Saudi Ministry Order To Send Death-Row Prisoners To Jihad In Syria

A very secret document for exemption Arabia sentenced to death, including the Iraqis for “jihad” in Syria

Wasat Iraqi news

Saudi execution criminals Syria jihad

Revealed a letter from the Saudi Ministry of Interior agreed with some of the prisoners from Arab and foreign nationalities, including Iraqis sentenced to death recruited “Jihad in Syria” in return for scrapping their sentences. 

Word in the book that carried the adjective “top-secret” got all of Iraq [where] a copy of it and the sender of the Director of follow-up, an Interior Ministry Abdullah bin Ali to head the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and the General Intelligence “referring to a telegram Royal Court No. 112 and the date April 19 1433 AH [2011 AD] and referred to the detainees in the prisons of the kingdom accused of crimes apply the rule of Islamic law to kill them تعزيرا sword. “ 

“We inform you in communion with the defendants were convicted of drug smuggling, murder and rape of nationalities [105] Yemen and [212] Saudi and [21] Palestinians and [96] Sudanese and [254] Syrian and [82] Jordanian and [68] Somali and 32 Afghan and [194] Egypt [203] and Pakistani [23] Iraqi and [44] Kuwait “. 

“It was agreed with the dismissal of a legal limit on them and payment of monthly pensions to their families and loved ones who will be prevented from traveling outside Saudi Arabia for the rehabilitation of the defendants and their training in order to send them to the Jihad in Syria.”