Zionist Press Taunts British Spooks for Letting Their “Islamist” Slips Show

[This Jewish piece would be ironic if it was not meant as a Zionist upbraiding of their royal patrons for sloppy spywork.  The JPost author finishes his criticism of British mentors by highlighting some of the more well-known examples of previous British foul-ups, most notable among them, “Sheikh Omar,” the butcher of Daniel Pearl who also killed the real bin Laden, according to Benazir Bhutto right before her own assassination (SEE:  Benazir Bhutto Says Osama Bin Laden murdered by Omar Sheikh). 

Anytime that your spy works leave a visible trail back to the source, there is now a danger that civilians like us will see through the smokescreen, revealing the British hand in countless terrorist operations, because of the Internet.  Now we can see the patterns clearly emerging, like spider webs, all leading back to London.  In many ways, Lyndon Larouche has been spot-on in some of his assessments of the shameless schemes of London and those carried-out in concert with foreign royals.  It seems that there is still a web of trust between the royal blood lines, especially when it comes to secret operations.  It is no wonder that London and Riyadh work so smoothly together.  Both thrones are historically bloodthirsty, with ambitions that far exceed their small populations or geographical areas. 

Normally the British are more circumspect about leaving blood trails leading back to MI5 or MI6.  They have repeatedly blown their covers in this terror war, starting in Basra (SEE:  So what were two undercover British soldiers up to in Basra?) and in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province (SEE: What exactly were Mervyn Patterson and Michael Semple doing in Helmand?), be it soldiers getting captured by local police, or militant operatives revealing themselves to the targeted governments. 

Manufacturing terrorists from radicalized Muslim males is the cheapest way concocted to raise an army since the days of organized slavery.  It is high time that this process of waging war on the cheap, using mercenaries and brainwashed cadres of Wahhabiized “Islamists,” is brought to an end. 

It seems that the back story of V for Vendetta was all true.


 Britain, will you wait until the 5th of November to bring the evil plot to an end?]

UK’s Islamist problem



It should come as no surprise that random terrorist attacks have been, and will remain for the foreseeable future, MI5’s greatest security threat.

A police forensics officer investigates a crime scene where one man was killed in Woolwich, London

A police forensics officer investigates a crime scene where one man was killed in Woolwich, London Photo: REUTERS
Since 9/11, the West’s perception of violence perpetrated in the name of a warped interpretation of Islam has changed. No longer can this violence be seen as an exclusively external threat faced by countries located in the Middle East such as Israel. Rather, it is a domestic threat as well.This lesson was driven home yet again for Brits on Wednesday when Michael “Mujaheed” Adebolajo and an accomplice brutally murdered a man in broad daylight on a London street while shouting “Allahu akbar.”

The victim, a British soldier, was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Help-the Heroes,” which is also the name of an organization that supports British forces fighting in Afghanistan and Mali.

The vast majority of Muslims in Britain and in other European countries are law-abiding, upright citizens who are undoubtedly appalled that the two men have claimed to be acting in the name of Islam. The Muslim Council of Britain was quick to denounce the atrocity.

Nevertheless, Britain and other European countries do have a problem with radical Islamists. And they have for some time now.

“Londonistan” apparently originated as an appellation used in the 1990s by French security officials frustrated at British leaders’ failure to confront in their capital the dangers of radical Islam, which, the officials feared, would spill over into France. Steven Simon, a former White House counterterrorism official, referred to London as “the Star Wars bar scene,” that caters to all kinds of Islamist recruiters and fund-raisers for, and practitioners of, holy war.

Abu Hamza al-Masri, the imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque in central London, provided shelter to Richard Reid, a.k.a. “the Shoe Bomber,” and Zacarias Moussaoui, a member of the team that carried out the 9/11 attacks, and other terrorists.

The 2002 video butchering in Pakistan of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was organized by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, another Brit and a former student at the London School of Economics. A year later, Asif Mohammed Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, both born in England, took part in a suicide attack on Mike’s Place, a Tel Aviv bar.

British authorities have taken steps to crack down on extremists. Abu Hamza was eventually jailed on charges of soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. In March of this year, Jamaican-born Abdullah El-Faisal, a supporter of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, was sentenced to nine years in jail for urging his followers to kill nonbelievers in a holy war.

Some radical Muslim clerics have managed to manipulate Britain’s democratic system. At the end of March, police said they were unable to prosecute Anjem Choudary for saying that British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama should be killed. After the British daily The Sun provided authorities with secretly filmed footage, Choudary claimed he had been “joking,” though he maintained that bin Laden was his “hero.”

