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SEE: Polish nationalists defend historian who blamed Jews for Holocaust  

JTA Jewish Telegraphic Agency

(JTA) — Leaders of a Polish nationalist movement said a historian’s claims that Jews helped perpetrate the Holocaust were “factual” and “necessary.”

The historian who made the claims, Krzysztof Jasiewicz, was “far from politically correct but his statements are supported by historical facts,” Robert Winnicki, president of the All-Polish Youth, said in a statement published Tuesday on the website of the ultranationalist organization, which has a few thousand registered members.

Artur Zawisza, a former lawmaker in the Polish parliament, is quoted as telling the news site that Jasiewicz “said too much common sense that has long been present in the literature.” He said the historian’s claims were a “necessary part of open debate.”

Jasiewicz, a professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences, made the claim in an interview that appeared this month in a Focus Historia edition focusing on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

“This nonsense about Jews being killed mostly by Poles was manufactured to conceal a big Jewish secret: That the scale of the German crime was made possible by the Jews themselves, who participated in the murder of their own people,” Jasiewicz wrote. He added that “dialogue with the Jews was pointless.”

Following indignant reactions by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and other groups, the board of the Polish Academy of Science said it would consider taking disciplinary steps against Jasiewicz. Winnicki called the protestations “by fringe groups outrageous and unacceptable.”


Gazeta warszawska krzysztof jasiewicz

The scale of the German crime was not possible due to the fact “what happened on the outskirts of the Holocaust”, but only through active participation in the murder of the Jews of his people. Here bows widespread passivity and attitudes of the Jews themselves Judenrat, the Jewish police in the brutal ghettos “- said prof. Krzysztof Jasiewicz.


How do you explain the fact that the Polish Underground State, existing after almost from the beginning of the occupation, virtually excluded in the exercise of its functions to the citizens – the Polish Jews? Especially when the Jews were physically separated from the rest of the Nazi occupation of Polish citizens.

Krzysztof Jasiewicz:

I do not agree with the statement that this problem had escaped from a field of view of government conspiracy. Just to remind Zegota, the only such organization in occupied Europe, which was the agenda of PPP and various other efforts. Since the occurrence of Karski’s mission president Raczkiewicz to Pius XII (3 January 1943). “Holy Father! – Then the president wrote about the situation in Poland. – The rights of battered divine, human dignity trampled, murdered hundreds of thousands. ” And then straight Raczkiewicz calls for “in the name of Christian principles [to send a protest to the German authorities] poniewieraniu [“bad to celebrate‘–ed.] murder against the Jews.”

The Church in Poland, in the person of Archbishop Sapieha admonished by the Jews, turning to the Count. Ronikier, president of legally operating the Central Welfare Council, with the words: “It is necessary to intervene on the Jews who accepted Catholicism and the teachings of the Church of St. belong to one of us the community of the faithful “. The problem of repression, including the Jews, moved Sapieha in talks with the German authorities. If, however, someone noticed that just about Jewish converts, it recalled that the Polish society, like all other European and konfesyjnie was divided for centuries to be a rule that every confession takes care of its faithful. According to this principle function area charities and other types of support (foundations, shelters, etc.).

And now – to remember – I have not heard that the Poles in the Soviet zone of occupation (1939-1941) in the Eastern Borderlands interceded at least one rabbi. A Boards terrible things there. Unfortunately, the presence of many of the Jews, which was subsequently affect the rescue of the nation, because the news about the attitudes of our wickedness of the Jews and their wide-swept across the country, when the Germans in 1941, recaptured the Soviets seized Polish lands.

The Jewish narrative there is a lot of hypocrisy, because some Jews tried to save themselves by going to Catholicism in the belief that the Church should not go into the sincerity of repentance, but only to give them an appropriate safe-conduct to survive. Meanwhile, people of faith, especially hierarchs cribs can not do with faith, but after thousands of Jews have used the fake birth certificate issued by the Polish clergy. I would also like to note that the Jews themselves, very influential in some countries, almost nothing for their fellows did not do, passively watching the destruction and probably calculating that it would be able to earn.

