Kurdish Town Afrin In Western Syria Beseiged By Islamist Terrorists–(google trans.)


Kurds in Syria are coming to attack on all fronts ..

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Afrin in Western Kurdistan, an affiliate of the attack on the village on Saturday, some of the groups behind the decision that turned out to be a war. Radical Islamist groups participated in the attacks and some Kurdish groups learned.

Free Syrian Army on May 25 (SAR), acting under the umbrella of a multi-armed group attacked the village of today AKİB Afrin. To respond to the forces of violent clashes took place on YPG. During the day, the loss of at least 17 armed groups, YPG forces also destroyed two tanks and three were reportedly DOCKA weapon.

Taken the initiative of a group named al Tawhid Afrin’daki Liva attack is the result of a decision of the learned war. Liva conflicts el Fatih, with radical Islamist groups like Islamiye Devlul Liva Liva Yusuf-ul-mache is Saladin and joined groups. These last two groups residing in the Federal Kurdistan Region is known as Mustafa groups affiliated with Friday’s Azadi Party.

Mustafa was seriously wounded in clashes Afrin’daki retrieving information from Saladin’s commanders Bawer, attacks on Western Kurdistan border between South Kurdistan occur after the closure of the gate on May 19, he noted.

Liva Tewhid group participated in a meeting held in Turkey in the direction of a short time ago have information. Fatih group by Turkey against the Kurds is still directly supported, and even claims that it was established for this purpose in question. With Saladin, particularly in the field of Aleppo before the bloody attacks had taken place in the West, for the people of Kurdistan.

A PLAN difficult to achieve

So what’s the point? Afrin at a meeting on May 25 for the armed groups reportedly decided to attack. Some groups have refused to fight the Kurds, the attack is intended to remove the learned find in the hands of the Kurds in Afrin groups. Afrin is a strict embargo after discontinuation of roads are planned. Kurdish sources however, is betting that it’s almost impossible to achieve records. Because one of these groups live in the times of the weakest.

However, the Kurdish army is growing every day. Next Saturday morning from people living in the villages of Şerava’ya positioning of YPG’nin this indicator. Fighters, fighting alongside the people into YPG There are reports that in some places. About two hundred people in the evening Bilbil township center Afrin went to fight where there is conflict. There are almost a mobilization of the city.