In the wake of the brutal murder on Wednesday, Choudary said he was acquainted with Adebolajo, who converted to Islam in 2003. According to The Telegraph, Adebolajo appeared publicly alongside other radical members of Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun, the banned forerunner to 4 UK, which was headed by Choudary.

Commenting on Adebolajo’s act of terrorism, Choudary said: “What he did was unusual and it’s not the kind of view that I propagate and I do not condone the use of violence, but those views are out there. Some members of the Muslim community struggle to express themselves and he is making his voice heard in blood.”

Clerics such as Choudary walk a thin line between criminal incitement and freedom of expression. And his messages enjoy a remarkably receptive audience in a country where the fastest growing religion is Islam. In a 2006 survey commissioned by Channel 4, a quarter of British Muslims said the July 7, 2005, bombings in London that left 52 dead were justified because of the British government’s support for the war on terror. Muslims under 24 were twice as likely to agree.

There is no evidence that these sorts of sentiments among some Muslims have significantly changed. In an atmosphere in which murderous terrorist attacks are see as justified, the sort of seemingly random lone wolf attack perpetrated by Adebolajo and his accomplice becomes all the more likely. It should come as no surprise that random terrorist attacks have been, and will remain for the foreseeable future, MI5’s greatest security threat.

The Pre-Revolutionary Release of Terrorist Idealogues In Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, etc.

[Like releasing the fox before the hounds, the US has consistently supplied the terrorist ideologues, for the purpose of generating future conflicts.  The terrorist ideologues are first fully indoctrinated and brainwashed either in prisons, or in friendly “Islamist” countries (Saudi Arabia), before they are released into targeted areas.  After the target zone suffers from a full cycle of Wahhabi radicalization, turning them into hotbeds of militant terror, US “concerns” and terrorist warnings are validated.  At that time, US military operations become justified, to hunt-down the Western-trained “Islamists,” allowing the hunters to run-down and murder an Islamist “fox.”  This is also the solution for covering the fox’s tracks, leading back to the CIA.]  

The Master Terrorist We Gave Away

the daily beast

One of Al Qaeda’s top people, who’s strategy continues to inspire attacks, was in CIA custody. Then he was handed over to Syria and set free.

By Christopher Dickey

It has been a while since we heard directly from “the architect of global jihad,” “the mufti of murder,” the apostle of “individualized terror” known by his nom de guerre Abu Musab al-Suri. Indeed, most people outside jihadist circles have never heard of him at all.

Britain Attack
Bogdan Maran/AP

But thanks to the shadowy practices of the Bush administration in its global war on terror, this Syrian-born former adviser to Osama bin Laden is now at large— and an inspiration to a whole new generation of killers, including, it would seem, those in Boston and London.

And these attacks do not look as if they are likely to stop any time soon. Over the weekend, a French soldier on anti-terrorist patrol at the La Defense transport hub and shopping center on the outskirts of Paris had his neck slashed by a tall, bearded assailant who has yet to be apprehended.

Al-Suri, a continuing inspiration to terrorist far and wide, had a core strategy which was detailed in a 1,600 page treatise, The Call for an International Islamic Resistance. He encouraged opportunistic and improvised terrorist acts in the West, sapping the public’s morale and undermining the ability of the American, British, French or other armies to fight on Muslim soil. But it is such a thorough guide to the philosophy and techniques of terror that crazies far outside the realm of Islam have adopted it. Anders Behring Breivik, the Muslim-hating “lone wolf” who murdered 69 people in Norway in July 2011, studied Al-Suri’s lessons closely.

I wrote about Al-Suri in detail in 2007, after an interview with Al-Suri biographer Brynjar Lia, author of Architect of Global Jihad. Yet after the proliferation of “lone wolf” attacks in recent years, and indeed in recent weeks, it all seems much more relevant.

Al-Suri was not a big advocate of suicide bombings. He was unimpressed by huge spectaculars. He wanted to substitute quantity for quality in the terror business. He mistrusted empty-eyed religious fanatics whose suicidal goal was to get to Paradise. “What is important,” said Lia, “is the impact in terms of confusing, paralyzing and terrorizing the enemy.”

One of his most cherished goals, he said, was to see the United States attacked using explosives laced with radioactive materials: “A dirty bomb for a dirty nation,” as he put it.

In 2005, the Pakistanis captured Al-Suri and reportedly turned him over to the Central Intelligence Agency. How long and where the Agency held him is not known to the public, but eventually he was “renditioned” to the tender mercies of the Syrian security forces serving President Bashar al-Assad. Yes, that Bashar al-Assad.

