Dr Imran Farooq murder: Scotland Yard raid offices in London–(UPDATED)

[The following report opens a major can of Pakistani worms, working on many levels to demonstrate the tentacles of the Pakistani police state.  The most glaring piece of evidence tying Pakistanis to specific acts of  international terrorism is the hand of Pakistani terror boss Altaf Hussain in the murder one of his former associates Imran Farooq.  The second most glaring piece of evidence that Pakistan remains a military police state is the fact that the story below never dares to mention Hussain or MQM in the report on the Scotland Yard raid in the case reported below.  Evidently, the Pak Tribune is a puppet of the Pakistani state and the site’s parent corporation, the NY Times.  Following that ugly bit, we come to the brutal murder of the editor of the London Post in Lahore, allegedly for his report that Altaf Hussain was fleeing to S. Africa to escape Scotland Yard prosecution for the brutal knife-slaying of Dr. Farooq (SEE:  Pak Journalist Brutally Murdered–Possible Link To Recent Expose On MQM Leader Altaf Hussain.  

Murder of Pakistani Journalist Faisal Qureshi 

 Over  the years, MQM has demonstrated repeatedly that it is a terrorist organization that is tied to Pakistan’s ISI.  Now we find the missing link to implicate MQM as a secret British/American intelligence-gathering organization, spying on Pakistanis and Afghanis for the Empire.   After the 9/11 terror attacks, Hussain offered the service of his organization to Tony Blair, to serve as a British/American spy network in Pakistan and Afghanistan (SEE PHOTOCOPY OF THE LETTER AT BOTTOM OF THIS REPORT).  The address given on that letter 70 Colindale Ave., London NW #5 E.S., within one-quarter mile of the MQM offices at 54-58 High Street, Edgware, which was raided today.]  

alta to tony offer

(UPDATE–From the building evidence being unearthed and reviewed for this article on the MQM and Altaf Hussain’s place in Pakistan’s terror market, the ISI and CIA intrigues are starting to unravel.

From Wikipedia:

“After the fragmenting and decline of the MQM, Sunni Tehreek arose as the primary opposition to the Deobandi Banuri Mosque, headed by Nizamuddin Shamzai. The Sunni Tehreek strongly opposed the giving of important religious posts to Deobandis. Its branch in Lahore publicly declared its opposition to the appointment of a Deobandi cleric as khateeb of Badshahi Mosque, and other similar appointments.[3]

The copy of the Altaf to Tony Blair love letter is assumed to be legitimate because it has helped to corroborate my own 2009 research on the Taliban and anti-Taliban forces of Pakistan.  In addition, my most extensive research into the MQM phenomenon for Waging War Upon Ourselves (Oct. 31, 2009) leads to similar conclusions to those expressed in the letter.  Hussain recently tried to capitalize on the Taliban attempted murder of young Malala,  called for his followers to collect names and make lists of muftis and ulemas which spoke against the young activist, performing similar services as those offered to Tony Blair.

“The Sunni Tehreek has decided to activate itself against Talibanisation in the country. A national consensus against terrorism is emerging across the country”. The Sunni Tehreek, of course, is an aggressive version of the Barelvi faith that has emerged in Karachi in the face of Deobandi-Ahle Hadith dominance in the mega-city and is now actively seeking cooperation from Barelvi organisations in the rest of the country to face up to the armed madrassa followers.”

This is the introduction of an anti-Taliban current in FATA and throughout the country, intended to affect the Sunni Tehreek movement and wayward Berelvis, convincing them to join the anti-Islamist network.  Musharraf would not take this CIA insult lightly and he activated his MQM-H minions to launch a terror wave against the Berelvis and the Sunni Tehreek in particular.  This inter-agency spy war milked both components of the divided MQM organization, Musharraf to recruit new Taliban fundamentalists, and Altaf to recruit for the anti-Islamist forces.  The following leaflet taken from the MQM archives tells of one operation intended to scare the MQM activists and the Ahmadis in particular, into jumping onto the American/British ship, which leads to the “new Raj.”

