Kyrgyz Parliament Under Seige, Again–This Time Over Jobs

[This time the rioting is over jobs at the Kumtor Gold Mine, the 2nd largest gold mine in the world.  Nationalist leaders are trying to force the nationalization of this mine, taking it away from the Canadian company now operating the facility, which didn’t even exist at the time of the dissolution of the USSR.]

Nine injured as hundreds attempt to storm Kyrgyz parliament (PHOTOS)

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Riot police in Bishkek have used stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a demonstration after several hundred protesters attempted to storm the parliament building. Three people of the nine have been shot, Health Ministry reports.

The protesters demand the nationalization of the Kumtor goldmine, the largest in Kyrgyzstan and one of the largest in the world. The mine is operated by a Canadian company.

Between 500 and 2,000 people took part in the protest, according to conflicting reports. The country’s Health Ministry says nine people were injured in the clashes, including two police officers. Several participants have been detained and are already being interrogated, according to police sources.

The Kyrgyz Interior Minister says an operation is currently underway to detain all those responsible for the violence. Bishkek’s mayor has called the protest “an attempt to destabilize the situation.”

Earlier this year the Kyrgyz parliament found that Centerra Gold grossly violates the rules of operating the mine, which accounts for 10 per cent of the country’s GDP, a quarter of its industrial output and one third of its exports. The Canadian company has denied all accusations.

The mine has been plagued by environmental and legal problems ever since it started operating in 1997. This has lately resulted in a slowdown in mining, which in turn led to protest sentiments among local residents demanding jobs. The Kyrgyz parliament has so far been unable to take definite steps.

The protesters, who reportedly returned to Bishkek’s central square following dispersal, demand that parliament decide on the future of the mine or be dissolved.

Is Talal Bugti Heroic Enough To Lead Unified Pakistani Resistance Against State Terrorism?


Talal urges democratic forces to make grand alliance

LAHORE: The Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) chief on Tuesday said all political forces should be united on a one-point agenda of making a grand alliance for free and fair elections in the country.

Talal Bugti, son of late Nawab Akbar Bugti, called on Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hassan in Mansoora, where both leaders discussed the Balochistan issue and the current political situation in the country.

Talal said that the Balochistan issue should be taken seriously and joint efforts should be exerted to resolve problems of the people of Balochistan. He, however, said that peace in Balochistan could only be restored through conferring due rights to people.

He said that democratic people in Balochistan had either been killed or removed to field undemocratic forces. Talal said that mutilated bodies of Baloch youth were being dumped on roads to create panic among those who were voicing against atrocities.

Talal said he was sure that former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf would definitely meet an exemplary fate for undermining Pakistan’s solidarity, the Lal Masjid operation, handing over Dr Aafia Siddiqui to the US and for the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

The Jamhoori Watan Party chief said that the undemocratic forces ruling the country under President Asif Zardari were planning to rig the elections. He hoped that the patriotic parties would join hands in a grand alliance to foil the conspiracies against the country’s ideology, solidarity and integrity failing which the establishment and the undemocratic forces would “play their dirty role” in the elections to maintain status quo.

Talal Bugti also invited the JI chief to visit Balochistan.

The JWP chief also asked media to come to take the lead without any fear in promoting the idea of a great alliance, which was the need of the hour, especially in Balochistan, where mutilated bodies were being found and democratic forces were being killed.

Addressing the joint press conference, JI chief Munawar Hassan said that India was meddling in Balochistan and US intentions were crystal clear. He said, “We all should demonstrate our unity.”

He also urged all political parties to get together on one agenda – for the recovery of the missing persons. Hassan said that the government was harbouring terrorists in the name of reconciliation for the last five years.

He said the government should evolve a consensus among all stakeholders of Balochistan to restore peace in the province.

He said that the accountability of Nawab Akbar Bugti’s killers was a must for foiling unholy US designs in the region. The JI chief saluted Talal’s services for the country’s solidarity and unity. Hassan announced that the JI would soon hold a public meeting at the Minar-e-Pakistan in support of Talal’s agenda for the country’s solidarity and national unity to ensure that his voice became the voice of the nation.

