Pushing Pakistan’s Buttons–or, Shit Rolls Downhill

[Kashmir is usually thought of as an indicator of Pakistani/Indian relations.  Whenever the situation gets even more tense between them than usual, hostilities tend to erupt in Kashmir, along the Line of Control first.  Because of American games on the sub-continent, Imperial allegiances have been shifted from Pakistan to India, making India America’s favorite puppet at this time.  Pakistan has been known to register complaints about the new arrangement by attacking Indian interests, tensions usually erupting first along the LoC.  American/Indian games in S. Waziristan are often linked to the Kashmir situation.  Specifically, this latest eruption in Kashmir occurred immediately after the American trashing of the Pak Army plans for a development-based peace deal in FATA, by killing anti-Mehsud Taliban leader Mullah Nazir on New Year’s Day.  All Army plans for peace in the Tribal Region had hinged upon the formula, obtaining peace through development projects that had been worked-out with Nazir and his tribe the Ahmadzai Wazir around Wana, South Waziristan.  American drones ended all of that with one successful strike.  What better reason could Gen. Kayani need to resume Pakistan’s Cold War with India, than the desire to fuck things up between India and America, after that?  Depending upon whether or not Kayani and the generals have developed a “Plan B” for their own terror war, this may signal a major escalation of hostilities in S.East Asia.]

L of C

Forward Indian posts along the along the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri Sector of Jammu and Kashmir

Army says Pak firing in Kashmir was unprovoked


Peerzada Ashiq, Hindustan Times

Denying Pakistan army’s allegations that Indian soldiers crossed the Line of Control (LoC) near north Kashmir’s Uri area, the army on Sunday said Pakistan army resorted to unprovoked mortar shelling on two-three posts in the morning.

According to the army, two-three posts perched

over Haji Peer hill area came under heavy firing from the Pakistani side in Uri, 106 km north of Srinagar, around 3.15am on Sunday. Haji Peer is just 4km away from main Uri town.

“There was a breach of ceasefire as Pakistan resorted to mortar shelling in the morning. Our troops retaliated with small arms,” Srinagar-based army spokesman Brijesh Pandey told the Hindustan Times.

The exchange of fire lasted for around 1 hour and 15 minutes. “Since 4.30am, there was no exchange of fire all day,” said Pandey adding, “there was no casualty on our side”.

Indian attack on LoC in Bagh repulsed

the news pak

RAWALPINDI: Indian soldiers on Sunday violated the Line of Control (LoC) when they attacked a Pakistani check post in the Bagh sector, ISPR said in a statement.

According to details, Indian army crossed over the LoC and attacked a Pakistani check post Swan Patra in Haji Pir Sector injuring two soldiers, of them, Naik Aslam Shaheed succumbed to his injuries.

Pakistani soldiers posted on the border retaliated and fought off the aggressors, who fled leaving their weapons behind.

The exchange of firing continued until the filing of this report.