Training and arming Islamist terrorists is what the Pentagon does best

[In a clear contradiction of all of the hype being generated about Gen. Dempsey by people like Lyndon LaRouche (SEE:  Gen. Dempsey Takes the Fight to London and Dublin), neither Martin Dempsey, nor any other Pentagon brass is actually willing to stand-up for this Country and oppose the world conquest plans of Barack Obama and the Imperial Establishment.  So far, Dempsey has created the appearance of being in opposition to an escalation of the Syrian insurrection, by merely opposing only those particular escalations which appeared to lead directly to World War III (SEE:  Tel Aviv Shocked To See Top General Unload Zionist Baggage). 

Arming another few thousand crazed “Islamists” runs true to the Pentagon’s “Take-Over-the-World Plan.”  After all, a majority of the “Islamist” terrorists active in the world today were either trained by US Special Forces,  or by other people which had previously been trained by them, like the Los Zetas in Mexico, or else they received their journeyman terrorist training from either British or Israeli Special Forces, like Yar Klein, the Israeli commando who was responsible for training both sides in the Colombian civil war.  Perhaps the best example of the negative results of training by US Special Forces is to be found in the sectarian civil war which erupted in Iraq after these professional killers began to train the Sunni terrorists in Anbar Province.

Training and arming Islamist terrorists is what the Pentagon does best.]

General Martin Dempsey

Top US general backs arming militants in Syria



The top U.S. military officer said on Sunday he favored the idea of arming Syrian militants during discussions within the Obama administration about how to help resolve the country’s crisis, but there was never a specific plan under review.


General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he thought arming the insurgents might help end the crisis more quickly and avert the collapse of government institutions, which could lead Syria to become a failed state.


“Conceptually I thought if there were a way to resolve the military situation more quickly it would work to the benefit not only of the Syrian people but also us,” Dempsey told reporters aboard his plane from Afghanistan, where he attended a change-of-command ceremony for NATO-led forces.


“A failed state is defined by the collapse of its institutions,” he said. “And so conceptually we thought about ways to prevent that from happening. Conceptually I was in agreement. Now there were enormous complexities involved that we still haven’t resolved.”


Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta acknowledged their support for arming Syrian insurgents during a Senate hearing last week, the first time they had been queried about the issue. Reuters




In December 2012, the Sunday Times of London reported that the United States was launching a covert operation to send weapons to the armed groups fighting against the government forces in Syria.


President Barack Obama on December 11, 2012, declared that the U.S. officially recognized the Syrian Opposition Coalition as the sole “legitimate representative” of its country’s people.


Russia lashed out at the United States for recognizing the opposition coalition, saying it ran against agreements to seek political transition in the Middle Eastern nation. Reuters


Russia has also warned the United States that the conflict in Syria will escalate if the U.S. provides arms to militants and continues to push for the overthrow of the Damascus government. Examiner


As the London Guardian reported in July, 2012, militants in Syria are admittedly being led by al-Qaeda terrorists, who meet with them “every day” and train them how to make bombs.