The fear campaign had begun.  MQM agitators began recruiting for a “Sunni Tehreek,” to take the war to Pashtun militants.  An open deal with Musharraf was struck, which effectively closed-down a previous ISI-created anti-MQM faction, the MQM-Haqaqi, begun to undermine Altaf Hussain’s group, the MQM-H, the most violent of all the mohajir factions.   It was driven underground and group leader Amir Khan was arrested (June 29), effectively making thousands of potential recruits available from his organization for ISI missions.

On May 22, Ahmadi leaders met in Ranpur to make plans for dealing with the threat from the mullahs.”  

Taken from Waging War Upon Ourselves, Oct. 31, 2009:  

“In Karachi, Musharraf agitated the MQM supporters of Altaf Hussein.  A fake “ultimatum,” allegedly from an unknown militant group, was issued around Peshawar, threatening to wipe-out all Ahmadis who refused to either convert or leave Pakistan. 

A formal Threat and Ultimatum in Peshawar
Peshawar, NWFP: Fundamentalist organizations in NWFP like Dawat
Tehrir, Hizbullah and Jaish Muhammad have distributed threatening letters to Ahmadis
making specific demands and giving date and time by which these are to be met – or face
dire consequences. Translation of excerpts from one such letter to Mr. Saleem Ahmad
and his family, is produced below:
“Whereas the Organization for the Protection of Finality of Prophethood has approved a
resolution as a result of changing circumstances and the aggression of Jews and
Christians against suppressed Muslims, its summery is given below:
O proud sons of Islam,
In view of, (1) Muslims’ situation in Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia and Iraq, (2)
Various actions against Jihdi establishment:
Ahmadis, who are agents of the U.S. and U.K., the enemies of Islam, are insensitive
to the honour of Muslims;
O eagles of Islam,
Finish off permanently these Qadiani traitors, insolents and infidels from this land.
These are your and Islam’s enemies……………
THEREFORE, District Amirs are urged to present an ultimatum to all the Qadianis
in their district that (1) All those who recant and bow down will be forgiven, (2) Declare
Jihad against those who refuse to comply, (3) Set their houses on fire, as these are the
ones who are enemies of Islam and the country.
Accordingly, you are warned to:
1. Within one day, declare Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani a false claimant, and become a
2. Leave this country within one day.
3. Spare and dedicate your son Haris for service to Islam. He will have to volunteer
for suicidal attack in the service to Islam and Mujahideen,
4. Pay the Jizya Tax at the prescribed rate within one day for support to the
OTHERWISE We are duty-bound to kill you.
Name : Saleem Ahmad S/o Sharif Ahmad. A/C Nr: 3215
Name : Khalida Saleem W/o Saleem Ahmad A/C Nr: 2158
Haris Ahmad S/o – W/o………… A/C Nr: 2508
Fatima S/o – W/o………… A/C Nr: 4325
From: Dawat Tehrir
With thanks to: Jaish Muhammad NWFP
Callers to well-being: Imamia Jamaat NWFP
Expiry time and date: 5.00 p.m. on 2 May 2003

Dr Imran Farooq murder: Scotland Yard raid offices in London

Published: December 7, 2012

Police questioned those present in the office and also reportedly confiscated some records. PHOTO: FILE

LONDON: The Scotland Yard on Monday raided offices located on Edgware road in London on Thursday in connection with the murder of Dr Imran Farooq, Express Newsreported.

Express News correspondent Naseem Siddiqui said that the London Metropolitan police raided an office on Thursday morning. Officials questioned those present in the office and also reportedly confiscated some records.

No one was arrested though.

Earlier in September, the police hinted that slain high-profile Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader, Dr Imran Farooq’s wish to actively participate in politics by pursuing his political career independently might have led to his murder.

The Metropolitan Police, also known as Scotland Yard, said that he was killed because his murderers did not want him to do so.

Appealing for an investigation, the Metropolitan police also announced a £20,000 reward for providing any information linked to his assassination.