He said further justice must be done to the Baloch to pull them out of a sense of deprivation and for the solution of their problems. He said that the government had intentionally created conditions that promoted terrorism and sectarian hatred in the country, especially in Karachi and Balochistan, adding that it was patronising a gang of criminals trading in target killings and extortion.

JI deputy chiefs Muhammad Aslam Saleemi, Dr Muhammad Kamal, General Secretary Liaqat Baloch and other party leaders were also present on the occasion.

Later, The Jamhoori Watan Party chief also held meeting with Jamiat-e-Ahle-Hadith chief Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer and discussed with him Balochistan situation.

Homeland Security’s Fusion Centers Inefficient Threat To Americans’ Constitutional Rights

Homeland Security’s fusion centers lambasted in Senate report

By Charles S. Clark

The 72 state and local fusion centers that form a centerpiece of the Homeland Security Department’s domestic anti-terrorism strategy produce intelligence “of uneven quality — oftentimes shoddy, rarely timely, [and] sometimes endangering citizens’ civil liberties and Privacy Act protections,” stated a Senate report scheduled for release Wednesday.

Despite spending somewhere between $289 million and $1.4 billion on the centers since 2003, DHS has not kept track of expenditures properly and the facilities have “not produced useful intelligence to support federal counterterrorism efforts,” the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found. An advance copy of the report was provided to Government Executive.

Indeed, the intelligence reports that the centers provided on suspicious behavior at the local level are “occasionally taken from already published public sources and more often than not unrelated to terrorism,” the report said.

The combined majority and minority report, signed by Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said a two-year committee probe Coburn led found that some fusion centers have gone years without a physical presence — such as a planned facility in Philadelphia — and without filing any intelligence reports. “Others have operated for years without having DHS personnel on-site to report counterterrorism information, effectively cutting the centers off from the larger DHS terrorism-related intelligence efforts,” said the report, titled “Federal Support and Involvement in State and Local Fusion Centers.”

“Many of the fusion centers have not made counterterrorism an explicit priority and some have de-emphasized counterterrorism in favor of more traditional public safety and anti-crime work,” the report said. Claims that DHS made “did not always fit the facts and in no case did a fusion center make a clear and unique intelligence contribution that helped apprehend a terrorist or disrupt a plot. Worse, three other incidents examined . . .raised the possibility that some centers have actually hindered or sidetracked federal counterterrorism efforts.” One example cited was the 2011 assassination attempt on former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and bystanders.

The report also faulted DHS for improperly keeping files on citizens, “possibly in violation of the Privacy Act.” And it criticized the department’s two internal assessments of the centers, one in 2010 and the other in 2011, for their secrecy and lack of follow-up on problems identified.

“Much of the blame lies with DHS, which has failed to adequately implement a fusion center program that would produce the results it promised,” the report concluded. “But significant responsibility for these failures also lies with Congress, which has repeatedly chosen to support and praise fusion center efforts, without providing the oversight and direction necessary to make sure those efforts were cost effective and useful.”

The Senate report offered 10 recommendations, among them:

  • Congress should clarify the purpose of federal spending on fusion centers and better track monies;
  • DHS should reform its intelligence reporting between fusion centers and federal agencies;
  • DHS should improve training of intelligence reporters;
  • DHS should better align grants to fusion centers with federal missions;
  • DHS should strengthen its reporting procedures to protect civil liberties; and
  • DHS should keep Congress better informed of problems with the centers.

Homeland Security officials, the report argued, too often inappropriately characterize fusion centers as “successes” and call them the “linchpin” of the U.S. counterterrorism strategy.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, testifying in September 2011 to the Senate panel on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, said, “seventy-two recognized fusion centers serve as focal points for the receipt, analysis, gathering and sharing of threat-related information among the federal government and state, local, tribal, territorial and private sector partners.”

She added, “the intelligence community is able to identify the common threads that can tie a seemingly minor crime to the larger threat picture — an important step that helps us to identify individuals such as the hijackers, many of whom were apprehended by law enforcement for routine traffic violations prior to 9/11.”

