International Condemnation of Zionist Bombing of Damascus Research Center

Arab and international condemnation of the Israeli aggression on the research center in Syria: blatant aggression and unacceptable violation of the Charter of the United Nations



research centers in Syria

(SANA) –

Russia expressed its grave concern about the Israeli aircraft broke the Syrian airspace and bombed a scientific research centers in Syria, saying that this is an unacceptable violation of the Charter of the United Nations.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement today, “Moscow has received with deep concern the news of Israeli air raid on sites in Syria near Damascus, adding that if this information is correct, we will be in front of attacks are not justified on the territory of a sovereign state what is a gross violation of the Charter of the United Nations whatever the justifications. “

The statement went on to say, “to take rapid action to clarify the situation in all its details … and call again to stop any form of violence in Syria and the lack of external interference and the start of national dialogue Syrian Geneva on the basis of a statement.”

Mansour: convicted and calls from Arab firm stance to confront it by all legitimate means

Minister condemned the Lebanese Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Adnan Mansour strongly yesterday on the Israeli aggression a scientific research centers in Syria and the fact in Jmraiya area Rural Damascus, pointing out that it constitutes a flagrant aggression.

Mansour said in a statement today that “this aggression once again confirms the fact the course Israeli terrorist since 1948 until today and the threat of a permanent threat to peace and security Arab” and “is requires us as Arabs to have a firm stance to confront him with all legitimate means.”

In this connection, Mansour stressed that the de facto peace that Israel wants to impose will not find its way to the region and will provide them with security and peace that seeks him.

Arab League: violation violates the United Nations Charter and the violation of international conventions and charters

Also condemned the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States breach the Israeli enemy of the Syrian air yesterday and bombed airplanes scientific center in the area Jmraiya Rural Damascus, which resulted in the death and injury of a number of Syrian citizens and bring about the destruction of a large Taul established and accessories, describing it as “aggression brutal.”

Secretariat condemned in a press statement today this blatant Israeli aggression and considered a flagrant violation of the territory and sovereignty of an Arab state and contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and the norms of international law and a violation of international agreements and conventions and Security Council resolutions relevant.

And demanded the Secretariat in its statement the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and put an end to the persistence of “Israel” in their attacks on Arab states confirmed that the international community’s silence for the bombing, “Israel” to sites Syria in the past encouraged to proceed with the new aggression untapped situations where the feet of this criminal act.

Secretariat also stressed the need to hold Israel fully responsible for the results of aggression and the right of Syria in the defense of its territory and sovereignty and “to seek full compensation resulting from human and material losses” caused by this aggression.