Paying-Up for All of Those Years Contracting-Out US Foreign Policy To the Barbaric Saudi Royals

[Some of the “news” in the report below is wrong, but it makes an important point about US regrets about its latest experiments with radical “Islamism.”  This report from PressTV claims that the younger Zawahiri was arrested/captured in Syria on Jan. 6, but other reports (all leading back to Mossad front, MEMRI TV) show photos and video allegedly from a January 18 Salafi protest in front of the French Embassy in Cairo.  So, Mr. Al-Z wasn’t captured in Syria, but the thrust of the article is the important point, America’s “Islamists” are more trouble than they are worth.  

Those fanatic jihadis are extremely predictable, so there is no excuse for our government having used them in Libya and Syria in the first place.  That was all Bandar’s doing.   (That is what we get for letting him run our covert operations for us.)  The terrorists are like a bunch of mad dogs, chomping at the chains which hold them back, or better yet, they more closely resemble a bunch of termites.  You can count on them to undermine an enemy’s position, along with everything else.   At some point,  you have to flush them out and repair everything that they have damaged and they have damaged everything.  Wherever we use these guys, nothing but desolation is left–look at Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.  I guess nobody considered the possibility that they would destroy Syria without destroying the Syrian government.  

Zawahiri has been on the American payroll for decades, just like his brother, the infamous “Number 2” of “al-Qaeda.”  One organized the flow of “Islamists” (“al-Qaeda”) and guns through America’s smuggling pipelines, leading to Bosnia and Chechnya, Egypt, Syria and Libya, while the other Zawahiri brother organized the flow of heroin and money.  Their parent organization, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, provided the foundation for everything we ever called “al-Qaeda.”  Whatever Bandar has in mind for Egypt, it will surely make the Benghazi incident look like a fistfight.

It should be pretty obvious to everyone by now just how bad an idea it was to contract America’s covert war policy out to the Saudis.   


Just today, Prince Turki was quoted whining in the British press that the solution to the Syrian conflict was to give his boys better anti-tank rockets and sophisticated surface-to-air missiles.  Look at the militant Wahhabis armed with similar Libyan weapons in Mali and the trouble that they are causing there to understand just how warped are the minds of Prince Turki al-Faisal and his cousin, Prince Bandar bin Sultan and the rest of the Saudi royal family.  

They are the true enemies of the West.]

Fundamentalism fears pushing US to change course on Syria

After a little while the star of the show arrived. Mohamed al-Zawahiri is the brother of Ayman, the leader of al-Qaeda. Everyone pressed around him. Jan. 18, 2013

Al-Zarqawi, Al-Zawahri and Jabhat Al-Nusra: terms that have two things in common: Al-Qaeda and lately Syria. Recently two leading Salafists who joined the armed Syrian opposition were killed by Syrian forces. One of them was the brother in law of Abou-Mesaab Al-Zarqawi, who was killed by US forces in Iraq in 2006. Al-Zarqawi was Al-Qaeda’s leader in Iraq and considered by the US as one of the most wanted terrorists responsible for killing US soldiers. Reports have also said that Syrian forces have arrested the brother of Ayman Al-Zawahri, the leader of Al-Qaeda. In addition the so called mufti of Jabhat Al-Nusra was also recently killed in a Syrian air raid in Deraa. All this has raised questions about future US policy towards Damascus.

What’s more is that in his inaugural speech US president Barack Obama did make it clear that foreign military intervention in Syria was not on the agenda.

Experts believe that the US will eventually pressure its allies to change their course in the campaign against Bashar Al-Assad. Among these allies are Israel who labeled Assad as part of an axis of evil along with Iran and Hezbollah. Israel’s ambassador to Washington Michael Oren even went so far as to say that Assad is worse for Israel than Al-Qaeda. Other countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been the main providers of weapons and financing for the armed opposition.

Major US media outlets have said that the support provided by some Arab states to armed groups in Syria runs contrary to Washington’s interests. And last December the State Department blacklisted Jabhat Al-Nusra.

Many of those who were predicting the end of Bashar Al-Assad are now having second thoughts. One major factor behind this is the US position. The rising fundamentalist trend in Syria is a grave concern and comes at a time when the US congress is holding hearings on the killing of the US ambassador in Benghazi at the hands of extremists. That incident would probably have not occurred were it not for Nato military intervention in Libya