NOT QUITE HUMANS—Soul-Less American People Silently Accept the Wholesale Dehumanization of Palestinian People

[It should be setting-off loud alarm bells in vast spaces, far wider than just the inside of my own head, that neither English nor any other known language is capable of adequately describing the excesses to which the American people and Americanized people of the world have sunk.  I am not here referring to any great leaps or accomplishments that have been made by Americans, but to the expansive depths to which we have fallen in our lifelong quest to own all things of value.  The word “hypocritical” is too small and confining as a concept, to begin to describe the audacity of American ambition and the willful self-blindness that feeds that ambition, on our chosen road to total world domination.  Despite these shortcomings, hypocritical is the only word we have to describe the American system of double-standards that we have been forcing upon the world, at a deadly cost of millions of innocent lives lost, so far.  What other word can describe a government that allegedly fights for the Rights of All Mankind, yet actively supports the denial of those same inalienable rights to the Palestinian people?  How is it that “We the People of the United States” can accept the central element of American/Israeli/Arab foreign policy, that “Palestinians” are inferior to every other human being on the face of the planet, since they are born without “inalienable human rights”?  By definition, this makes them less than human, or “sub-humans,” a concept made infamous by the first Nazis, our predecessors.  If we continue to accept life under neo-Nazism, then all of humankind is moving headlong into a modern Dark Age.  If, on the other hand, enough Americans awaken to what we have become, in time to prevent the Zionist freight train from running over us all, then despair can be turned into hope.  That would be the potential future worth fighting for.]


By Jafar M Ramini

In an unprincipled, ungodly world, a world that is governed by Mammon, when even your brothers deny you, how could you ever begin to hope for justice?

My fellow humans, this very perplexing paradox is so relevant to the Palestinians in a way that makes it almost blasphemous to contemplate. How could one ever hope for justice when the gatekeeper and the people who are supposedly on your side are, in fact, on the side of your enemy?

The people I am alluding to here are the west and in particular the United States of America and our so-called Arab/Moslem brothers. This message is directed at the USA, not the administration, but the God-fearing, ordinary American people.

Mr. Obama is Israel bound. His citizens (American born and bred) are being arrested, interrogated, abused, humiliated and incarcerated at Israel’s entry points and deported.

Their crime is none other than having Palestinian ancestry. And therein lies the core of the problem. To the Zionist occupiers of our land we don’t exist.

The latest victim of this inhumane policy is an American English teacher by the name of Nour Joudah. This is but a small fragment of what she, an American citizen had to say:

“NJ: I think it is very clear that they want as few people with Palestinian origin in what they consider Israel and the occupied territories because they don’t even want the [Palestinians] that are there. So why in God’s name would they want us returning in any form or fashion, even if it’s for a limited period or for a visit? … They consider no one’s citizenship valuable if you have an Arab name, end of story; your citizenship is completely irrelevant to them and they are [indifferent] to any sort of law or alliances with any other countries. They do what they want arbitrarily and the US embassy and State Department know it”.

They certainly do. We Palestinians are not given any due respect and deference even when we have the required papers and documentation to prove that we are human beings. Because to the Zionists, to the western powers, to many of our so-called Arab and Moslem brothers we are not.

Consider this please:

AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is launching its annual conference at its headquarters in Washington DC this coming Sunday 3rd March.

Why is this big news? Because whatever this Zionist propaganda machine does affects us all. It is no secret that this inhumane organization wields a big stick in American domestic and foreign policies. They are twisting arms, intimidating and cajoling American politicians and lawmakers to serve, not the American people, but a foreign power. ISRAEL.

AIPAC has achieved the utmost influence ever exercised by a foreign agent on a sovereign state for the last sixty years. They made the American Congress subservient and compliant to the needs of Israel not its own citizens, the people of the USA.
As a result, the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ was forged to be specially working for the interests of the Zionist apartheid state of Israel, not the American people. Do you think the Zionist occupiers of Palestine are satisfied with all they have achieved so far? Far from it.

In this coming conference, it’s been reported that AIPAC will lobby (read ‘pressure’) the Congress of the USA to upgrade ‘The Special Relationship with Israel’ to a ‘MAJOR STRATEGIC ALLY’. A status that has never been enjoyed before by any other nation friendly to the USA. Not even any of the most compliant, sniveling and subservient Arab regimes.

Are you worried, America? Are you aware, Americans? Well, you should be. It’s the integrity, reputation and independence of your country that is being compromised.

While the President of the USA is paying homage to his masters in Tel Aviv and our so-called leaders in Ramallah wait in anticipation for him to drop in, can I remind Mr. Obama of those infamous words spoken by that war criminal, ex-Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon:


Now, with hands on hearts, people of the world, especially Americans, please tell me that my search for justice is not in vain.

Jafar M. Ramini
Salam Wa Laisa Estislam
Peace Not Capitulation