Series of Bombs Target Only Foreign Workers In Bahrain, Suggesting “False Flag” Attacks

[(SEE:  Bahrain’s Turn To Explode–Five Bombs Detonated In Manama)  Two of the victims (one of the dead) were Indian workers and a third victim (the second fatality) was Bangladeshi.  If this had been the work of the Bahrain opposition, then they would have targeted either Saudi or Bahraini troops or policemen, or government facilities.  The opposition blamed the blasts on Police or Military in the following report.  The bombs were meant to justify full-scale war upon the Shia opposition forces for failing to submit to Saudi domination.]

Two street cleaners were killed and a third man critically wounded in bomb explosions in Bahrain on Monday, reports said.

Reports quoting the police chief of the capital Manama said home-made explosives exploded when the street cleaners kicked it unknowingly.

He said five bombs exploded in Qudaibiya and Adliya areas in Manama early this morning.

He termed the blasts as “acts of terrorism,” an official usage for attacks by opposition activists, while the Opposition blamed it on “police or military.”

The attack comes days after the Interior Ministry banned all rallies and opposition gatherings to ensure public safety.

The police urged all Bahraini citizens and residents to avoid if they find any suspicious objects and to report the same to police.

The victims are foreigners, whose nationalities are not known.

According to the latest census, half of the Bahraini population are foreign nationals, dominated by Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

by RTT Staff Writer

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