There is another theme in the various statements and Jewish publications. Always everything done for them, or done badly it was far too little. I am reminded of a couple of scenes from movies or books, where, and in preparation for the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto in the dialogue fall allegations that the Poles – naturally anti-Semites – Jews do not provide weapons, much needed to fight. Although the PPP had no weapons warehouses Kampinos or other places, but in the understanding of the Jews does not matter. They thought that we have thousands of pieces of various weapons. Well, if they umyślili the rise, we we give them everything – if we do not do it just because they were anti-Semitic. This reasoning sick Jewish narrative as such causes the phenomenon of projection – his evil and failure to flip the Jews are, for others, especially the Poles.

Recall the facts. “Brothers – the remains of Jews in Poland lived with the conviction that, in the worst days of our history, you do not help us udzieliliście – writes the Jewish National Committee in Poland to Jewish organizations in America, 1 January 1943, so soon after the murder of most of the Jews from the ghetto Warsaw to Treblinka. – Odezwijcie at least in the last days of our lives. This is our last call for you. ”

“The Germans were deported and murdered or burned alive tens of thousands of Jews – says in another letter the Jewish National Committee from Warsaw to the Joint Distribution Committee in New York May 15, 1943 – Some Jews survived. In Poland three million Jews have no more than 10 percent., The rest of the Germans murdered. In the coming weeks, murder others. You can still save thousands of Jews [italics. KJ] Send in immediately hundred thousand dollars. Up to you to rescue thousands of people. We are waiting. ”

“I do not understand your silence – write again to the Jews, Polish Jews dollars. – The five sent messages not received a reply, and despite appeals and alarms no funds for us not to come. Joint why not send money? We can still save from certain death and destruction of thousands of Jews, women and children. We need to have substantial funds. Joint Zaalarmujcie immediately and all other Jewish organizations. To rescue the remaining Jews we have a hundred thousand dollars. We look forward to your help. ”

W gettach funkcjonowały żydowskie siły porządkowe kolaborujące z hitlerowcami Wspólnie rabowali i wywozili mieszkańców

In the Jewish ghettos, the police collaborated with the Nazis looted and exported together residents

And this is more. Well, the appeals to the Jewish community with just hurried … The Polish Government in Exile, allocating additional funds and urging Polish society to assist in the storage of the Jews on the Aryan side. I encourage you to review the documents in the study of the Polish Underground, for example, portfolio of 78, from which the above quotes.

And one more thing in the context of a “settlement” Gross’s books. These Jewish nonsense and the data taken from the ceiling of the Jews who were murdered by Polish peasants mostly it is the projection aiming to hide the biggest Jewish mystery. Now, the scale of the German crime was not possible due to the fact “what happened on the outskirts of the Holocaust,” but only through active participation in the murder of the Jews of his people. Here bows widespread passivity and attitudes of the Jews themselves Judenrat, cruel Jewish police in the ghettos – because they pick up, they spend on various Umschlagplatz and upychają in the cars of their neighbors, family, and random Jews. Finally, the Jewish commandos zapędzają urging, to force someone to go somewhere or input–ed. ] Jews to the gas chambers, and then oprawiają [ provide a cover –ed.] their bodies, burying the vaginas, [rectum  –ed.], snatching gold bridges and crowns.


In the book “First the devil …” (2002) shows you a completely different views, including renouncing Jews from assigning blame for the majority of Soviet atrocities in the occupied territories of the Borderlands. You used all the available archives, including available in the 90s Soviet archives.

Krzysztof Jasiewicz:

Unfortunately, I think that if I yielded some fashion – that is in good taste to criticize members of their own nation. Also decided to look at the process of re-sources, tap into sources previously unused or poorly used.
It is a purely human element. I realized that I accidentally found myself on the wrong side of the barricades. The shocking fact for me was when my friend, a Jewish woman, fascinated by my prożydow-States deductions, tried to invite me to a meeting, where – as she puts it – different people say, as they returned to their Jewish roots. Hence it is easy to deduce that my arguments suggested so. Jewish sensitivity, thus awakening in me a Jew.

