Fat Pig of Qatar the Financier and Catalyst Behind the Union of Islamists Fighting for African Oil and Gas

Duck reveals: Dollars to finance the Qatar Islamic khalifa borders of Algeria

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This is information that does not arrange the already strained relations between Algeria and the emirate of Qatar. The French satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné reported in its edition of Wednesday, June 6 that the emir of Qatar has given financial support to armed movements that took control of northern Mali. Among these groups were the dollars are the Qatari Mujao which is holding seven Algerian diplomats since April 5.

Under the title “‘Our friend from Qatar’ funds Islamist Mali” (the original Chained Duck article seems to be gone, but this copy still exists) Chained Duck indicates that the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DRM), which reports to the Chief of Staff of the French armies, gathered information that “the insurgent’s MNLA (independence and laity), movements Ansar Dine, AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) and Mujao (Jihad in West Africa) received assistance dollars of Qatar. ‘

The satirical newspaper did not specify the amounts of aid Qatari, nor the mode of its allocation. However, he argues that the French authorities are aware of the actions of Qataris in this part of northern Mali that shares 1300 km border with Algeria.

In short: the emirs of Qatar fund armed Islamist movements that spread terror in Algeria and the Sahel holding hostages Algerian and proclaimed a khalifa Islamic Algerian border.

Oil Sahel

But there’s more. Also according to the Duck, the emirate of Qatar has designs on the riches of the basement of the Sahel. “Negotiations are already underway with discrete Total”, the French oil giant to exploit future oil’s vast African region.

The MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad) and Ansar Dine who received these grants took control of northern Mali in favor of a coup that toppled 22 March 2012 the regime of President of Mali Amadou Toumani Touré.

Both movements had announced their merger Saturday, May 27 and declared a “Islamic State” in the region. However, the MNLA was quick to deny this commitment and to dissociate themselves from this initiative. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, led since 2004 by the Algerian Droukdel, who leads the war in Algeria is particularly present in Kabylia and in the vast territories of the Sahel desert.

As for Mujoa (Movement for the uniqueness and jihad in West Africa), an AQIM dissidence, it holds seven Algerian diplomats kidnapped on April 5 and the Algerian authorities claimed 15 million against their release and threat of terrorist actions in case of refusal to meet their demands.

Bear garden

In short, a real bear garden that could turn the Sahel into a new Afghanistan.

According Chained Duck, the French Minister of Defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian, “knows no bad news arrived from sub-Saharan Africa. And no involvement, our friend from Qatar ‘formula of an officer of the General Staff in the’ capture ‘of northern Mali by several jihadist movements. ”

“Earlier this year, writes the weekly notes several of the DGSE alerted the Elysée on international activities, if we may say so, the Emirate of Qatar. And without really insist, requires diplomacy, the boss of this tiny State, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, Sarko has always treated as a friend and ally. The officers say their DRM, the generosity of Qatar is unparalleled and he has not merely help financially, sometimes delivering weapons, revolutionary Tunisia, Egypt or Libya. ‘

Tensions between Algiers and Doha

Precisely, relations between Algeria and Qatar have cooled since the fall of dictatorships in 2011 in Tunis, Cairo and Tripoli. Algerians taste and very little financial aid, military and diplomatic support provided by the Qataris to these three countries of North Africa and the influence made by the emirate within the Arab League.

This information is by using a Qatari armed Islamist movements have gained a foothold in northern Mali and their interest in the oil of the Sahel are not likely to ease tensions between Algiers and Doha.