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altaf to tony 2

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Pak Army Once Again Spreading Lies About Non-Existent “Taliban Split”

[(SEE:  Pak. Army Slowly Building New “Pakistani Taliban” Cover Story)  This Pakistani Army scam has been used repeatedly with all of the militant/terrorist groups which they have recruited and trained over the years, beginning with the notorious Sipah e-Sahaba, which supposedly split and spawned the new and allegedly unconnected Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.  Sipah/Jhangvi later became known as Punjabi Taliban, the source of most of the Pakistani Taliban leadership.  This imaginary terrorist-splitting process is a type of psychological warfare, which serves to take the heat off of terror groups which have proven to be too successful, while promoting the false notion that the Pak authorities are actually persecuting homegrown terrorist outfits.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This tactic throws-off researchers, analysts and other investigators who manage to get too close to the truth about specific terror groups and almost obtain hard proof that Pakistan is a terrorist State, which has produced most of the terrorists in the world.  In truth, this is an American corporate strategy which has been used for decades to hide US corporate and government criminality from ongoing investigations.  It is impossible to know just how many investigations have ended in dead-ends because of these simple name changes.  When a criminal enterprise supposedly ends its existence and adopts a new unsullied, virgin name, they have no history tied to a name, leaving researchers with only cold leads.  What we are witnessing in Pakistan in this latest deception is the redirection of the Pak Taliban to its original purpose of providing support and rear bases to the majority Afghan Taliban of the ISI and Mullah Omar.  Waliur Rehman may or may not lead this redirected force, but the British and Pakistani presses will do everything in their power to convince us that he has really replaced the brutal criminal Hakeemullah.  Nothing about the war on terror is true.  That is the nature of the psywar.]

Pakistani officials promoting false split in Taliban leadership cadres, again

Long war journal



Hakeemullah Mehsud [center right] as he organized the attack on a prison in Bannu.

For some reason, Reuters seems to want to perpetuate the myth that Hakeemullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman Mehsud, the top two leaders of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, are “at each other’s throats,” a claim that Waliur Rehman himself has denied. Back in January, I debunked the claims, and the long-awaited clash between the two never materialized. You can read about that here.

Eleven months later, Reuters pretty much writes the same story. This time, unnamed Pakistani military sources are making the claims. But in the process of making the case for the split between the two leaders, the Pakistani officials tell an easily demonstrable lie. And “lie” isn’t a term I use easily around here, but in this case, it applies.

While making the case that Hakeemullah is no longer in charge of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’s operations, Pakistani officials told Reuters the following:

Intelligence officials said Mehsud had not commanded any recent operations, including an August 16 attack on the Minhas Airbase in Pakistan and a suicide attack on a street market in May that killed 24 people.Military sources said Rehman planned the April 15 jail break in Bannu in Pakistan that freed 384 prisoners, including an estimated 200 Taliban members and an al Qaeda-linked militant who had attempted to assassinate former president Pervez Musharraf.

Now, the officials aren’t clear how they know Hakeemullah wasn’t involved in the Minhas suicide assault; it does fit the profile of other attacks he directed.

But the real kicker is the Bannu prison break. We know for a fact that Hakeemullah was involved. How do we know? The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan released a videotape of the operations, in which both Waliur Rehman and Hakeemullah appeared. And guess what? Hakeemullah himself appears on the videotape where the Taliban are staging to conduct the attack. You can see him there, and you can see his men surrounding him. So we know for certain that Hakeemullah was indeed directly involved in the Bannu prison break. The Pakistani officials who tracked the Bannu prison break would also know this.

Pakistani officials have been promoting a split between Hakeemullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman Mehsud for years, beginning with the fake battle at the shura to succeed Bailtullah Mehsud, the emir of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan who was killed in an August 2009 drone strike. The battle never happened, yet Pakistani officials insist to this day that it did. We’ve covered this, and other such nonsense, extensively at The Long War Journal.

