Syrian Terrorists Lose All Internet

Nationwide Internet blackout in Syria

(AP) – 10 minutes ago

BEIRUT (AP) — Two US-based Internet-monitoring companies say Syria has shut off the Internet nationwide.

Activists in Syria reached Thursday by satellite telephone confirmed the unprecedented blackout, which comes amid intense fighting in the capital, Damascus.

Renesys, a U.S.-based network security firm that studies Internet disruptions, says Syria effectively disappeared from the Internet at 12:26 p.m. local time.

Akamai Technologies Inc., another U.S-based company that distributes content on the Internet, also confirmed a complete outage for Syria.

Syria has partially cut Internet connections during the 20-month uprising assault [edit] against President Bashar Assad but a nationwide shutdown is unprecedented.

Another Alleged Suicide Attack Upon Wana’s Ghost, Mullah Nazir

[Nazir has probably survived more American attempts upon his life than any other Pakistani militant (SEE: ‘Maulvi Nazir’ among 17 killed in Taliban infighting).]

Mullah Nazir injured in Wana suicide blast

PESHAWAR: Taliban leader Mullah Nazir was injured in a suicide attack in the South Waziristan tribal region’s Wana area on Thursday, his spokesman Amir Nawaz told

Nazir was injured as a suicide bomber carrying explosives in a hand-cart struck a vehicle carrying members his group in Wana’s Rustam Bazaar.

Nazir, who was not in the vehicle at the time but was in the area, was slightly injured in his right leg, his spokesman said.

Moreover, five people were killed and eight others were injured in the blast that struck the vehicle.

Three vehicles and eight shops were also destroyed in the attack that appeared to have been an attempt of Nazir’s life.

The bomber was between 10 to 15 years of age, local administration officials told

Nazir is a pro-government and anti-US Taliban commander who has repeatedly been targeted by US drones.

While at odds with the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Nazir is accused of harbouring militants who stage attacks across the border on coalition troops in Afghanistan.

Nazir is also said to have been instrumental in defeating Uzbek fighters in the Ahmedzai Wazir area of South Waziristan.

Latest Malta Murder Again At St Paul’s Bay–Hungarian Woman Stabbed 40 Times

[On the Google Map below, nearly every pin represents a murder or unsolved death on the Island of Malta.  Beginning with the Aug. 23, 2010 unsolved murder of Russian strategic analyst, Alexander Pikayev, then spreading outward from there, there have been multiple unsolved deaths (mostly stabbings) on Malta’s north shore (SEE:  The Obscenity of Humanitarian Warfare).  Most, or many of these murders have involved excessive multiple stabbings, or other bizarre behavior (dozens of bites on the victim).  One bizarre similar incident occurred when 18 year old Hungarian girl, Agnes Revesz, allegedly disappeared in the same area in July, only to be reported as found and refusing to leave the older Hungarian man that she had taken up with.  Could be that he is the same guy doing all of them and finally found a “keeper,” with this latest teenage cutie.]

 Yvette Gajda

St Paul’s Bay murder – woman suffered 40 blows

Children in apartment as argument raged

A woman who was found dead in an apartment in St Paul’s Bay appears to have suffered some 40 stab wounds.

The grim discovery was made late in the morning on Tuesday in Triq Efesu. Her long-time partner suffered nine blows. Both are Hungarian.

According to initial reports, Yvette Gajda, 38  was stabbed with a pair of scissors and died on the spot.

The man’s condition was described as critical.

The woman, 38, was the mother of two girls, aged 17 and five, who were in the apartment at the time of the stabbing along with another Hungarian woman. The man is the younger child’s father.

Neighbours said they had heard the couple quarrelling between 9 and 10am. The police were informed at 11.15am and immediately went to the couple’s apartment.

Magistrate Edwina Grima is holding an inquiry. Policemen from the forensics unit are examining the apartment and collecting evidence.