Is Rehman Malik A Professional Liar, Or Just A Moron?–Motorcycles Have Always Been the Taliban’s Terror Transport

[Bombs on motorcycles, machine-gun attacks from moving motorcycles, and plain old mountain-biking, the motorcycle has long been a staple of Taliban transportation, along with Japanese and Korean trucks.  Nearly every anti-Shia attack in Balochistan involves motorcycle-riding terrorists.  For Malik to pretend to suddenly have noted a new trend in terror attacks is in keeping with his reputation as another soulless camera-face, whose only purpose is spouting Establishment lies.  He had an Iraqi counterpart, known affectionately as “Baghdad Bob.”  His job was to feed the press disinformation, too.  The truth about Taliban and their history with motorcycles is given in this one sentence:


“On 25 April, 2007, ISI sent 1000 motorcycles to Mawlawi Jalaludin Haqqani for suicide attacks in Khowst and Lowgar Province.” ]

Motorcycles and mobile phones becoming tools for terrorists: Malik



Interior Minister Rehman Malik. – File Photo

LAHORE: Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Sunday that all the mobile phone companies are bound to adopt a biometric data system within three months in order to sell cellphone SIMs in the country.

No mobile phone SIM will be sold by any unconcerned person or at shops in future, he said adding that a law would shortly be introduced in this regard.

Talking to the media in Okara, Punjab on Sunday, Malik said that motorcycles and mobile phones have become tools for the terrorists and that’s why the government has been imposing bans on them for a while to ensure the safety of people.

To a question, Malik said carrying out operation against banned outfits in Punjab is the responsibility of the provincial government and the federal government was prepared to extend cooperation if the provincial government decided to do so.

To another question, the minister said that Karachi is the financial hub of the country and cannot be left at the mercy of miscreants. The government is serious in maintaining peace in Karachi and the Army could be called in too if needed.

He said Quetta and Karachi are being targeted by the miscreants as both cities have a big role in the economy of Pakistan.