Israeli Warplanes Killed Syrians Somewhere, Overnight

[The Zionist press is reporting it as bombing a weapons convoy of trucks going to Hezbollah, consisting of S-17 SAM systems.  Agence France Presse is hinting that it might have been carrying those chemical weapons, thus clearly across Obama’s “red lines.”  None of us can know for certain what Israeli warplanes struck overnight, but everyone agrees that they bombed something in Syria.]

Army Command: Israeli enemy warplanes penetrated our airspace at dawn today and bombed a scientific research centers in Jmraiya Rural Damascus



Damascus, (SANA) –

Said the General Command of the Armed Forces said in a statement that after he mocked Israel in cooperation with hostile states for the Syrian people tools at home to hit the vital sites and military selected in the Syrian state in an attempt to curtail the supportive role of the resistance and legitimate rights in the region and after that succeeded those tools, especially the gangs and movements obscurantism in targeting some of these sites from the media air defense and points other vital for nearly two years and failed to hit a lot of them penetrated Israeli warplanes our airspace at dawn today and bombed directly a scientific research centers responsible for raising the level of resistance and self-defense in the district Jmraiya Brief Damascus after the terrorist groups made several unsuccessful attempts over the months the Log and Capture the site.

The statement that Israeli warplanes had infiltrated from the North Heights Mount Hermon height low and below the radar and went to the area Jmraiya Rural Damascus, where is located a subsidiary of Scientific Research Center and carried out aggression blatant bombing site caused the occurrence of material damage and the destruction of the building in addition to the center develop mechanisms adjacent parking garage which led to the martyrdom of two workers at the site and wounding five others before it withdraws hostile aircraft in the same way that infiltration .. And therefore no truth reported by some media that Israeli aircraft targeted a convoy was traveling from Syria to Lebanon, but General Command confirms that Israeli aircraft targeted a facility for scientific research in flagrant breach of the rule and Syrian airspace.

The statement said: From the above it is clear to everyone now that Israel is the engine and the beneficiary and the executor sometimes what is happening from terrorist acts targeting Syria and its people resistant and it shares some of states supporting terrorism, led by Turkey and Qatar.

The statement added: that the General Command of the Armed Forces Reaffirming that this attack blatant added to the history of entity Israeli occupation term of aggression and criminality against Arabs and Muslims and put across the Syrian government this Israeli arrogance and aggression dangerous to Syrian sovereignty draw the international community stresses that such criminal acts will not weaken Syria and its role will not discourage Syrians continue to support the resistance movements and the just Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian issue.