Three Simultaneous Car-Bombs Blow Hell Out of Central Aleppo

 three terrorist bombings in the yard Saadallah Jabri in Aleppo resulted in the deaths of 31 and dozens of wounded citizens

Aleppo, (SANA) –

Exploded this morning three car bombs close times terrorists led by suicide bombers in the yard Saadallah Jabri in Aleppo what led to the martyrdom and wounding dozens of people.

An official source said SANA correspondent in Aleppo that the first and second car were detonated by suicide bombers near the Tourist Club Hotel which led to the martyrdom of 31 and wounding dozens of people in addition to causing substantial material damage location of the blasts.

The source stated that coincide with the occurrence of the blasts killed a number of mortar shells fired by terrorists in the middle of the arena and cardamom market and the subsequent entry of three gunmen armed with explosive belts from the northern side of the hotel were wearing clothing Syrian Arab Army has been dealing with them and eliminate them.

The source added that the third car driven by a suicide bomber also exploded in the beauty area Masharqa after shooting guard by the elements present in the place The explosion caused no casualties.















Obama Moves Two Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups Into the Middle of South China Sea Dispute

Big U.S. Fleet Nears Disputed Islands, But What For?

U.S. Navy

Aircraft carriers USS John C. Stennis, front, and USS George Washington sail in formation with an escort vessel during a training exercise in waters near Guam, earlier this month.

TOKYO – It’s probably just a coincidence; no need to worry yet. But the U.S. has quietly assembled a powerful air, land and sea armada not far from where Japan and China are squaring off over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Two Navy aircraft carrier battle groups and a Marine Corps air-ground task force have begun operating in the Western Pacific, within easy reach of the Senkaku Islands. That’s where Japanese and Chinese patrol boats are engaged in an increasingly tense standoff.

Chinese vessels have repeatedly entered territorial waters around the small islands in recent weeks and Coast Guard vessels from Japan and Taiwan fired water cannons at each other last week. The islands are controlled and administered by Japan, but claimed by both China and Taiwan.

No warships have been directly involved in the confrontations, so far. But China has vowed to continue sending patrol vessels into territorial waters and Japan has assembled scores of Coast Guard vessels to “defend” the islands.

The U.S. hasn’t taken sides in the ownership dispute, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for “cooler heads” to prevail. Nonetheless, U.S. officials have stated clearly that the Senkakus fall under the U.S.-Japan security treaty, which would require the U.S. to come to Japan’s aid in case of attack.

Navy officials confirmed Sunday that the USS George Washington carrier strike group has begun operating in the East China Sea, near the disputed islands. The USS John C. Stennis group is only slightly further away in the South China Sea. Each carrier is armed with more than 80 warplanes, and strike groups typically include guided-missile cruisers and destroyers, submarines and supply ships.

In the nearby Philippine Sea, some 2,200 Marines are embarked aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard and two escorts. The Marines are equipped with amphibious assault vehicles, light armored vehicles, artillery, helicopters and Harrier fighter jets.

Carrier groups and Marine task forces often operate alone, so the convergence of the three groups in a relatively small part of the Pacific represents an unusual concentration of firepower. All three are fresh from training exercises in and around Guam. Those exercises included live-fire with missiles and joint beach landings by U.S. Marines and Japanese ground troops.

A spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Command says the training missions and carrier deployments are not necessarily related to the Senkaku tensions.  The islands are called Diaoyu in China, and Tiaoyutai in Taiwan.

“These operations are not tied to any specific event,” said Capt. Darryn James, a spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Command in Honolulu.  “As part of the U.S. commitment to regional security, two of the Navy’s 11 global force carrier strike groups are operating in the Western Pacific to help safeguard stability and peace.”

In truth, the carrier and Marine deployments may have as much to do with the “re-balancing” of U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific region, and with an unrelated crisis in the Middle East, as with the squabble in the East China Sea.

The George Washington battle group and the Marine task force, both based in Japan, were scheduled to conduct separate but overlapping exercises in the Guam region well before the Senkaku dispute heated up. Guam and nearby Tinian Island have been tabbed as a hub for the “re-balancing” of U.S. forces in the region — a hedge against China’s growing military power and ambitions in the region.

