Syria: Apocalypse Cancelled

Syria: Apocalypse Cancelled

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Syria: Apocalypse CancelledThe situation around Syria has been eased the last days. The Americans are withdrawing the USS Eisenhower and USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Groups from the Eastern Mediterranean. President Obama expects this step would ‘ease the tension in the region’.

What kind of tension has happened to be a matter of sudden concern of the US Administration after 22 months of direct interference into Syrian affairs?

Let’s make a brief outlook on the preceding events.

NATO’s decision to deploy Patriot missile systems on Turkey-Syria border early December is being rushed. The justification of the deployment by alleged defense of Turkish territory against bomb shells and mines occasionally coming from Syria was ridiculous. The Patriot system is not capable for such protection. It is designed to withstand aviation and has a limited capability to bring down tactical missiles as well. So the Patriots in Turkey can fight Syrian MIG aircrafts only. But this scenario is impossible in case Turkey does not invade Syria.

At the same time US strike groups arrived to the Eastern Mediterranean indicating NATO preparation for a potential ground intervention.

Russian heavy cruiser 'Moskva'

Russian heavy cruiser ‘Moskva’

In response Russia has strengthened its fleet in the area. A Russian strike group headed by the heavy cruiser ‘Moskva’ will be joined by several warships (cruisers, landing ship tanks and destroyers) from the Russian Baltic and Northern Fleets scheduled to arrive to the Eastern Mediterranean next week. Officially the warships are coming for exercises and supplies at the Russian-operated Tartus base in Syria on the way to Somalia anti-piracy mission. Their involvement in the Syrian face-off is just a matter of political will of the Russian leadership.

Thus the concentration of confronting Navies off the Syrian coast by mid-December was almost menacing. The US decision to withdraw the warships has notably irritated Turkey left without the US support in case of military escalation, but minimized the possibility of such a scenario. This withdrawal is by far not the first retreat of the United States: the same happened when a Turkish jet was gunned down in June or when Israel was provoked against Syrians by chemical weapons bugaboo in July.

Besides the Russian vigorous position on the Syrian issue, another factor has caused this positive trend in Syrian arrangement: the US internal politics. A ‘stomach virus’ that recently bothered Mrs. Clinton might be considered as a diplomatic disease that allowed her avoid attending open House hearing on the attacks in Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya in September. This assassination was a direct sequence of the failures of the US foreign policy in the Middle East for the last years, as it was recognized by Daniel Benjamin, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism:

…The Libyan revolution freed up the hands of all kinds of extremists groups and gave rise to widespread terrorism. Another example of this is Syria where members of al-Qaida in Iraq have been trying to gain a permanent foothold on opposition’s side. The revolutions that swept the region last year had led to a dangerous upsurge of extremism and widespread instability.

A US confidential report elaborated by the independent commission with regard to Benghazi assault deserves special attention. Its conclusions have obviously influenced the US decision to suspend further aggravation of the situation in Syria. Although it can hardly make the United States abandon the plan of regional destabilization, it certainly dictates more caution to be taken in order not to discredit definitely the US foreign policy. Undesired revelations of the real motives behind the Arab Spring would maze both American civil society confident that Washington fights against terrorism worldwide and the US allies, who are barely informed that they are offered as pawns in a geopolitical game.

UN Security Council Unanimously Approves Another Armed Intervention Against Another American “Islamist” Terror

[Re:  UN Security Council approves Mali intervention force]

After witnessing the same deadly, hypocritical scenario unfold over and over, I am just now beginning to see the real genius that went into the Pentagon’s “Take-over-the-World Plan.”   This is how you manage to wage war upon the entire world, more or less simultaneously, with nothing more than an all-volunteer force and implied threats.  When Pentagon/CIA agents, or their corporate counterparts control all news, then it becomes possible to hide entire real wars, or to “simulate” non-existent conflict.  It is no wonder that the world has become accustomed to the idea of universal conflagration, when we think that we see new Pentagon fires rising all around us on a daily basis.  The Pentagon loves to play with fire, especially when it has so many playmates.  It is these playmates that the Pentagon relies upon whenever the time seems ripe to seek UN authorization for another “Just War” against another imaginary “Islamist threat.”  There is no limit to the depravity of American “Warfighters,” who will do anything, or kill anyone, to advance their glorious mission to establish a new Global Reich–Hoo-Rah!

This latest playing of the “Islamist” card in Mali occurred just when Russian moves in the Mediterranean had made it obvious that we were flirting with Armegeddon in Syria.   The Pentagon/CIA’s “Islamist” pals always manage to pop-up in some obscure corner of the world like Mali whenever one of the Pentagon’s major limited conflicts like Syria, or Afghanistan threaten to turn into real war.   (You remember when the Pentagon wasn’t afraid to fight real armies, don’t you?)  Whenever these Islamists manage to stir-up enough trouble that they successfully ignite some sort of real conflict, they give the State Dept. goons what they need to go to the UN for “humanitarian” relief.  If the rest of the American people only knew the cold truth, which most of us in the alternative media already understand, that ALL ISLAMIST TERROR is American created terrorism, then the hypocritical self-blindness would be stripped-away, and we would recognize our Fascist government for what it is, the new Nazi Reich reincarnated.

