Trading Dirt for dirt–Russia’s counter-Magnitsky bill gets a name

Russia’s counter-Magnitsky bill gets a name

Voice of Russia

Дмитрий Яковлев Дима Яковлев сожжёный заживо дети США усыновление

Dima Yakovlev

The Russian parliament has decided to put a name on its bill countering the US Senate’s “Magnitsky Act,” State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee deputy chair Vyacheslav Nikonov has said.

The legislation will be dubbed the “Dima Yakovlev bill,” after a two-year-old Russian boy who died of a heat stroke after being locked by his American parents in a car in Virginia.

Russian MPs proposed to devote the law to all Russian children who died at the hands of their adoptive American parents.

The ruling United Russia has declared itself the co-authors of the proposed bill, which was introduced to Russia’s lower house by Speaker Sergei Naryshkin and leaders of the four parliamentary parties.

Voice of Russia, Rossiyskaya Gazeta