Light-Skinned, Even Redheaded Terrorists, and their Western Equipment–from PNS Mehran To Peshawar Air Base

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Inter Services Public Relations ISPR  Rawalpindi terrorist HQ

Pak Army HQ HQ

Mehran attacker.jpg2 


Minhas Air Base11 


Minhas Air Base3a 


Minhas Air Base2a 


 “For the attack on PNS Mehran in Karachi, the militants then had static preset coordinates set for the operation and communicated just via satellite phones; but during the recent attack on Kamra, the terrorists besides these had real-time GPS enabled touchpads fixed on their bodies, two BlackBerry smartphones (exact quantity could not be confirmed from secondary source), infrared devices, daggers inside pockets and more items which were not disclosed by sources for various reasons.”  

land warrior ensemble gps antenna

Ground Soldier Ensemble.”
Land Warrior program


Universal Tactical Display