies have already cost a lot not only to the region, but its own reputations. The clearly expressed will to make Security Council act symphonic to maintain international peace and security would be a smart first step. (Unfortunately, Mrs.Clinton gave a wrong signal earlier this week leaving Security Council conference room while her Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov was about to switch on his microphone. The role of an offended girl does not correspond to the status of the US official.) They should understand that further attempts to destabilize Syria letting alone an apparent suicidal strike against Iran would catalyze irreversible processes in a global scale. The result will be shocking for the West: they would discover that they are definitely loosing subjectivity in international politics. The most retrograde forces will be advanced to the forefront putting an end to all human achievements in science, culture, arts, democracy and humanism. The agents of decadence are powerful even inside the US establishment. Will the sane and sober elements in national elites in America and other countries be able to cope with them is an issue critically important for the survival of contemporary world.

Los Zetas Control Mexican Penal System As Their Endless Labor Pool

Leaks: replacement Zetas

Leaks scented mushrooms.  Photo: AP / Adriana Alvarado

Leaks scented mushrooms. 
Foto: AP / Adriana Alvarado

Besides being one of the most violent and organizations increasingly consolidate their dominance throughout the country, in recent years Los Zetas have imposed its law in most prisons in the north. In those places co-opted directors and trustees and even organized mass escapes, as of Monday 17 Cereso in Piedras Negras, to free its members and supporters and replenish the lost paintings in their war against the Gulf Cartel and combat with the military government and police.

Saltillo. (Process). – The Zetas control most of the prisons in the north and for the last four years, in complicity with their managers-have organized mass escapes in Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and Zacatecas. In the latest, on Monday, 17, were 131 inmates who left the Social Rehabilitation Centre (Cereso) of Piedras Negras in the front door.

During that time the organized criminal group of 546 gunmen evasion or sympathizers, according to figures of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security, which allowed him to replace their fallen members.

The leakage of Piedras Negras Cereso inmates took to the streets, where two buses were waiting to take them, admitted the state attorney, Homero Ramos Gloria, and the owner of the local Public Security, Jorge Luis Delgado Moran. As they dug the tunnel was only a screen to “cover up officials” who facilitated the escape prison.

The ruse did not work, so a judge issued a warrant Rio Grande rooting for 40 days against 16 people identified as suspects of the crime of escape of prisoners, including Cereso director, José Miguel Resendiz Perez, the head and Deputy Director of Security and Custody, Héctor Miguel Anguiano Saul Rosales and Francisco Ambriz Jacques, respectively, and several guards.

According to state officials, several of the inmates were transferred to Tamaulipas and others to strengthen the Zetas in their war against the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

The penultimate flight was in the morning of February 19 in the Cereso of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon. On that occasion 37 inmates climbed the tower from which slipped six, using ropes, to the street where waiting and gunmen aboard several trucks.

Previously Delta had taken the ambulance 44 members of CDG to be beaten to death in the courtyard of the prison while guards gave them protection.

Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina Cruz said the next day that the custodians of the tower six were being questioned. Shortly after the officers were seated and 29 prison guards, who confessed to receiving money from Los Zetas cells to allow them luxury, sell drugs, extort internal and enlivened with mariachis have parties and women.

Jorge Domene, security spokesman for Nuevo Leon, said the prison director, Geronimo Miguel Andres Martinez received bribes from the criminal organization for about 35,000 pesos per month, while the heads of the guard got between 20 000 and 25 000 , shift managers and custodians 10,000 in 4000-6000.

The fugitives were taken by Los Zetas to a ranch in the town of Anahuac, in upstate. Among them were three lords, who were reassigned as regional managers, other cells formed in the Monterrey metropolitan area and the state in rural municipalities.

Among the leaders were Oscar Soriano Manuel Bernal, The Spider, Rogelio Chacha Quintanilla, The Yeyo, and Jose Ricardo Barajas Lopez, The Speakers.To date 17 have been recaptured, including El Yeyo, and two were killed in clashes with the military.

The Speaker remains at large but senior Army him as the focal point for implementation of 49 people whose bodies were abandoned in Cadereyta last May. They say he even recorded with your cell performance and then uploaded the video to YouTube website, where it was only a few hours.

