Arab Collaborators with Zionist Hegemons Inviting Armageddon–An Anti-Zionist Call To Arms

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By Jafar M. Ramini

Try as I may to keep my self-imposed vow of silence on Syria the time has come for me to speak out. Armageddon awaits.

My silence was born from the deep belief that if you have nothing constructive to say regarding any on-going conflict then keeping your own counsel is best.

What could you or I, as Arabs and Muslims and children of Greater Syria, say when you see that everything that you have been brought up to believe in has been destroyed?

What could one say when one sees the sword of Islam being sharpened and used at its most brutal to sever the heads of Muslim brothers and sisters?

What could one say when one sees the blighted Palestinians being swept along in the calamity that is the Syrian Uprising and paying a heavy price, yet again, for something not of their own doing?

From the very start of the conflict in Syria twenty-six months ago, I advocated caution before condemning or supporting one side or the other. Because no matter how you look at it and no matter how you approach it, the blood that is being spilt is Arab blood and the land that has been raped, pillaged and destroyed is our land.

Blaming the regime in Syria for its brutality in addressing this conflict is justified. But the regime is not the only guilty party in fanning the flames of war. None of the Arab regimes are known for their humanity or love of democracy. So the Assad regime in Syria is not an exception. What makes it unique in this context is that, ostensibly, it is not praying at the alter of the hegemony that is the USA and Israel in our area. As such Syria has to go.
In the way Sadam Hussein’s Iraq had to go. In the way Muammar Ghaddafi’s Libya had to go. In other words, any Arab leader or any Arab regime that is not subservient and totally acquiescent to the demands and objectives of the USA and Israel is simply in the way of their ambitions and must be disposed of. Of course, in the process, if a few million Muslim Arabs are killed and even more millions of Arab Muslims made homeless and the surrounding area immersed in utter turmoil so be it. It’s only collateral damage, In their estimation.

The uniqueness of the Syrian situation is the alliance between the Alawite Regime in Damascus, an offshoot of Shia Islam with Hezbollah, the Shia Resistance Movement in Southern Lebanon and Iran, the only Shia Muslim country in the Middle East. This alliance has been perceived by Israel as a serious threat to its existence so Israel applies the usual modus operandi and is cajoling and bullying America into yet another war in the Middle East on its behalf. If that is not enough Israel is using its muscle and its alliance with most of the Sunni regimes in the area to fan the flames of sectarian strife.

Despite many expert opinions that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons from the security services of the USA, the Western alliances and within Israel itself, Israel is still insisting on the destruction of Iran and its allies in the area. Israel cannot tolerate any semblance of resistance to its expansionist plans and ambitions and the way to achieve its goals is, as I have said before, through Syria. What is never mentioned here is the huge arsenal of nuclear weapons that Israel possesses and has done since the seventies.

Some could describe this point of view as being cynical. But what happened, two days ago, when the Israeli Air force bombarded Damascus dispels that idea.

If Israel couldn’t cajole or bully the USA into direct action, yet again, in the blood-soaked, devastated Middle East then the only thing to do was force its hand. Israel attacked Syria, hoping for retaliation that would make the direct involvement of the USA a foregone conclusion. Mr. Obama, of course, instead of rapping Israel on its knuckles and asking for restraint, justified their dangerous escalation of the conflict in his usual rhetoric: “What I have said in the past and I continue to believe is that the Israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.”

What we can be thankful for here is that the Syrian Regime, despite all its faults, has not fallen into the trap and retaliated to make America’s involvement a distinct probability.

The other guilty parties in this conflict are the Gulf States, namely Qatar and Saudi Arabia who are, in their race to curry favour with the USA and Israel, pouring billions of dollars into the hands of a motley group of Jihadists and opposition groups in Syria and pressuring the neighbouring countries to facilitate this shameful, dishonourable destruction of a fellow Arab Moslem state.

In the meantime, the unholy alliance that is the Arab League, trots to Washington to offer Israel more concessions and make the achievement of a viable Palestinian state on any lines virtually impossible. Jerusalem? It’s in the hands of Allah of course.

I hereby call upon all Arab Muslim participants in this utterly shameful conflict in Syria to look around you, see the devastation that this conflict is causing in Syria itself; see the millions of brothers and sisters that are living in make-shift camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. Please see what has transpired in neighbouring Iraq with sectarian divide, bloodshed and squandering of resources as a result of western invasion. See what Israel is doing in Kurdistan. Please have a look further afield towards Libya and see what the intervention of NATO brought to our brothers and sisters there. Please examine your consciences. Please look at the bloody sword in your hand and realize that this sword is dripping with blood of your own brothers and sisters. Your glory will not be in the destruction of Syria, but in the liberation of Jerusalem.

Please take stock of what has happened and what is about to happen and understand that there can be no winners in this conflict. There can only be losers: The Arab nation and the Muslim Ummah. The sacrificial lamb on the alter of Zionism and western Imperialism is Palestine. In the name of all the Gods you believe in, and in the name of humanity, please down your arms and find a way to reconciliation and peace. Please don’t allow Israel and the USA to bring Armageddon upon us.