Iran to sue U.S. for violating the airspace of the Republic

Iran captured a US ScanEagle drone

Iran to sue U.S. for violating the airspace of the Republic

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Iran will bring an international court action against the United States for violation of the airspace of the Islamic Republic, reports Interfax referring to the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi.

According to him, “the evidence against the U.S. in the international courts will serve the American UAV ScanEagle, which flew into Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf.” Iran said an official protest over the actions of the U.S. and said that he would protect its borders with all possible means.

“We told the Americans that, in accordance with international conventions, we will not allow them to violate our borders, but they do not listen. Of course, we said to the Americans in the past, but they said that did not fly on our territory. This drone, we use as evidence in the investigation of the U.S. invasion of the relevant international organizations “, – said Salehi.

On the interception of Iranian airspace over the Gulf ScanEagle UAV command of the Revolutionary Guards announced on December 4. According to ITAR-TASS , the security of Iran drone extracted data, which, according to them, performed reconnaissance missions.

However, the U.S. immediately denied the information about the capture of an American drone, saying that the country’s navy has not recently lost drones in the Middle East. “Our operations in the Persian Gulf are conducted only in international waters and international airspace”, – assured the representative of the United States Navy Central Command in Bahrain.

According to RIA Novosti , Tehran offered Washington carefully count their drones.

“Sooner or later, Americans will have to confirm that it is their plane. In the meantime, we offer the U.S. more closely to count their drones, “- said the representative of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Public Relations General Ramadan Sharif interview satellite channel” Al-Alam “. He added that the intercepted device type ScanEagle for a few days on a mission to gather information on Iran.

The last incident of violation of Iranian airspace, took place on 1 November 2012. Then an American drone MQ-1 Predator was attacked by two Iranian aircraft. The U.S. side stated that the drone was in international airspace.

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