The Stennis is being sent from its homeport in Washington state to the Persian Gulf, four months ahead of schedule in response to the escalating crisis over Iran’s nuclear program. The Guam exercises allowed the Stennis to grab a few days of extra training with the George Washington group en route. The Senkakus are situated close to the major sea routes from Pacific to Mideast; it is unclear if the Stennis group is simply passing, by or will remain awhile.

The Marines, meanwhile, were expected to move from Guam to the Philippines for previously scheduled training with the Philippines military.

Navy spokesman James said he could not comment on future ship movements.

Although significant oil and gas deposits may exist within the islands’ territorial waters or exclusive economic zone, the Senkaku dispute has centered largely on old grievances and resurgent nationalism. U.S. officials have privately expressed frustration with the lack of diplomatic progress in resolving the dispute. China placed two-page ads in major U.S. newspapers this weekend, accusing Japan of “stealing” the islands and citing claims that date back hundreds of years.

The Senkakus are located about 100 miles (160 km) northeast of Taiwan and about 200 miles (320 km) east of the Chinese mainland.

While the big U.S. fleet might have been intended as a warning to China not to escalate the islands dispute, it may have been intended to focus Japan’s attention, as well.

Or, it could have been a coincidence.

Godmen and the Sheeple–(rerun)


Godmen and the Sheeple

By:  Peter Chamberlin

The study of the mind and the study of the human brain as a mechanism have merged in the theories of the mind manipulators, men who are determined to change the mind of man (and with it the entire human race), using the knowledge that has been gained.

Has it always been human destiny that mankind would eventually reach a point of intellectual growth where our scientific discoveries could give us the ability to alter our evolutionary path?  Or has the seemingly sudden acquisition of that capability arisen as the result of our leaders tapping into an unnatural alternative stream of knowledge because of a decision made long ago to continue the mind sciences started by Nazi scientists?  Was it inevitable, because of a decision made for our own good, by God in all His wisdom, that the next step in mankind’s evolution be made possible through a science based on torture?

Have we reached a point where the theories of the most evil minds known in all human history are being validated by the very government that originally stopped them?  It is a branch of science that should have been pruned long ago, yet now, we are faced with a seemingly unsolvable dilemma because of it—can a science based on torture really benefit the human race, and should the creators of it even be given the opportunity to apply what they have learned?

Our government has advanced its war-fighting potential into new technological arenas, far beyond the realm of normal combat, using conventional weaponry.   War science has merged the most-advanced computers and computer-modeling with the most advanced studies in theoretical psychology.   Technological means have been created to enable decision-makers to understand the minds of any potential “enemies.”

This technology gives the operators the capability to predict future reactions to planned war scenarios, fairly accurately, through computer simulations.  These simulations were based both on Pavlovian theories of behaviorism and its alternative, the cognitive sciences, which adapted the  reverse-engineering approach to formulating  psychological theory.  The information obtained from the simulations is extrapolated, using algorithm-based input-output theories, to predict what will trigger the desired outcomes for individuals, for thousands, even for millions of people.  The degree of their ability to actually shape the outcome is unknown, but they have managed to alter the behavior of the right people enough to put our Nation and the world in the precarious position we are in today.

Add this ability to sway the minds and actions of people to the powerful persuasion of economic incentives, the power to control the output of the “free press” and to direct all military actions, and you have created a reliable formula for controlling a Nation.  The only thing, at this point, that can possibly stop them, is the disclosure of their aims and methods.

How do we as a still “free people” set about dismantling this illegitimate power to control us?  We must assimilate some of the methods that have been used against us, to anticipate the controllers’ next acts and do everything in our power to disrupt their plans.  We cannot duplicate their awesome technology, but we can join our efforts, creating ways to think exponentially.  I would define “exponential thinking” as ways of studying problems that compound the thinker’s cognitive abilities by the addition of other minds in the tasks presented by these problems, or by the addition of artificial intelligence to the thinking process.  Many minds thinking together, stacking our research efforts like phased-array radars, multiplies the possibilities of finding conclusive proof of criminal conspiracy, or the means for undermining corporate efforts to further the new order.