At the time, the CIA was trying to maneuver a delicate relationship with Damascus, which involved the kind of cynical commerce in lives that John Le Carré often writes about. The Syrians were a problem. They were facilitating the flow of radical jihadists into Iraq who were blowing up Americans and their allies by the hundreds. But it was assumed the Syrians didn’t really like Al Qaeda; they just wanted to use its minions to stir up trouble for their enemies. At the same time, Washington was looking to enhance its own cooperation with Damascus. Throwing the skin and bones of Al-Suri to Assad’s minions would be one way to do that. What the deal was precisely we may never know, but if Congress wants to investigate a critical mistake in the fight against Al Qaeda, the Al-Suri case would be a good starting point.

According to intelligence officers serving in the region at the time, the CIA had a fairly extensive liaison relationship with some of the Syrian services, of which there are many. (Much of their work is to watch each other.) As often happens, storms could break over the diplomatic ties without breaking the clandestine ones. Agreements were reached, information garnered.

But after the Arab Spring revolts at the beginning of 2011 led to a popular uprising in Syria, all bets were off. Assad’s thugs tortured and mutilated little boys and called them terrorists. They insisted their enemy was Al Qaeda and similar jihadists, which struck many experienced intelligence officers as ironic considering the games Assad played with them a few years earlier.

The Obama administration, after first hoping that Assad could maneuver himself into the position of a reformer, finally gave up and started calling for him to step down. But Assad continued with the global-war-on-terror mantra that had served his duplicitous ends with the Bush administration. Apparently to fulfill his own prophecy – and signal Washington he would no longer play ball, even in the shadows – in January 2012 Assad let Al-Suri and one of his top aides walk free.

Now, for the conspiracy-minded – and who in the world of Mideast intelligence services is not conspiracy minded? – this is where things get really interesting. (Le Carré, take note.)

France Threat
Remy de la Mauviniere/AP

“It’s a mystery where Al-Suri is, but I wonder if he could be trusted by his former comrades,” says French scholar Gilles Kepel, author of Beyond Terror and Martyrdom. Al-Suri had been held for seven years in some of the cruelest prisons in the world: the Pakistanis’, the CIA’s and the Syrians’. Among their technicians are expert manipulators of fear and hope. Conceivably, Al Suri could have been sent back into the ranks of the jihadists the way the soldier-hero of the television series “Homeland” was sent back to America: programmed to betray. Indeed, Al-Suri may be more useful to Al Qaeda at this point as a legend than as a living ideologue. But there is no question that his ideas are gaining ground in places such as Indonesia, France, Britain and the United States. And it is conceivable that he is playing a more direct role in the spreading incidents of supposed lone-wolf terror.

As President Barack Obama made abundantly clear in his national security speech on Thursday, much thought and lawyering went into the hunt for American-born Al Qaeda propagandist and terror plotter Anwar al-Awlaki, terminated on the president’s orders in a death-from-the skies fireball two years ago. Another U.S. citizen killed with Awlaki was Samir Khan, editor of the online magazine ‘Inspire,’ a DIY guide to bomb-building and mayhem-making which might as well be called Terrorism for Dummies. Among its readers? The Tsarnaev brothers, who allegedly attacked the Boston Marathon.

Awlaki and Khan “would not have been able to accomplish what they did without Suri’s body of work,” wrote Jarret Brachman, a former director of West Point’s Center for Combating Terrorism, shortly after Al-Suri’s release. “Awlaki was never the arch nemesis that we painted him to be. Yes, he was compelling for the global media to hype … But he was painting by number on a worksheet that had been already drafted by Suri. Samir Khan just helped to translate that image into digital pixels.”

Born Mustafa bin Abd al-Qadir Setmarian Nasar in 1958 to a prosperous family in Aleppo, al-Suri (the Syrian) was educated as a mechanical engineer but quickly fell in with the revolutionary elements of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1980, before Assad’s father and uncle crushed that organization’s uprising in the 1982 devastation of Hama, al-Suri had gone into exile. He traveled widely and blended in easily, especially in Europe, where his red hair, fair skin and blue-green eyes gave no hint of an Arab background.

In the 1980s and ’90s, Al-Suri spent time in Jordan and Iraq, Spain (where he married and became a citizen), Afghanistan (where he trained fighters and worked his way up in the councils of Bin Laden as, not least, a media adviser), France, and “Londonistan” in Great Britain, where he worked closely with Algerian revolutionaries.

