“IRREGULAR WARFARE”–the US Govt. Document Which Links the Pentagon To Terrorism


“Irregular Warfare”–Air Force Doctrine Document 2-3

1 August 2007

Unconventional warfare (UW)—

It includes, but is not limited to, guerrilla warfare, subversion,
sabotage, intelligence activities, and unconventional assisted recovery. (JP 1-
02, Department of Defense [DOD] Dictionary of Military and Associated

Irregular warfare (IW)—

IW… seeks to
undermine a group, government, or ideology by influencing the population, which
is often the center of gravity.

It includes, but is not limited
to, activities such as insurgency, counterinsurgency (COIN), terrorism, and


Support to Insurgencies
Various US government organizations are postured to recruit, organize,
train, and advise indigenous guerrilla or partisan forces. These operations
usually consist of supplying equipment, training, and advisory assistance to nonstate
actors. They may also involve US direct-action operations supporting specific campaign goals.