The largest mass escape organized by Los Zetas occurred the morning of December 17, 2010 at the Center of sentencing (Cedes) of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. On that occasion came at least two vehicles-a van and a school bus to pick up 151-convicts.

Days after Gov. Eugenio Hernandez Flores said the escape was carried out in collusion with the trustees: “It was a betrayal of the trust placed in them,” he said.

He reported that the director of the state prisons, Horacio Sepulveda-seventh that occupied that position in his administration, and the director of Kedesh, Efrain Hernandez, with only two months in office, were missing. The Attorney General’s Office to 41 trustees appropriated for alleged complicity in the escape.

On May 19, 2009 there was another rescue of prisoners in the prison of Cieneguillas, Zacatecas. This time fled 53. The operation was documented in a video that shows the ease with which the Zetas have access to prisons to get their accomplices.

The outside cameras and reception recorded the time in which 10 trucks arrived at the parking services without showing any documents, guards the main access either alerted by radio to his superiors about the arrival of the convoy.

The video shows the entry of a group of gunmen who locked the custodians.Minutes later we see that they run all prisoners. Up to the vans and leave prison.

The then Secretary of Government, Carlos Pinto Nunez told the guards Process facilitated the escape: “The trustees do not resist and left lock … From the beginning we assumed that there was complicity, even were well enclosed, for they could open and close cell “.


Recruiting system


A colonel who heads the operations of “special forces” in the country’s northeast Process described, provided omit their identity, the exponential growth of Los Zetas from the administration of Vicente Fox

At first, he says, the group was consolidated in Nuevo Laredo, where they were sent in 2001 by Osiel Cardenas to defend the place and prevent the killers of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, the Sinaloa Cartel, to settle in the area.

From there it spread rapidly to the main cities of the entity and Nuevo Leon.Began recruiting members among municipal police forces, who were in charge of caring for the narcotienditas “that then reproduced as fungi” he says.

During the Fox administration Zetas-CDG dispute against rival Sinaloa Cartel and other smaller groups caused 10 000 deaths, including police chiefs and uniformed. “At that stage-sets the source-Los Zetas were within reach hundreds of assassins trained in municipal and state police forces.”

He mentions that in some municipalities in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey “cartel” was synonymous with “law enforcement agencies”.

He began purging the police in Nuevo Leon in the town of Garcia, 99% were dismissed, in Escobedo, 90% in Guadeloupe, more than 70%, and in Santa Catarina and Monterrey, more than 60%.

Los Zetas changed their approach and began to recruit hitmen, hawks and stakes between gang thousand marginalized areas. There they found a vein endless “cannon fodder”, but inexperienced in handling firearms, added the colonel.

Besides, he says, organized mass escapes on penalties that control to replace their fallen members.


Criminal Control


The organization Citizens in Support of Human Rights, founded on April 23, 1993 between the Christian base communities of Guadalupe City, Nuevo Leon, worked several years with the inmates in the penal institution.

Its director, Consuelo Morales, tells that the association process left that job because the prisons are controlled by organized crime. Everyone knows, he says, that prison officials working for the CDG and Los Zetas, either by threats or bribes.

Those who are sent inside capos. They control from the drug trade, which is trading at expensive prices, to spaces of the floor to sleep. They have imposed a system of terror to the extent that families of prisoners must pay daily to avoid being hit.

In criminal and Topo Chico Los Zetas get up to 15 million pesos every month for their illegal activities, said the colonel.

The Diocese of Saltillo, represented by Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, also has a performing pastoral work in the prisons, but in recent months his work has been hampered by the mafia.

“We know that the prisons of our region are in the power of organized crime.Nobody we forget what has happened in other prisons where there have been leaks like this “(Monday’s 17 in Piedras Negras), Vera Lopez said local media on Wednesday, 19.

“Prisons have laws and governments themselves, imposed by organized crime, which causes suffering to common criminals. There is no order of legality and justice, much less a state of law in which we can trust, “he said.

To change this situation, he said, honesty is required in the administration of the criminal from the highest levels. He concluded: “It is unfortunate the degree of disorder we have reached and it seems that things could go worse, and you do not see that with the change of regime corruption is going to end.”