Wahhabi Islam’s Egyptian Success Reveals the Pseudo-Religion As A Threat To True Islam

[Contrary to conventional wisdom (formerly a domain of the “legitimate media”), like this wisdom offered by CNBC (SEE: Commentary: Saudis Gain Upper Hand on Syria’s Battlefields), the Saudis, backed by Obama, have misread their fellow Muslims, causing them to overplay their hand full of “Islamist” cards.  Their pushing of the shadowy Muslim Brotherhood into the revealing light of day in Egypt and their sponsorship of “Al-Qaeda” in Syria, as well as their brutal crushing of the Shia in Bahrain and in Eastern Saudi Arabia, have all helped to paint in broad red strokes a very clear picture of the true nature of Saudi “Islam.”  

In my opinion, giving this victory to political Islam in Egypt was a brilliant stroke by whoever is watching over the human race and over the repressed people of Egypt and all of the Middle East.  By giving the Brotherhood (the Ikhwan) the power to enforce their plans, these plans have been revealed as the true crimes against man which they truly are.  By trying to enforce the false “Shariah” of Saudi Islam on the educated middle class and the poor of Egypt, the people were made aware of the idiocy that they were being forced to abide by and to submit to.  Using the analogy of the wisdom given in the article below, hoping that Egypt would not become Pakistan, it becomes very easy to see the dangers of giving the bloodthirsty pseudo-Islamists a little power.  

In Pakistan’s Swat Region, once the pseudo-“Islamists” were given power over the people there, the people eventually demanded that the authorities bring them all to real justice, even though the people themselves were the ones who voted for Sufi Muhammad‘s “Shariah” courts.  Thankfully, in Egypt, the people wised-up very quickly to the Brotherhood’s plans for them.  In Egypt, as in all such experiments that dabble with the Ikhwan, their false “Shariah” turns-out to be virtual carbon copies of that which has been historically enforced by the Taliban.  

All Talibanized “Shariah” reflects these teachings of the original “Ikhwan,” who emerged from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to seize the Great Mosque in Mecca.  Their leader,  Juhayman al-Otaiba, preached a form of “rejectionist Islamism,” which was later embraced and protected by the Saudi authorities after the siege was ended, to be exported wherever the vile seeds of Wahhabism could be successfully transplanted.

From the “the letters of juhayman


Using the template provided by the Saudis, Wahhabi acolytes have since been sent-out all over the Muslim world, to murder their fellow Muslims, those who refused to conform to the the false Saudi “Shariah.”  Witnessing the Taliban (Students of Wahhabi “Islam”) as they brutally enforced their ideas about God’s Law, seeing atrocities that they never, ever expected to see, such as public floggings, beheadings and the bombing of Mosques, it does not take long to turn stomachs and to change minds.

Give the corrupt, murderous Saudi and Qatari regimes enough ropes and someone will eventually use it to hang all of the so-called “Royal” psychopaths.]  

Islam’s enemy!

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Mahmoud Salem

It goes without saying that the Egyptian crisis is now beyond repair. None of the parties involved, including the military, have the power to resolve the conflict that the country seems destined to engage in. At some point there was hope for such a solution, but it now all seems that we are heading to an unprecedented economic and political disaster of epic proportions, with the complete collapse of all state institutions, alongside with the economy.

On the flipside, such disasters offer some unique opportunities for those entrepreneurially minded; for example, anyone starting a private security company now will be making insane money in the near future.

Given that I mainly work in the area of social media, my new business of choice will be a dating website for former Muslims to find like-minded partners in their countries. I bet that by the end of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule of Egypt, I can have as many users as Facebook does in this blessed country. As the old saying (that I just made up) goes “Wherever there is a crisis of faith, there is an opportunity”.

I am not the first or the last person to write about Egyptian Muslims’ crisis of faith that started the moment Islamists took power and enlightened Egyptians on the fantastic legislations and policies they wanted to implement in the name of Shari’a, with Islamic jurisprudence to back it up. I also will spare you anecdotal evidence on the rise of atheists in Egypt, or the kind of conversations that are now acceptable to have in Egyptian society.