Dare I say that Pakistani officials are using Reuters and other news agencies as part of a not-so-sophisticated information operation designed to split the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’s top leadership? It is high time that news organizations see through this patently obvious nonsense.


Hillary’s Big Mouth and Even Bigger Ego Torpedo Russian Talks Before They Begin

Crazy Hillary

Clinton fears efforts to ‘re-Sovietize’ in Europe

seattletime times

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Thursday about a new effort by oppressive governments to “re-Sovietize” much of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, taking particular aim at Russia for its crackdown on democracy and human rights groups just hours ahead of critical talks with that country’s foreign minister.


Associated Press



U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Thursday about a new effort by oppressive governments to “re-Sovietize” much of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, taking particular aim at Russia for its crackdown on democracy and human rights groups just hours ahead of critical talks with that country’s foreign minister.

Clinton’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will focus on the violence in Syria. They’ll be joined in Ireland’s capital by the U.N. mediator for the Arab country, Lakhdar Brahimi, in a three-way attempt to breathe new life into diplomatic efforts to stem the violence.

However, speaking to a group of lawyers and civil society advocates on the sidelines of an international human rights conference, Clinton took aim at what she described as a new wave of repressive tactics and laws aimed at criminalizing U.S. outreach efforts. The trends are indicative of a larger reversal of freedoms for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan and other countries that emerged from the breakup of the Soviet Union two decades ago.

“There is a move to re-Sovietize the region,” Clinton lamented.

“It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that,” she said, referring to Russian-led efforts for greater regional integration. “But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.”

In a windswept tent outside the Dublin conference center hosting the annual meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Clinton heard tales of struggle from 11 human rights advocates.

Andrey Aranbaev, an environmentalist from Turkmenistan, accused Western nations of forsaking his compatriots.

“My country Turkmenistan is world-famous for two things: one of the largest gas supplies and gross human rights violations,” he said through an interpreter. “Almost all international actors are talking about Turkmenistan’s gas. But almost no one is talking about the gross human rights violations.”

“Human rights and democracy in Turkmenistan was sold for gas,” Aranbaev added.

Igor Kochetkov of the Russian LGBT Network said Russian authorities were trying to prohibit even the discussion of discrimination based on sexual orientation. And Olga Zakharova, a journalist with Freedom Files in Russia, said even use of social media was becoming more restrictive.

Clinton said she understood the complaints many of them lodged.

“We agree with your assessment that the space for civil society and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms is shrinking, and governments are becoming much more aggressive in trying to stifle dissent, prevent the free expression and exchange of views,” she said.

“It’s distressing that 20 years into the post-Soviet era … so many of the hoped-for indicators of progress are retreating,” Clinton said. “And the impact on individuals and organizations is becoming more oppressive.”

Clinton said there is a concerted effort to eliminate both American and international assistance for human rights advocates.

“We are trying to fight that, but it is very difficult,” she said. “We will have to come up with new ways to support you, since everything we have been doing in some places, most notably Russia, is being criminalized. And the impact is not so great on us, but it’s terrible on you.”

The problem is compounded by America’s limited influence with some governments, she added.

In Belarus, “we have struck out so far,” Clinton said.

Ukraine, she said, is “one of our biggest disappointments.”

And in Turkmenistan, the U.S. raises human rights issues all the time. “We get no response,” she said.

Speaking later to the 57-nation OSCE, Clinton offered more muted criticism of Russia.

She reiterated concerns about a new Russian law that requires organizations and journalists receiving foreign funding to register as “foreign agents,” a move the U.S. believes is designed to stifle internal criticism of President Vladimir Putin’s government. His foreign minister, Lavrov, was in attendance.

For his part, Lavrov proposed Thursday new rules for OSCE election monitoring missions to avoid what he described as double standards in a year that had votes in both Russia and the U.S.

“Hundreds of observers were sent to some places, while only several were sent to others,” he said. “The same facts in various countries, for example early voting, were assessed differently.”

Associated Press writer Shawn Pogatchnik contributed to this report.