By 1998, Al-Suri was back in Afghanistan collaborating with the Taliban. After their defeat in 2001, he fled to Iran, where he was briefly arrested, then went to northern Iraq for a while, apparently hanging out with the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, famous for a series of suicide bombings and beheadings. Al-Suri denied any role in 9/11, the Madrid bombings of 2004 or the London subway bombings of 2005. But he applauded them all. One of his most cherished goals, he said, was to see the United States attacked using explosives laced with radioactive materials: “A dirty bomb for a dirty nation,” as he put it.

The French soldier attacked over the weekend has been released from hospital, but the box cutter slash on his neck could have been fatal. It only missed his carotid artery by an inch. It appears that a similar attack took place in Roussillon, in southeast France, on May 7, when a man shouting “Allah is Great” burst attacked gendarmes, also with a box cutter, and injured one before being shot and wounded. At the time, the incident barely made the regional press. The French government has been careful not to pre-judge the identity of the assailants or their motives. But Interior Minister Manuel Valls did say this week that France faces a growing threat from an “enemy within.” If so, the teachings of Abu Musab al-Suri share part of the blame. What the man himself is up to, sadly, remains to be seen.


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Christopher Dickey is the Paris bureau chief and Middle East editor for Newsweek and The Daily Beast. He is the author of six books, including Summer of Deliverance and, most recently, Securing the City: Inside America’s Best Counterterror Force—the NYPD.

For inquiries, please contact The Daily Beast at editorial@thedailybeast.com.

English Defence League supporters clash with police in London

London, May 28: Clashes broke out between police and the the far-right group, the English Defence League (EDL), who marched through central London on Monday.

The demonstrators chanted slogans such as “Muslim killers off our streets” and “There’s only one Lee Rigby”, according to Britain’s Press Association.

Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in an apparent Islamic extremist attack in south-east London last week.

On Monday, a public holiday in the UK, the demonstrators broke through a police barrier as they made their way to Trafalgar Square, scuffling with police as well as clashing with a smaller group of anti-fascist demonstrators.

Police said three arrests were made during the protest and counter-protest, and that several more arrests were made after the protesters made their way to Downing Street before being dispersed by police.

Meanwhile police said they arrested a 10th suspect in the killing of the 25 year-old off-duty soldier.

London police say a 50-year-old man was arrested east of London on Monday on suspicion of conspiring to murder Rigby.

Police didn’t provide further details about the suspect’s identity.

Rigby was walking near his barracks in southeast London’s Woolwich area last Wednesday when he was run over by a vehicle and repeatedly stabbed with knives and meat cleavers.

Police have already arrested nine others, including two main suspects shot by officers at the scene of the killing who are hospitalised under armed guard.

Idiotic EU Decision To Lift Arms Embargo On Syrian Terrorists Sabotages Planned US Peace Conference

End of EU’s Syria arms embargo “directly harms” peace prospects: Russia

News Asia

Russia said on Tuesday that the European Union’s decision to lift its embargo against arming Syrian rebels but not the regime will “directly harm” the prospects of holding a peace conference on the crisis.

File photo: Syrian government soldiers advancing in the village of Dahret Abed Rabbo in Aleppo province. (AFP/SANA)

MOSCOW: Russia said on Tuesday that the European Union’s decision to lift its embargo against arming Syrian rebels but not the regime will “directly harm” the prospects of holding a peace conference on the crisis.

“This directly harms the prospects of convening an international conference,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted as saying by the ITAR-TASS news agency.

The European Union agreed to lift its embargo on arming the opposition after much debate and a strong push for the measure by France and Britain.

A French official in Paris stressed that this was a “theoretical” lifting of the embargo that would not go into effect until August 1 at the earliest because the EU did not want to hurt the peace talks promoted by Moscow and Washington.

The proposed “Geneva 2” meeting is expected to happen sometime next month after US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov agreed in May to try and bring the warring sides together at conference.

Ryabkov said that Russia was “disappointed” by the European Union’s decision.

“We are disappointed that decisions are being reached that not only fail to promote a political solution… but which contradict the policies conducted by the European Union itself,” he was quoted as saying by ITAR-TASS.

He further accused the 27-nation bloc of setting “double standards” by lifting the embargo against the opposition but not Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops.

