Syria Uncovers Elaborate Spy Rock System On Coastal Island

was goal-oriented sensor to transfer images in real time to the Zionist entity .

Israeli spy system discovered off the Syrian coast


Damascus, (SANA) –

Official source said that the Israeli spy system that was discovered last Friday off the Syrian coast was goal-oriented sensor to transfer images instantly to the Zionist entity through a video camera designed for this purpose via satellite antennas.

The source told reporters yesterday that the components of the system spyware was placed in camouflaged to match fully with the nature of the rocks in the area planted with the system, pointing out that the components of the system include a camera and antennae and six batteries and organized electrically addition to cables that were up key pieces together .

The source pointed out that controlling these spy system this time gives an indication of the great role of the Zionist enemy to current events in Syria now, especially that this information that is transferred according to the Zionist enemy and armed terrorist groups inside the country.

The competent authorities discovered as a result of monitoring and follow-minute Israeli spy devices in one of the points of the Syrian Ahatie function eavesdropping, imaging and recording and transmission of information.

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