Being a Jew is no shame, but I’m not, and this realization quite zreflektowała [forced to abandon –ed.] me. Especially when another representative of the same nation, and also a well-known magazine editor foreign, dealing with Jewish themes (probably guided by a similar interpretation of my views), asked me to write an article about the relationship of the Church to the Polish extermination of the Jews. Suggesting that much to write about – and I quote from memory – “to dig the Church.” I realized that might not necessarily be a case of dialogue and the search for truth, but for completely different things.

But reading that book profoundly moved. Your position, evaluation of sources, relationship to their profession and their own limits command respect. You applied some innovative interpretation of statistical data, resulting from the personal relationships of several thousand participants. Effectively falsified by you and called simplistic thesis of responsibility Jews under Soviet occupation for the terrible misfortune of Poles. It calls for you even introduce the concept of “lie Jedwabne” (negative to the crime) in the likeness of “Holocaust Denial”. Unfair situations you describe the movement of goods from the Jews to the Polish people. This practice is called “pseudo-szmalcownictwem” [fake Blackmailers  –ed.]. Here are some quotes: “The Soviet occupation of Polish 39-41 as an alibi for indifference to death,” “the Jews sought consensus with any authority, so long gave something to live”, “Hiding Jews was not seen as an act of heroism or humanity, but as an act of betrayal, action against the Polish national interest “,” danger-Poles were neighbors, “” Jews who survived the Poles lacked selflessness “,” we have to assume that it does not pretend partycypowaliśmy [share the costs or profits; participate  –ed.]in the Holocaust, Jedwabne is a lie. ”

Mr. documented fear of Jewish communism. You publish a document sent to a London church, the passage reads: “Germany in addition to a lot of harm caused, in one respect they gave a good start, that showed the possibility of liberation from Polish society, and pointed out to the Jewish plague us the way, which, of course, less cruel and less brutally, but consistently go to “(report of the Polish church in June-July 1941).

Krzysztof Jasiewicz:

It’s nice that compliments me, but – as in the song – it’s already there. In addition, it sounds a little like this: how is it possible that you, seemingly educated man, Professor of Sciences, rolled down and was, let’s call the first name, “anti-Semite”.

I have not enough space to explain everything, because it is about the book, not the interview. I would like to draw attention to another of my text, which seven years later responded to his book. Oh and one more thing – every text / source read again with the passage of time, today, I would still probably something he added. Seven years later, I wrote a research perspective defectively constructed and the consequent message: “He brought it to the shortcut thought that my description of Christian and his faith, as well as a Pole and his patriotism – I mean the second plan of the book – in a way that clarifies my position clear methodological (….). I accepted because the assumption (…) that there are two visions of man. First – Gospel: according to this vision, man is obliged to follow the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ in every conceivable our senses and experienced reality. In this perspective, the human confrontation with the system of occupation, with the exception of a very few (see Fr Maximilian Kolbe) ends in disaster. Man almost loses the entire front – in order to survive, it must steal, expose false witness, to kill. What’s more – to achieve its objectives, the war is used directly and indirectly God, for praying to Him for their survival, and there is a request, even unaware of the success of the activities niedekalogowych [associated with the Decalogue  –ed.](…). The second vision of man – nieewangeliczna-is a version of “the Jews”. So you can not (…) have to man pre tensji that “freezes” the Ten Commandments, or at least pinch eye on him. It is only human after all, and even more – is always a man. ”

Unfortunately, the Jews lost no moderation in all things and the belief that they are the chosen people. They feel entitled to interpret everything as Catholic doctrine. Whatever we do, and so will be subject to the criticism – that too little was wrong that not enough generosity. In my deepest conviction waste of time to dialogue with the Jews, because it leads nowhere. In science must be rejected empathy, sympathy or antipathy, and focus on the facts and undeniable right to their different interpretations. People who use the word “anti-Semite”, “anti-Semitic” people should be treated as unworthy of debate, who are trying to destroy the other, the lack of substantive arguments. They constitute hate speech.

