Kazan Averts Terror Attack, Lands Suspects In Mufti Faizov Bombing and Valiulla Yakupov Assassination

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In Kazan managed to prevent major terrorist attack during the Eid al-Adha

Consequence joined the criminal cases of the destruction of the two terrorists in Kazan and attempted mufti of Tatarstan, said today the Investigation Committee (IC). Explosions in the capital of Tatarstan, on a plan of terrorists, the Radio Echo of Moscow , had thunder this Friday.

On this day, Muslims celebrate one of the most important religious holidays, the streets and the mosques would leave tens of thousands of believers.

The apartment from the rebels found an improvised explosive device with shrapnel, weapons and ammunition. The very special operation to detain suspects in the attack on the clergy of the Republic was held yesterday afternoon. Militants blockaded in their apartment in the five-storey building.

Other residents had to evacuate. Attackers have decided not to surrender and opened fire. One of them was shot dead and another detonated a suicide bomber’s belt and took the life of Riot. It later emerged that one of the killed person blew mufti of Tatarstan IldusaFayzova car and shot the deputy Waliullah Yakupov.

What’s attacks were not chosen by chance – Faizi and Yakupov supporters were stiff fight against Wahhabism and consistently advocated the prohibition of this ideology throughout Russia, seeing it as a real threat to traditional Islam, said Itar-Tass .

According to RIA Novosti , the day before investigators blocked the criminals in a house on the street chemist. Two bandits were killed, but no there were no casualties on the part of security forces – was killed FSB. Liquidated criminals, according to the UK, is wanted in the case of the attack on the mufti of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Tatarstan and the killing of his senior colleague Waliullah Yakupov.

“During the counter-terrorist operation died heroically at the Center for Russian FSB Special, cover your body gunman led into action was with him an explosive device.This act of the employee has saved the rest of the participants in the operation, and is also in close proximity to civilians, “- said in a statement of the press service of the FSB, said NEWSru.com . Will was awarded the victim, not yet reported.

“Information was received to prepare team members on October 26 this year a large-scale terrorist attack in crowded places, during the celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid al Adha “- note the FSB. Previously, a number of experts like to observe that Valeev and Kashapov act not of his radical religious beliefs, but simply criminal plan “dispute” that a holiday should touch up of law enforcement officers on the false conclusions.