The last thing we should consider doing is allowing them to succeed, and in so doing, forever alter the human race and the planet in the process.  We know their goals are nothing short of this global human transformation into a race of more manageable sheeple.  In their eyes, as well as in my own, the plotters appear to be elements of a different race entirely, a cruel inhuman one, seemingly alien to the compassionate majority of humanity.

I think that there is near universal opinion among readers of the alternate press that the plan is to establish a “New World Order,” ruling everyone through a process of creating permanent state of limited war.  Without these wars, plans for multiple pipelines cannot go forward.  Without a stranglehold on oil and gas production and the means of their delivery, US leaders cannot limit the growth of other nations.  Whatever it takes, these wars and steps towards their realization, must not be allowed to happen.

There is a large segment of the population that will never believe that such a thing is possible; the United States would never do any of these things.  They believe that the government has all our best interests at heart; that the war of terror is not a fraud.  They believe that it would be a good thing, if the United States actually took control of the world and reshaped the human race into a more productive, more cooperative species.  Their reasoning is based on faith in America, that this Nation is a “shining example” for all mankind.   If our technological advancement has made the wholesale reengineering of the human mind possible, then it must be “destiny,” the “will of God.”

How could torture-based science or world conquest be the “will” of a loving God?  Every advancement in the mind sciences has been the result of the abusive testing of humans and animals.  As a direct result of this work, actual “psychotronic” weapons have been created, ranging from “voice in the head” technology, to electromagnetic weapons that jam, or scramble the thought processes.  What if the Nazis had made the same breakthroughs?  Nobody considered it to be the will of God when they doing this research, what makes it our “Manifest Destiny” now?  The only answer given is the false notion of “American supremacy,” the idea that Americans have been “blessed” by God, that somehow, we are the spiritual heirs of the Biblical Israelites.

This notion, that Americans are modern-day heirs to a “Judeo-Christian” birthright, is such obvious bullshit that it shouldn’t even be part of this discussion, except that it is very clearly a big part of the problem. American “Bible-belt” religion is the central theme of the PSYOP that has been created and directed against us.  The most extremist view, shared by millions, is that all of this is ushering-in the end of the world and the return of the “Messiah.”

It is this belief that has been played-up by the Bush Administration, magnifying the eschatological aspects of Bush’s own strange, though widely accepted beliefs—that we are locked into a struggle between darkness and light, centered upon the battle to preserve the modern state of Israel.  To that end, millions of Christian-Zionists are anxiously waiting for Jesus to come and destroy Israel’s enemies.  This bizarre, religious, Israel-centered ideology became the central theme of American foreign policy.  The same theme holds sway over the Obama Administration today.

The psyop at this stage is centered upon Obama, elevating the man (who has been groomed for this his entire life by the agents of the empire) to the highest possible human position, the role of “Messiah.”  The theme of “Obama the Messiah” has been played-up in every media, accentuating his dual racial and national heritage and portraying him as the great “bridge” between cultures, races and nations.  This theme has been carried to its most absurd extreme in the form of the Nobel Peace Prize, which he was given for reading all the pretty-sounding words that flow across his teleprompter screen.

For the faithful and the deluded, if the Messiah has surely come, then he must be given the benefit of the doubt, in order to carry-out the most well-thought-out plans, which must assuredly be part of God’s plan.  You are beginning to see the perfection of the psyop, how it works its way into the deepest recesses of the mind, way down deep, past the emotions, playing upon the instinctual urges that flow underneath it all.  Behaviorism works this way, looking beyond mere emotions, to discover instinctual reactions that bypass the reasoning process.  In this way, they can create certain behavior, even normally unacceptable behavior, by triggering instinctual reactions, without all the bother of having to explain your actions, or make you understand.