The real disaster is the Visitation – and usually only those are – Jewish scholars who do not seek to describe this or that fact, but write the thesis established in advance. And to put it bluntly – simply and deliberately overshoot the truth. This unfortunate document “church” that you quoted with such pleasure, does not prejudge anything. Because I do not know who wrote it, and under what circumstances, and do not wish anything other than the opinion of the author, and … fear of the Jews – the normal, human and justified. Because I am deeply convinced that the crime in Jedwabne and other pogroms is not willing to get quilts and Jewish potties, there is even less retaliation for various Jewish wickedness (and there were a lot in the years 1939 to 1941 in the Lomza and all other places where Jews lived) – there is a great fear of them. And you may be desperate killers in the spirit of saying to myself, do something terrible, but maybe our grandchildren will be grateful to us. I think that such an interpretation is possible, though it does not absolve the crimes.

It is still answered by the improvement of Polish-Jewish relations requires two threads running in parallel, the ratio of Jews to Poles and the Polish State. This is not a one-sided process of Polish crimes own sake, while blocking the entry of knowledge about the crimes of the Jews against the Poles. Even before World War II during the Great Terror in the Soviet Union murdered 111 thousand. Poles, mainly in Belarus and Ukraine. For the first Jews made up more than half of all officers of the NKVD, the latter two-thirds (according to official figures). So there is no possibility that did not take part in the crime, not to mention the period 1939-1941, because I do not want to be bathed in feces.

There is also the problem of Jewish scholars who admit that they are Jews, and pretend that they are such as the Poles, French and Hungarian. They often deliberately falsify history and beat their breasts in the name of the Poles, French and Hungarians themselves apologizing for their crimes exaggerated, and other offenses.


This means that all texts “contaminated”‘s origins are unscientific?
Krzysztof Jasiewicz:

I reached for a careful reading of the Talmud and convinced me that there are many interpretations formulated there “truths”. For example, the famous phrase: “He who saves one life, saves the whole world” is not clear, for whose life is it, and so can be interpreted not only in rabbinical discussions, but in the minds of ordinary Jews. This can be a life or a family member own life Jew. The Jewish nation was supposedly “chosen”, and it has many consequences. This Talmudic Jewish mindset, not necessarily religious. In the Jewish community acquired some specific group consciousness. There are facts enthusiastic greeting during the First World War the Germans in the Congress or the Russians in Galicia. These greetings were held after the defeat of Napoleon and the Duchy of Warsaw, when entering military after the collapse of Polish invaders, and even during the Swedish invasion. But all Jewish scholars either deny or useful implausible interpretations.


Perhaps the Jews are not happy with any authority and any new welcome the hope that it will be better for them, or at least not worse.
Krzysztof Jasiewicz:

It sounds bad, because what to say Jews who welcomed the Germans (or as it says national “Nazis”) in 1939 in Poland? And there were such cases – in Krakow, Lodz and other cities. The Ecclesiastical Zarębach became the head rabbi in welcoming festive attire.

Blinded by their hatred of Jews and a desire for revenge. This is the basic reason why the security apparatus Bolszewii joined the then Soviet Borderlands, and finally to UB after the war. I have a feeling that a man as educated and clever medium realizes that the relationship is not necessarily true Jewish scholar of Jewish That argument is not always wiser. And that if a student does not share this view, it does not have to be an anti-Semite devoid of empathy.
A group of non-Jewish scholars who identify with the ethos of the Jewish people maliciously call intellectually deficient. This is often caused by excessive mannerism of criticism in relation to his countrymen, in relation to an uncritical Jewish digressions, in the hope that it will help them in the career. I would chose Poland. I think that being critical of the Jews – especially when they kill their neighbors today in the Middle East – is more trendy and makes sense than their defense and absolution. At the Holocaust ever worked for generations of Jews, not the Catholic Church. And the Jews of this – as it seems-not drawn conclusions.