– AFP/xq

Sen. McCain Violates International Borders To Shake Hands with Syrian Terrorists In Syria


[Retelling his violation of Syria to Western reporters, McCain celebrates his own support for three failed American interventions that should have never taken place (Bosnia, Libya, Syria).  John McCain is part of the hardcore American War Party, who have supported the creation of radical Islamist terrorist armies to fight these interventions, as steps in a diabolical plan for a thirty-year war, hatched long before 911.  McCain’s support for the same radical “Islamists” that the rest of the world calls “al-Qaeda,” carves him off a little piece of the responsibility for the September 11, 2001 attacks which they have been blamed for.  Everyone else who believes that America should conquer the world also shares in the guilt and responsibility for helping to start this war, or the entirely separate war on Iraq, both of which the Pentagon has planned to fight all along.

Captain John McCain has fully supported the Pentagon policy of creating a large secret paramilitary force of radical Islamists, smugglers, gangsters, spies and private security personnel.  He has supported the very operations which have taught dangerous terrorist skills to thousands of Muslim terrorists, the same people who have trained every bomber known to Western media.  They have refined the operation over the years so that it is now a smoothly operating terrorist manufacturing industry, stretching from the Pacific rim to Europe, then south into Central Africa.  This is a fully self-contained criminal Enterprise, financed by the most powerful governments and individuals on the planet. 

McCain is small fish, but he is a highly visible fish—an extremely mouthy little fat guy, who commands the public spotlight.  This is his worth and the real danger that he represents to all decent human beings.  The American War Party is out to kill everyone who refuses to submit to their criminal demands, and officials like McCain are their cheerleaders.  American leaders must awaken to the knowledge that many of the American people already share—Our government is Fascist and it is fighting a war of aggression against the human race.]

Senator McCain met with rebels in Syria on Monday: spokesman





U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is pictured with U.S. troops at a Patriot missile site in southern Turkey on May 27, 2013 in this picture released via McCain's Twitter account. SSenator JohnMcCain/Handout via Reuters


WASHINGTON | Mon May 27, 2013 3:20pm EDT

(Reuters) – Republican Senator John McCain, a former presidential candidate and one of the loudest voices calling for military aid to the Syrian opposition, met with some of the rebels during a surprise visit to the war-torn country on Monday, his spokesman said.

Spokesman Brian Rogers confirmed McCain’s meeting with the rebels, but declined to give any details about the visit, which came a week after a U.S. Senate panel voted overwhelmingly to send weapons to forces fighting the Syrian government.

General Salem Idris, who leads the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, told the Daily Beast in an interview that McCain’s visit came at a critical time for the rebels, who have stepped up their calls for U.S. support, including heavy weapons, creation of a no-fly zone and air strikes.

“The visit of Senator McCain to Syria is very important and very useful especially at this time,” the publication quoted Idris as saying. “We need American help to have change on the ground; we are now in a very critical situation.”

McCain entered Syria from the country’s border with Turkey and stayed there for several hours before returning to Turkey, according to the report. It said McCain met with assembled leaders of Free Syrian Army units in both Turkey and Syria.

McCain, who made a similar visit to Libya early in that conflict, called for U.S. military aid to the forces opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a Time magazine column earlier this month, arguing that the cost of inaction outweighed the cost of intervention.

“The U.S. does not have to act alone, put boots on the ground or destroy every Syrian air-defense system to make a difference,” McCain wrote, arguing that training for the rebels, targeted air strikes and the stationing of Patriot missiles just across the border would help change the current dynamic.

McCain recalled his support for a U.S.-led effort under then President Bill Clinton to stop mass atrocities in Bosnia two decades ago and said the United States was uniquely positioned to help in Syria as well.

“Taking these steps would save innocent lives, give the moderate opposition a better chance to succeed and eventually provide security and responsible governance in Syria after Assad,” he wrote in the Time magazine article. “However, the longer we wait, the worse the situation gets.”

The Obama administration has increased humanitarian aid, but has stopped short of providing lethal assistance to Syrian opposition forces. President Barack Obama has resisted pressure to deepen U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war, wary of getting U.S. forces embroiled in another ground war just as American troops are preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon remains concerned about Assad’s ability to shoot down enemy aircraft with surface-to-air missiles, particularly in a sustained campaign.

The Pentagon estimates than Syria has five times more air defenses than those that existed in Libya, where the United States helped establish a no-fly zone in 2011. They are also far more densely packed and sophisticated.

In Libya, there were no Western casualties. But the risks are higher in Syria and it’s unclear whether the war-weary American public – exhausted by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan – would tolerate U.S. casualties.

(Reporting by Andrea Shalal-Esa; Editing by Eric Walsh)