Now We Have the Missing Ingredient Tying Evil Survivalists and Preppers To the School Shooting Controversy

[Not only did the freak kill the driver in front of the kids and take one of them to his “well-stocked bunker,” the attack took place within 1/2 mile of Addison High School.  Now they have a reason to go after survivalists, as they move to seize all soon to be banned “illegal type” weapons.  Look for this to happen again, soon…perhaps again and again, until the door swings closed on the Second Amendment.]

Jimmy Lee Dykes Suspected in Midland City Bus Driver Shooting: REPORT


Jimmy Lee Dykes Suspected in Midland City Bus Driver Shooting: REPORT
LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jimmy Lee Dykes is allegedly suspected in the Midland City bus driver shooting today that is now a hostage situation, claims the Dothan Eagle newspaper. Jimmy Lee Dykes is allegedly suspected in the shooting of a school bus driver in Midland City in southeastern Alabama Tuesday January 29, 2013; the crime scene, however, now involves the alleged hostage of a six year old student.

Police are not confirming Dykes’ name. They do confirm that the suspect allegedly came onto the bus near Destiny Church, took a six year old studentfrom the vehicle, and fired at the driver. Police have decided not to release any names of persons involved. They are also withholding details about the driver’s condition as well.

But the Dothan Eagle claims that Jimmy Lee Dykes is 65 years old and was allegedly arrested and charged with menacing back on December 22, 2012. The Eagles also claims that Dykes is allegedly the gunman hold-up in the bunker with the child. The bunker is located behind Dykes’ home near US 231.

The Dale County Sheriff’s Office issued the following news release late today “The Dale County Sheriff’s Department has established a command postlocation at the intersection of 231 North and Private Road 1539 in Dale County, Alabama following a shooting. Multiple agencies are present assisting with the incident. Authorities say a call was received regarding a shooting involving a Dale County School Bus at 3:36 p.m.”

Reports claim that the driver may have suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The shooting reportedly happened at 3:36 pm during a routine bus stop. Officials confirm that hostage negotiators are in contact with the suspect. Police Sgt. Rachel David tells news that all schools in Dale County and Ozark City Schools will be closed tomorrow January 30.