After all, the essence of all American government mind-manipulation science is a continuation of the illegal Nazi concentration camp studies, which have been merged with the infamous Strategic Bombing Survey made by the Brits and American sociologists at the end of WWII.  Where the Nazi scientists were perfecting a primitive mind-control science, the British and Americans were perfecting the art of mass-terror as the basis for mass mind-manipulation.  They perfected the art of strategic bombing as the basis of a new kind of political terrorism, giving them the capability to move huge “herds” of terrorized human beings as a primary instrument of Western foreign policy.  World planners now understand that it is far easier and cheaper to immobilize vital targets and strategic connections by overwhelming transportation grids using masses of refugees, instead of massive carpet-bombing and siege tactics.  Just look to the case of Pakistan in its simulated warfare in the tribal region, by flushing entire tribes upon the roadways before announced offensives, they have created the impression of real war, even though the actual campaigns are made impossible, or obscured by the masses of frightened refugees (internally displaced persons) clogging the limited roadways.

The merger of the two streams of the outlawed pseudo-sciences has empowered American political and social scientists with a working ability to effect limited mind-control through mass-suggestion over broad segments of the human race, even giving them the ability to pursue multiple separate streams of auto-suggestion in different war theaters, simultaneously.  The combined American-Nazi black arts are an unwelcome reality, but they are a new, artificial form of reality.

This brings us back to the point of this particular commentary, the Pentagon’s self-labelled “whack-a-mole strategy,” aptly describes the new “Warfighting” strategy, which underwent its trial run in Afghanistan and Iraq, before going live globally with the strategy, such as we are witnessing today.   The name of the new game is “incrementalism,” a game at which Obama has proven to be a master player.  Pump-up the fear level in one outbreak, while backing it off a bit in another conflict (such as Pakistan’s tribal region) which threatened to boil over.  The concept of “conflict management” requires that the manager never allow any conflict to escalate out of control, while the corresponding “strategy of tension” requires the apparent escalation of conflict, in order to achieve the proper level of terror.  This terror can theoretically be maintained indefinitely, unless credible resistance (like the Russian Navy) arises to challenge the Manager’s control, such as in the case in Syria.  When the war on Syria began to fall apart, due primarily to Russian resistance, the Western media employed its usual sleight of hand, diverting our attention with an  announcement to the court of world opinion that an army of  “Islamists” was poised to takeover northern Mali.  While harping on our “humanitarian” obligations to prevent another domino from falling to the “Islamist menace,” the controlled Western news leaders have stuck to their government-approved scripts and assiduously avoided any mention of the obvious fact that Western governments were empowering the same “Islamists/Al-Qaeda” everywhere else.

The Pentagon’s secret private armies were perfectly suited for producing justification for “whacking” the latest “moles” (even though the “moles” were all Pentagon/CIA-trained terrorists), but they had zero capabilities for actually destabilizing or overthrowing any government on their own.  The Pentagon was very successful at parlaying its Saudi/Qatari petrodollars into a “global war on on terrorism,” all they had to do to set their plan for total global domination into motion was to kill 3,000 Americans, or facilitate their murder, while their controlled news cameras maintained a steady broadcast of their manufactured horrors into every American home.  That is the ultimate bottom line in all of this, anyway, the Pentagon has slaughtered thousands of men, women and children in order to become the center of world Fascism, and there are no limits as to how far these evil killers will go, to finalize their long-term plans to subjugate every single human mind.

The scariest and possibly the most disheartening of all of this, is that every government on earth is playing along with these evil bastards, hoping for their own piece of the pie, even Russia.  The new Mali Security Council initiative was approved unanimously–no Russian or Chinese veto on this one.  I guess that if Putin is really the world’s best hope for resistance to Imperial aggression, that he doesn’t give a shit if we slaughter another few hundred thousand black Africans.

UN Security Council approves Mali intervention force

News Asia

People gather on December 18, 2012 during an opposition meeting in Nouakchoutt during which opposition leaders warned against the intervention of their country in the conflict in Mali. (AFP PHOTO/Ahmrd Ould Mohamed Ould Elhadji)

UNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council on Thursday unanimously approved sending an African-led intervention force to help Mali’s army reconquer much of the country from Islamist militants. The 15-member council gave the force an initial one year mandate to use “all necessary measures” to help the Mali government take back the northern half of the country from “terrorist, extremist and armed groups.” West African nations say they have 3,300 troops ready to go to Mali to help rebuild the country’s army and support a military operation which planners say cannot be launched before September of next year. Tuareg rebels and other separatists and Al-Qaeda linked militant groups took advantage of a coup in Mali in March to seize control of a vast chunk of territory where the Islamists have since imposed a brutal form of Islamic law. France drew up the resolution after weeks of talks with the United States, which expressed doubts the troops from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) would be ready for a desert battle against the militants. In parallel to political efforts to draw the Tuareg rebels into a coalition against the extremist groups, European nations and the international force, to be known as the African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA), will first train Mali’s army. The resolution sets down benchmarks for political progress and military preparations that will have to be met before a final onslaught against Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and its allies is approved. The resolution emphasized that “military planning will need to be further refined before the commencement of the offensive operation.” It said that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, ECOWAS, the African Union and other states involved will have to secure “the council’s satisfaction with the planned military offensive operation.” – AFP/fa