Ariel Sharon Coming Out of His Coma Just In Time for Armegeddon

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[Where are all the assassins when you need one?]

Israel: After seven years in a coma Sharon ‘signs of activity’ brain


Last Updated: January 29, at 13:06

Jerusalem, January 29 (Adnkronos) – After seven years in a coma, Ariel Sharon shows ‘significant’ signals ‘activity’ brain. ” He revealed the team of Israeli doctors and American Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva have put the former prime minister to a series of tests. In a vegetative state since 2006 as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage, Sharon, now 84 year old, responds to external stimuli and the activity ‘brain’ increased when the fixtures, as reported by the Israeli media, they showed him pictures of his family and made listen to a recording with the voice of the child. It is, doctors said, of “encouraging signs”, although this does not necessarily translate into a probable awakening from coma.