Arab “Leaders” Reveal Their True Zionist Loyalties In Deadly Gazan “Soap Opera” (Psyop)

[The Palestinians are the sacrificial lamb of the Arab world, to be slain on the altar of appeasement, sacrificed to the god of Fascist Israel, all in the grand Abrahamic tradition.  If the new “Islamist” leader of Egypt was a really good Muslim, he would throw open the Rafah gates, enabling the arming of Hamas on the same scale that Erdogan has funneled to the Syrian terrorists.  The Arab royals are hypocrites, unequaled in the natural order.  Qatar and the Saudis are not scurrying around, maneuvering themselves in between Hamas and the IDF in order trying to prevent a regional war (because a region-wide war is their goal in arming the Syrian terrorists), it is to protect their own interests.  It is not in their interests to prevent harm from coming to the Palestinians, because they obviously don’t give a damn how many Palestinians die.   To the contrary, it is clearly in their interests to do everything in their power to help the Zionists in the US and Israel to create their “Greater Middle East.”   The Pig of Qatar and the Great Pretenders of Riyadh are only concerned with protecting their partnership with the Israelis and the secret deals they have made with the US.  The Arab Zionists have done their parts to carefully set-up this latest Israeli psyop, in order to sway world opinion in favor of their new puppet, the “peacemaker” from Egypt, and to win popular sympathies for the Fascism of Netanyahu and for “Israel defending itself.”   After all, this latest round of violence was started by Netanyahu whenever Obama and Pentagon leaders publicly refuted the idea that bombing Iran was “defending Israel” back on September 2 (SEE: Tel Aviv Shocked To See Top General Unload Zionist Baggage).  Exactly three days later,  this latest round of hostilities began with an Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip, killing three men alleged to be “militants” preparing to fire a “Qassam” rocket (SEE: Qassams Are Road Flares ).  Everything that followed was just retaliation and counter-retaliation, set into motion by an IDF airstrike in Gaza, NOT by Palestinian water pipe flung across the Israeli border.  The Qatari Pig visited Gaza on oct 23, followed by Bahraini prince Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa on Oct 30, to set-up this latest escalation with the Zionist-friendly Hamas government, in order to avoid future mistakes at over-escalation, which would thus render all conflict management plans moot.  Hamas is a traitor government, as are the Saudi, Qatari and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood regimes.]

New Arab Leaders Scramble to Contain Gaza Conflict


After another night of rocket attacks into Gaza by Israel, WSJ’s Matt Bradley reports Saturday, November 17th, from the destroyed Hamas cabinet office and the Palestine Sports Club in the Gaza Strip. Via WSJ’s #WorldStream.

The Middle East’s emerging political forces mobilized in Cairo and in Gaza on Saturday to press for an end to the escalating conflict between Hamas and Israel.

In Gaza, hostilities continued, with Israeli airstrikes pounding the coastal strip for a fourth straight day and Palestinian militants firing dozens of rockets at Israel, including another two aimed at Tel Aviv. The toll reached 40 Palestinians dead and 345 wounded, and three Israelis dead.

There were hints that the pace of combat operations could be slowing, perhaps as a result of the Cairo-led efforts to mediate a cease-fire. In Gaza, the ferocity and number of airstrikes seemed to dip. Hamas said government institutions in Gaza would resume regular work hours on Sunday, a surprising decision given that Israel has targeted some government offices in the past 24 hours.