The same mind-science that was used to locate the man who would play the role of “Messiah” was also used to find and marginalize all potential opposition to the psyop, the resisters.  Most of us has grown-up during the sifting stage, where the authorities searched for those of us who were susceptible to either positive or negative programming.  Those affected by positive programming were sorted-out for special treatment, to mold them since childhood to be leaders in the new order.   Those who had a negative effect to attempts to program them were separated to special treatment of the negative kind.  Since childhood, they were steered away from positive reinforcements like education or good jobs, towards lives in the military, or lives of crime.

It is an ugly and messy process that is used to determine who is worthy of being part of their new order and who is not.  It consists of the use of intrusive methods to determine who is susceptible to control and who is not—Who will surrender their free will to a higher authority, allegedly for the common good?   Progressively tighter controls are applied to societies, to find those who will react to control.  In the current era, the “war on terror” is the name applied to the international process for determining which nations and which regions are manageable.  There is a certain mind-set that will never submit to control, for any reason.   Attacking neighborhoods and families with deadly force has a way of forcing some people to take-up arms in self-defense.

This is “the enemy” that the ruling elite is trying to find, so that they can be controlled or eliminated.  From the “tickling” of terrorists with lethal drone attacks in Pakistan, to outrageous acts of the abusive use of force upon helpless citizens here in the homeland, it is the same manhunt underway.  If you react to terror, instead of rolling-over in submission to the terrorizers, then you are a threat to the new order.

The controllers understand that humanity is in a make or break era of our development, where humanity will either make great technological leaps forward, or technology will be used to enslave humanity.  Every available resource is being utilized to ensure that mankind will not find salvation in the new era.

Breakthroughs will bring about a moment of transformation, known as “The Singularity,” the creation of artificial “superintelligence,” commonly referred to as Superior Artificial Intelligence (SAI).  The creation of a self-improving artificial intellect, that is more intelligent the brightest human brain, will open new vistas of solutions to mankind’s self-created problems.  The adaptation of new technologies designed by SAI, based on ideas like the brain-computer interface, will facilitate the merger of man and machine, the next stage in human evolution.

It is anticipated that the superintellect could solve many of the problems associated with human growth, such as extracting hydrogen from water and water desalination.  A hydrogen-based world economy would blow-away all projections of ecological collapse.  The wholesale ability to extract salt from seawater, or water from the atmosphere through condensation techniques, would eliminate water problems and make possible an incremental increase in world food production.  The idea that we are headed to environmental catastrophe because of some mathematician’s alarmist numbers, doesn’t allow for the arising of unanticipated solutions.

But the path are presently on doesn’t allow problems to be solved.  Many of the dire dilemmas we face are the end product of a ruling elite dedicated to establishing mass control.  Allowing these corrupt men to merge their methods with superintelligent computers, will pave the way for total control of all human beings.  Repressive technologies, such as the new generation of electromagnetic weaponry and technological mind-control will be used to the fullest, towards the end to which they were invented.   All the new weapons of mass crowd-control and all the secret holding areas are there for the coming crackdown on all forms of resistance.

We are asked to trust inhuman men to use inhumane means to move the species beyond humanity, before humanity has had a chance to blossom.  It is wrong to say that mankind has tried and failed, when we have never even had the chance.  There has been no possibility of a real human renaissance, or even a glimpse of anything like “utopia” since “man,” the creature left his original home of paradisiacal bliss in “Eden” (wherever that was).

When it is possible for the most ruthless, most devious individuals to control society and to accumulate all wealth unto themselves, so that they can dispense it at their whim, then an unnatural division in the resource supply chain has been created and the natural flow of history has thereby been altered, forcing the creation of unnatural avenues of supply.  This is a description of the system known as “capitalism.”  It is these ruthless individuals who today dominate the movement to transform mankind.  This is why the new world order and everyone promoting it must be opposed at all costs.

The control of the pharmaceutical industry has given them the power to dominate  all research and funding, allowing them to focus all research only on the that which offers them the most profits and the potential for prolonging and improving their own lives, leaving little else to study humane evolution.