I will simply propose the following argument: What is happening in Egypt, no matter how unfortunate, seems to have a single silver lining, which is the complete and utter defeat of the political Islam project worldwide. At this point, it seems that Egypt’s destiny is to either defeat or contain Islamism, thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood, who is now officially the most ferocious enemy that Islam as a faith has ever seen.

Locally it is easy to make that case. The utilisation of Islam and Shari’a as the sine qua non for all political events and legislation- no matter how absurd, corrupt or self-serving- was bound to run out of effectiveness eventually. Once that started happening, the intellectual bankruptcy of the Islamist ideology became clear.

Their Islamic state is nothing but a reshuffling of the Mubarak state, without actually reforming or fixing it in any real way, nor an actual vision of how an actual model for an Islamic state would function. Their “Shari’a constitution”, while centralises power, preserves corruption and removes checks and balances, does not truly represent or openly preach Shari’a, much to the chagrin of many Salafis.

Their Islamic economic plans and policies are notions or fantasies that show that they have the understanding of economic policy of an eighth grader, and their social policies, especially when it comes to women, seems to truly aim at bringing back the middle ages.

Having that level of failure associated with Islam generally, and political Islam specifically, is bound to make them both lose credibility even amongst the truest of believers, half being in shock of what can be done in the name of their religion and the other half openly wondering where is the divine blessings that are supposed to be showered upon them from heaven due to supporting Allah’s people. As disenchantment with political Islam grows, so does disenchantment with the religion itself, which many believers are finding both distressing and inescapable. Secularism would have saved you that trouble.

On the international level, it is safe to say that what is happening in Egypt is destroying the international Muslim Brotherhood project, as Egypt is becoming less of a role model and more of a cautionary tale. While Pakistan infamously announced that they do not intend to follow the Egyptian model, this was only the harbinger of what was to come.

Moroccan politicians have openly warned of the Egyptianisation of Morocco as they attack talking points against the Moroccan Brotherhood. The UAE government is now openly at war with Brotherhood cells, along with Kuwait, who are calling the local branch as agents of Egypt.

The Jordanian government has effectively used what is happening in Egypt to discredit and marginalise their local branch, and the Syrian opposition is becoming equally wary with aligning with any Islamist, whether Brotherhood or others.

When it comes to the west, the damage is even greater.  In the US, the myth that the Muslim Brotherhood are democratic reformers is all but dead, and the notion that they are reliable partners is also being equally challenged. Europe, on the other hand, only had one question that they needed answered: Is Islam compatible with Democracy and human rights? The answer that they received from observing the situation so far has been “No”.

The effect of them reaching that realisation will have serious consequences in regards to European immigration policies and laws, let alone elections of parties with extreme, if not prejudiced views, towards Muslims. A friend of mine who is a professional Islamic apologist, who spent the past 10 years jet-setting Europe being invited to inter-faith dialogue conferences where he would argue Islam’s democratic heritage and values, informed me that the invites to such conferences have stopped coming for a while now. “They are not interested in listening anymore,” were his exact words.

Of all three Abrahamic religions, Islam seemed to be the one with the most staying power, and the one destined to take over Europe over the next half century. This is no longer the case, with every enemy or critic of Islam or Islamism now has all the evidence they ever needed to back their fair or unfair arguments thanks to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

As for Egyptian citizens, they are very close to an open civil conflict with the Islamist forces, which will either end in the defeat of the Islamists and their rhetoric forever, or with the Islamist forces hanging by a thread to power here as the entire society shifts away from the religion, much like Iran did, but on a much faster pace.

Egypt’s Islamists have waited 80 years to get into power, and now that they have, the countdown to their now-inevitable fall has begun. One day we will all live in a secular Egypt, and it will all be thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Mahmoud Salem

Mahmoud Salem

Mahmoud Salem is a political activist, writer, and social media consultant. His writings could be found at http://www.sandmonkey.org and follow him @sandmonkey on Twitter