The breakthroughs that are made are too expensive for anyone but the most well endowed.  More research is done in the field of control as opposed to that which is purely for life enhancements for the broad majority.  The control transformists know that the levels of technological controls they envision are too expensive to be used for all human beings, at least at present and projected population levels, explaining their emphasis on reducing the population to a number that can be electromagnetically and chemically controlled economically.

These extreme changes to the human race must be rendered before the time of the Singularity arrives and mankind learns how to overcome the plans and devices used by the controllers.  For a brief moment in time the human race is openly vulnerable to a total loss of control to men who lust after total control.

The human race will either develop its technology for service, or for control.  The outcome of this debate will determine the direction of everything that comes after us.  Either we control our technology, or it will be used to control us.  When superintelligence does arrive, will it consider itself mankind’s servant or its master, following the programs for control (or lack thereof) set by decisions made today.   Will we adapt technology to enhancing the human experience and human capabilities, or will we continue to passively watch, as a new technological order is created that adapts human life to serving technology?  It is no longer far fetched to think in this manner.

According to the ideas of “transhumanism,” the human race is a transient, temporary species, meant to fill-in some of the gaps in the evolutionary chain, between the Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon hybrid known as “human” and whatever comes next.  According to the transhumanists,

Are we to be sad at the thought of the passing of mankind, with all his weaknesses and defections?  Or is the proper reaction to take joy that our species is evolving into something different, perhaps better?  Who is to say what is proper or better for us all?  Certainly not the men who have taken it upon themselves to decide all our fates.

Attackers of US Diplomatic Vehicle Near Mexico City Knew That They Were Hitting the CIA

[(SEE:  Mexican official: CIA ‘manages’ drug trade )  This sounds like rival drug gangs trying to eliminate the Sinaloa Cartel’s ace in the hole, their exclusive relationship with American officials, which gave Sinaloa practical immunity in exchange for informing on everyone else (SEE:  Fighting “Simulated Wars” Nearly Always Leads To Real Wars).]

AP Exclusive: US car was targeted in Mexico ambush

E. EDUARDO CASTILLO, Associated Press 

FILE – In this Aug. 24, 2012. file photo, an armored U.S. embassy vehicle is checked by military personal after it was attacked by unknown assailants on the highway leading to the city of Cuernavaca, near Tres Marias, Mexico. A senior U.S. official says there is strong circumstantial evidence that Mexican federal police who fired on a U.S. embassy vehicle, wounding two CIA agents, were working for organized crime on a targeted assassination attempt.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A senior U.S. official says there is strong circumstantial evidence that Mexican federal police who fired on a U.S. Embassy vehicle, wounding two CIA officers, were working for organized crime in a targeted assassination attempt.

Meanwhile, a Mexican official with knowledge of the case confirmed on Tuesday that prosecutors are investigating whether the Beltran Leyva Cartel was behind the Aug. 24 ambush.

The Mexican official said that is among several lines of investigation into the shooting of an armored SUV that was clearly marked with diplomatic license plates on a rural road near Cuernavaca south of Mexico City. Federal police, at times battered by allegations of infiltration and corruption by drug cartels, have said the shooting was a case of mistaken identity as officers were looking into the kidnapping of a government employee in that area.

“That’s not a ‘We’re trying to shake down a couple people for a traffic violation sort of operation. That’s a ‘We are specifically trying to kill the people in this vehicle’,” a U.S. official familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press. “This is not a ‘Whoops, we got the wrong people.’ ”

Photos of the gray Toyota SUV, a model known to be used by Drug Enforcement Administration agents and other U.S. Embassy employees working in Mexico, showed it riddled with heavy gunfire. The U.S. Embassy called the attack an “ambush.”

When asked by the AP if the Mexican federal police officers involved in the shooting were tied to organized crime, the U.S. official said, “The circumstantial evidence is pretty damn strong.”

Both the U.S. and Mexican officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the diplomatic issue.

A federal police on Tuesday maintained the position that their agents fired on the vehicle by mistake, thinking it belonged to a band of kidnappers they were pursuing, according to a spokesman who was not authorized to speak on the record.

The U.S. State Department declined to discuss details.

“We will not comment on an ongoing investigation,” said William Ostick, a spokesman. “This is a matter of great significance to both our countries and we will continue to cooperate with Mexican authorities in their investigation.”

The Mexican official said one line of investigation is that members of the Beltran Leyva Cartel were interested in attacking the people in the car because some of their lookouts had seen them passing through the area and presumed they were investigating the cartel. It’s possible they didn’t know they were Americans.

The rural road near Cuernavaca where the attack took place is known territory of the remnants of the Beltran Leyvas, a once-powerful cartel now run by Hector Beltran Leyva since the Navy killed his brother, drug lord Arturo Beltran Leyva, in Cuernavaca in late 2009. Beltran Leyva was once aligned with Mexico’s powerful cartel, Sinaloa, headed by fugitive drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. But the groups split in 2008 and continued government hits on Beltran Leyva leadership since then have splintered that cartel into small gangs warring for the area.

The CIA officers were heading down a dirt road to the military installation with a Mexican navy captain in the vehicle when a carload of gunmen opened fire and gave chase. The embassy SUV tried to escape, but three other cars joined the original vehicle in pursuing it down the road, according to the original navy statement. Occupants of all four vehicles fired.

“This is somebody with a powerful automatic weapon just unloading an entire clip, reloading, and continuing to fire at that same impact point, clearly with the intention of penetrating the armor and presumably killing those who are inside,” the U.S. official told the AP.

Surveillance cameras in the area recorded two civilian vehicles chasing the U.S. Embassy SUV, the Mexican official said. So far Mexican officials have said only federal police fired on the SUV.

The two CIA officers received non-life-threatening wounds and have returned to the United States. The navy captain was uninjured and radioed the navy for help.

Twelve officers have been detained in the case and are being held under a form of house arrest pending possible charges, and 51 officers have testified in the case. The FBI, which is leading the investigation for the U.S., has been in on interviews of the detainees. At FBI headquarters in Washington, spokesman Paul Bresson declined to comment.

A Mexican federal police spokesman said last month that the officers may not have noticed the diplomatic plates. The official said police focused on the unusual sight of a bulletproof sport utility vehicle traveling at high speed on a rural road, not on the car’s distinctive diplomatic plates.

But Raul Benitez, a security expert at Mexico’s National Autonomous University, said Mexican military sources have told him that “the attack was not an error,” and “the objective was to annihilate the three passengers in the car.”

“The same car with the same people had been going up and back (to the marine training camp) for a week, so perhaps some lookout who worked for drug traffickers informed the police, or the Beltrans” about the vehicle, Benitez said.

He said the federal police must have known that they were attacking a diplomatic vehicle.

“I don’t think we’re yet in a position to say definitively who did it, who paid them and why they did it,” the U.S. official said. “We have been assured repeatedly in private and in public that the government of Mexico will investigate this to the end and provide a final answer as to what occurred, and I think our posture at this stage is we take them at their word.”

Mexico’s federal police agency, which President Felipe Calderon calls the most professional and highly trained of the country’s law enforcement, has been hit with allegations of wrongdoing in recent months. In August, all 348 officers assigned to security details at the Mexico City International Airport were replaced in the wake of a June shooting of three federal policemen, who were killed by a fellow officer believed to be involved in trafficking drugs through the terminal.

Ten federal police officers were arrested in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez in 2011, accused of running an extortion ring.

Attacks on diplomatic personnel in Mexico were once considered rare, but the CIA attack was the third shooting incident in two years.

In 2011, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was killed and another wounded in a drug gang shooting in northern Mexico.

A drug-gang shooting in 2010 in the border city of Ciudad Juarez killed a U.S. consulate employee, her husband and another man.

That could be the result of the break-up of larger cartels, said Andrew Selee of the Washington-based Mexico Institute, noting that historically drug traffickers didn’t want the attention that a hit on U.S. personnel normally brings.

“The lower level leaders in the cartels are making decisions the more seasoned leaders wouldn’t,” he said. “It’s the lower level leaders who feel empowered to order hits.”


Associated Press writers Mark Stevenson in Mexico City and Elliot Spagat in San Diego contributed to this report